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5 Power Tools for Spiritual Protection

By Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Are you feeling the swirling of energy all around us? The chaos of the world, the anger being spawn all over? Do you feel depleted? Are you exhausted? Emotional? Numb? There are many signs to indicate energy depletion and a need for spiritual protection. Spiritual protection, cleansing, and purifying are as essential to our well-being as drinking water, tending to our basic health needs, and self-care, and yet so many of us fail to make this a priority. In addition to energy from people, times have changed too and we are drowning in electromagnetic frequencies, radio waves, EMFs. Mixed with the volatile condition of humans, this makes for a toxic brew of energetic poisoning. However, not all is lost, there are many powerful tools for cleaning, clearing, and building. But first, let’s see how this energy stew has affected you.

Since I work so closely with the Medicine Wheel, I will share with you the signs per direction, see how many you check off the lists.

Signs of Energy Depletion per Medicine Wheel

East Direction

  • Mentally fatigued
  • Confusion
  • Can’t focus on anything
  • Can’t feel inspired by anything
  • Short temper leading you to verbal outbursts
  • Feeling of unworthiness

South Direction

  • Emotions out of control
  • Feel drained when around others
  • Emotionally numb and detached
  • Not in touch with your relationships, you’ve disconnected
  • Feel the emotions of others, unable to control it

West Direction

  • Either sleeping more than normal or insomnia
  • Cravings for unhealthy food
  • Loss of interest in day to day activities
  • Illness or allergies
  • Anger outbursts – slamming doors, breaking things, physical harm

North Direction

  • Loss of interest in spiritual practices
  • Isolation, don’t want to be around others
  • Suicidal or thoughts of life-ending
  • Depression

This list is not exhaustive, however these are the most prevalent and easily seen indications that you are under an energetic attack, or you have accumulated too much energy from others, often because there is a lack of energetic boundaries. The good news, you can eliminate this and in addition, you can shore up your boundaries and begin replenishing your reservoir by using the power tools listed below. In addition, I also did a “Coffee with Dakota” about being overwhelmed with energy, you can check that out here. (Spoiler alert: Buddha, my deer, video bombed me most of the segment!)




Power Tool #1: Presence and Grounding

Before we dive into how to spiritually protect ourselves, we have to know first, why we are being energetically drained or attacked. As a species, humans tend to live in the past of what was and therefore, relive previous pains and mistakes, or live in the future, worrying about what is next or how they will get to where they want to be — this non-present way of opens us up for energetic attacks.

However, when we’re present, we are in touch with our surroundings, and we have a pulse on our energy to know if it’s depleted. Therefore, with a keen awareness of our energy levels, we can quickly deploy our tools if we think/feel we’ve been attacked or our energy has started to drain. When left unchecked, because we aren’t living in the present moment, the energy vampire continues to deplete us, sometimes to the point of being unable to rejuvenate ourselves. Or, we become ill or depressed for no apparent reason because we haven’t equated it with an energetic attack. We may continue to treat the symptoms (illness, depression, anger, etc.), but without fully shoring up our energy well, we continue to fight the battle we don’t even realize we’re fighting.

The second component of prevention is grounding. There are many ways to ground ourselves, and I suggest you try a few different techniques to find one way that works best for you. For example, I have two bracelets I wear often, one is malachite, and the other is shungite. One protects me from people’s energy (malachite), and shungite protects me from electrical/magnetic energy depletion. When we’re grounded, we’re unshakable, and we’re strong. We’ve got the backing of Mother Earth and other energies supporting and anchoring us. It is much more difficult to energetically knock someone over if they are strong, stable and grounded than to knock someone over who is unaware, untethered, and unanchored.

Common grounding techniques include:

  • Earthing – the practice of walking barefoot on Mother Earth, or lying with all your chakras touching the Earth
  • Carrying a stone that has been charged for grounding (hematite, black tourmaline, red jasper, black obsidian, jade, jet, petrified wood, agate- to name a few.)
  • Imagine yourself with roots coming from your feet and anchoring into the core of the earth
  • Healing your root chakra, your sense of security
  • Focused deep breathing

If you do nothing else mentioned in this article, presence and grounding alone will help to spiritually protect you energetically, and at the same time, make life much more enjoyable.


spiritual protection, grounding, presence, medicine wheel, energy cleansing
spiritual protection, medicine wheel, energy cleansing, shaman mantras, affirmations, prayer

Power Tool #2: East Direction Energy

I’ve separated the tools into their associated Direction on the Medicine Wheel. The East Direction of the Medicine Wheel is the mental body and anything associated with communication, throat chakra, inspiration and much, much more. Therefore, the tools we would use for spiritual protection will fall into those categories.

Shaman Mantras for Spiritual Protection

Shaman mantras are focused, present tense, power statements that altar the energy within you. By using the power of your breath, and a mantra such as “I am powerful,” you can move the energy of the mantra through every cell of your body. Breathe in deeply, and in the space between the inhale and the exhale is a gap – in that gap, say out loud your mantra, then exhale forcibly into the palms of your hands. Your hands are full of Nadi’s (mini chakras) that your breath will then infuse and “wake up” the rest of your body and cells. It’s a very powerful technique, and that you can use anywhere.

For instance, when I’m shopping, and I feel my energy start to get hit, I do shaman mantras right there in the store, and it instantly relieves the energy drain. If you want to take this a step further, I have a meditation I filmed doing the Shaman Mantras. Similarly, you can also induce an altered state of consciousness by doing the Shaman Mantras (as demonstrated in the meditation.)

Other tools from the East Direction include prayer, solfeggio frequencies, and high vibrational music.


Power Tool #3: South Direction Energy

The South Direction of the Medicine Wheel is our emotional body and likely, this is where you will “feel” the energy drain the most. The South is also where we harness our intuition, creativity and vibrancy, and our relationships with others, including our relationship to self. It is this last relationship that is our tool for spiritual protection here.

Self-Love for Spiritual Protection

When we make consistent time and energy towards tending to self-love, we build up natural anti-bodies, if you will. We become more resilient and immune to the energetic attacks. Self-Love is one of the most important tools we have at our disposal. In taking this time, we begin to learn the definitions of our etheric body – where we start and end and another person’s energy begins. We can separate ourselves from the energetic pool of everyone else. The consistent practice also trains us to know what our needs are at any given moment, and if we feel an energetic attack starting we will know what we need most at that moment. In addition, self-love also enables us to ground ourselves easily, when we are rooted in who we are, we are rooted period.



spiritual protection, medicine wheel, energy cleansing, emotional cleansing, self-love
spiritual protection, medicine wheel, energy cleansing, spells, witch, ritual, ceremony, green witch

Power Tool #4: West Direction Energy

The West Direction of the Medicine Wheel is represented by our physical body and surroundings. Here we will find physical items we can use for spiritual protection, and similarly, this is the direction we focus on creating boundaries. If left unattended, you will witness the energy depletion in the physical form of illness, allergies, lethargy, addictions, weight gain (sometimes weight loss), and body aches and pains. We have a couple of tools to mention here:

Herb and Plant Allies

There is a long list of herbs and plants used for cleansing, purifying, and protecting. Use these herbs in teas, potions, baths, rituals, and a myriad of other ways. In addition to the herbs, connecting to a tree, or the natural world will help to clear you of negative energy. Nature has a profound effect on our energy body and our emotional health. When I was in Northern California in the Redwoods, I filmed a Shaman Short about protecting your core, you can watch that here.

Commonly used herbs for protection: agrimony, basil, blackberry, caraway, cinnamon, dandelion, mugwort, mullein, rosemary, and sage.


I mentioned some of the stones used for protection above. It’s important to charge, or set the intention, for the stone. To charge a stone, hold to your heart chakra and say aloud or inwardly your intention for its use. After some time, you should clear your stones by washing in saltwater or under the light of a full moon.

Boundary Building

Boundary building is probably the most difficult task people undergo. First, you must know what boundaries are absent. You also want to explore the edge of your energetic field – is it too big? Too small? Then, start with small boundaries, for instance, saying no to someone when you need to or standing up for yourself when someone is pulling you down. We spend a great deal of time in the Alchemist session of the Mentorship working on boundaries. If this is something you need, I greatly suggest joining us to help fortify those lines.


Power Tool #5: North Direction Energy

The North Direction of the Medicine Wheel represents our spiritual body, our connection to our Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and to Source Energy. The North provides us with the stability and foundation for which all else is created. If you are imbalanced in the North Direction then all else will feel as if you are lugging boulders uphill in a waterfall.

Calling on Your Spirit Team for Spiritual Protection

We have a set of Spirit Guides who have been with us all our lives, and some have traveled with us many lifetimes. They are here to help you through this life, to learn deep lessons, and to evolve. They also are here to help protect us. You can call on your guides while in meditation, or during a shamanic journey. Additionally, you may visit any of the worlds of non-ordinary reality to have them assist you in ritual and ceremony for cleansing, purifying, and spiritual protection. If you would like help with this, there are several guided meditations listed below to help you tap into this resource. Also, I also filmed a “Coffee with Dakota” segment talking about our relationship to our spirit guides, check it out here.


spiritual protection, medicine wheel, energy cleansing, spirit guides, power animals, spiritual protection
spiritual protection, medicine wheel, energy cleansing, ritual, spell, witch

Spiritual Protection Spell

Here’s a simple yet effective protection spell you can use, being surrounded by the holiday frenzy, this is especially helpful this time of year.

What you will need:

Incense or your favorite herb for protection
Small bowl or shell
A talisman (this can be a necklace, ring, bracelet, or some item of jewelry)


  1. Center and ground yourself
  2. After you are centered and grounded, light your incense or herb and pass your talisman through the smoke, saying, “By the power of this purifying ally, you are cleansed of all negative energy.”
  3. Next, Imagine the energy of Mother Earth streaming up through your feet, your legs, torso, and down through your arms and into the talisman as you hold it, directing the energy into the item.
  4. Then say, “I charge you you now to be my shield of protection against physical harm, energetic harm, and any danger.”
  5. Finally, wear your item of power and protection anytime you go out.

Note: You will want to clear your talisman every so often. I like to clear mine each full moon and recharge it the next day.

Finding Peace

When it comes to spiritual protection, there are many tools you can use. Above I shared with you some of the foundational components which need to be in place for any tool to properly work. For me, I like to employ tools from each of the directions of the Medicine Wheel to offer a robust, expansive, and diverse way of spiritually protecting myself. By doing so, each tool used is backed up and fortified by another avenue of spiritual protection as well.

Find what tools work best for you and your lifestyle. Our paths are unique, and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Above all, choosing your tools and practices is how we become more empowered to walk our path with strength and to know we are in control of our destiny.

spiritual protection, medicine wheel, energy cleansing, peace, balance, empowerment
Dakota Earth Cloud Walker (Druidic Shamanic Witch)

Sometimes I write in a coffee shop, or the bookstore. Sometimes I venture to the Irish Pub and sit by the warm fire in a dimly lit room, sipping on Guiness while I hammer out an article. And other times I write at my desk, with dogs at my feet and cats on the back of my chair. No matter where I am, or what I’m writing, I write from my heart and from years of experience.

I love the Medicine Wheel, it has so much to offer us and so much of my writing, and teaching, is in hopes of  sharing this powerful tool with you.

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Meditations for Protection

Below are some guided meditations specific to protection of your energy.


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