4 Shamanic Things to Do Before Breakfast for a Vibrant Day

Not everyone is a morning person. I have only recently become one in the last few years. I attribute it to my year long journey where I camped sometimes 4-6 times a week and went to bed and woke up with the sun.  Having your body in the natural rhythm of the earth has profound effects on your overall energy level. But … we can’t all be so lucky to camp every night. So, here are some shamanic tips to making sure you wake up to a joy-filled and vibrant day.


Gratitude is the highest frequency one can radiate, in fact, God/Source and pure enlightenment energy radiates at 1000 and Gratitude radiates at 900. You cannot experience fear and gratitude at the same time, or anxiety and gratitude, etc. So try this each morning, before you even get out of bed … think of 10 things you are most grateful for having in your life. Focus on feeling the gratitude, not just thinking about it. When you feel gratitude, it emanates from the heart chakra. Your heart is a magnet and draws to it the very things it is open to. If you are feeling gratitude from the heart, you will draw that high frequency to you. You can expand this practice even further and set a timer on your watch or phone for every 4 hours, when your alarm rings stop what you are doing, and scan your day up to that point and find what you can be grateful for. I guarantee that you will find something even in chaos, frenetic, day.


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Rituals bring us to the present moment and introduce sacredness to that moment. I take time to do sacred ritual nearly every week but there are small rituals you can create and integrate into your daily life. Brushing your teeth can become a ritual to set the intention of clear communication for the day, or clearing negative thoughts, or filling your mind with positive thoughts. Showers can become rituals for purifying and cleansing not only your physical body but your etheric body as well. Imagine the water clearing away any negative energy and healing any holes in your aura. Making the bed can be a ritual for closing the threshold of dream-time and bringing you more present minded. Choosing your clothing for the day as if you are choosing your super hero outfit – be conscious of the color you want to wear to expand the energy of that color. Green for example, can cloak you in healing energy, or abundant energy. Being creative with your ordinary activities to transform them into sacred rituals will start your day with a zing!



Set your intention for your day before you even get out of bed (right after you do your gratitude!) You can ask your guides to answer a question you have, or maybe you want to set the intention to be more heart-centered, or maybe the intention is to protect yourself energetically. I base my intentions on where I’ll be, and who I’ll be around. If I’m going to be in a crowd of people at a conference, I set my intentions of protecting my energy and also to start with a blank slate that will be filled with 3 solid pieces of inspiration I can use in my business. If I’m working from my home office for the day, then my intention might be to have clarity, focus, and to be productive on a specific project. Your intentions set the tone for your agenda, and what you anticipate your needs being. Sometimes I find it helpful to write my intentions down and carry them in my pocket so I can be reminded of them throughout the day.



There are many ways to nourish your soul. I always think in terms of the Medicine Wheel. For the East direction, I want to nourish my mind so I like to read a morning prayer or devotion. Mark Nepo’s books tend to be my go-to for this type of nourishment. For the South, I nourish my relationship to others and to myself. I always acknowledge each of my animals and connect with them in the morning, and tell them how beautiful they are. If I lived with others, I’d do the same with them as well. In the west, I nourish my body. For me, I have a ritualistic cup of coffee each morning where I sit with my first cup of coffee and simply observe my surroundings. Then I make a shake that has at minimum 30g of protein because that substantiates me to start my day clear headed (see my recipe below for my morning vibrant shake). And lastly, the North Direction, I nourish my spirit in some way and most often that is part of the gratitude exercise but also an acknowledgement of my Spirit Guides and my Higher Self.

The Choice is Yours

Everyday you get to choose what kind of day you are going to live out and how you start it will influence it, no doubt. If you are the type to oversleep, rush to get ready, anxious about what the day will be like, grab a quick bite of something, and rush out the door only to find yourself frustrated in traffic because your running late … that energy will likely spill into the rest of your day. It’s hard to recover from mornings that start out in a frantic state of being. Make time in the morning to thoughtfully create  the imprint that will mold and shape the rest of your day. It may mean that you need to go to bed earlier to get a good night’s sleep so  you can wake up in time to integrate these practices. Every day you have a choice and the power to create whatever you wish … be conscious about that gift, and I hope you choose to live more vibrantly!

Dakota’s Vibrant Shake Recipe

This is by far my most favorite shake to drink, it is my typical breakfast!

1 banana
1 tbsp Chia Seed (soak for 15 minutes prior to adding – I soak it while I have my first cup of coffee)
1/3 cup of raw almonds
1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk
1.5 cup of pineapple chunks (I buy frozen pineapple chunks from Costco)
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
1 tbsp of fresh, raw, peeled ginger
1 scoop of Protein Powder (optional, I’m trying to increase my protein intake in the morning but you can make this without any powder)

Mix everything in a blender and enjoy!

For those of you counting macros and calories: 701 Calories | 32 g Fat | 76 g Carbs | 18 g Fiber | 32 g Protein

Today Begins With You

Certainly, there is an abundance of techniques and tricks to creating more joy and vibrancy in your life than the four I mention here but these are good foundation building tricks that will, hopefully, become habit-forming for you and won’t take up a lot of extra time. The biggest shift is your attention, intention, and attitude. In the context of the Medicine Wheel, the morning time is considered the East direction where we give birth to our ideas, dreams, and vision. This is truly the manifesting and birthing direction and is the incubator for all else. If we take the time to mindfully create our day as if we were creating a masterful piece of art, we can essentially create anything we desire. You may have already noticed this, on days you wake up in an anxiety-fueled panic sets the tone for the rest of your day. So tomorrow, start fresh and see what kind of day you can create from those quiet moments happening before breakfast.

Meditations for Abundance

Below are some guided meditations specific to abundance and manifestation


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