5 Significant Signs You’re Out of Balance in the Visionary Soul Archetype

You’ve likely heard me talking a lot about balanced energy within the Medicine Wheel but what does that really mean in real life terms? How would you know that your East Direction/Visionary energy was deficient or in excess? We’re all out of balance to some degree, that’s part of being human. But sometimes we are stuck in a pattern or a loop which makes it difficult to ever find balance fully. Often we are unaware of the broken record or the small signs that our energy is not at our conscious control, and we become habitual in our way of living.

The East Direction of the Medicine Wheel governs our Mental Body, and our ability to focus, be clear-headed, follow our dreams, and breathe life into our sacred purpose. A balanced Visionary is confident, self-aware, isn’t stopped by fear or lack of belief in themselves. They speak their truth, people experience a balanced Visionary as authentic, inspiring, a true leader, and someone they look up to as a role model.  We’ve witnessed such people in our modern world: Oprah, Michelle Obama,  Malala Yousifazi, Kaneau Reeves, and Richard Branson to name a few.

So how do we know if our Visionary energy is balanced? Below are five signs of imbalance, if you resonate with any of these signs then it may be time to make some shifts in your life to bring more conscious balancing to that East Direction.

  1. Co-Dependency: Do you have a desire to help others to the point that you often put yourself on the back burner to tend to the needs of others? Or, you feel better about yourself when others need you or validate you. Co-Dependency causes a deficiency in the East Direction and is the symptom of low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. Someone challenged by co-dependency also tends to give up their dreams for the sake of helping someone else realize theirs.
  2. Binging: Have you binge-watched the latest TV show, or binged on an entire bag of potato chips? Maybe you binge via alcohol or even exercise. This is a symptom of pushing too much energy into the West Direction and often happens for a few reasons. If we have an excess amount of East energy, binging becomes a release valve. If we are not following our passions and dreams, causing a deficient East, then binging becomes an escape mechanism.
  3. Emotional Bypassing – I also call it light polarization and this happens when we have far too much energy in the North Direction and we want to skip all the other directions for the spiritual lesson in every event (or we use addictions to escape the emotions). This causes a deficiency in the East direction because we no longer rely on logic, or mental interpretations, or goal/plans to achieve our desired outcome but instead hand it all over to the Universe to take care of it. The real danger in this is by emotionally bypassing we lose control over our lives and often end up repeating the same lessons over and over again because we haven’t fully benefited from the mental and emotional lessons that come from our experiences.
  4. Lack of focus, Fogginess, Lack of Vitality –  This is an indication that you have a deficiency in the East but also the South direction. And here’s the kicker … it is typically caused by excess energy in the East. Yes, you read that correctly and may be wondering “Now how can I have a deficiency AND excess in the same direction?”  Think of it this way, each thought, action, inaction, or event has a consequence and those consequences send ripples into each of the directions including the direction it originates within. Most often, the cause of this symptom (not always but often) is our last sign of imbalance, workaholism.
  5. Being a Workaholic –  Whether you are working all the time because you are trying to make ends meet, or your job demands it, or you are simply passionate about the work you do – being a workaholic is excess East energy and if you have excess in the East, you will surely have a deficiency in the South (your relationships suffer, there isn’t time for joy and play, self-love is out the door). There is usually excess energy in the West as you are hyper-focused on the outcome, and the physical body takes a beating. The North also becomes deficient as a time for a substantial spiritual practice is lacking.

So how do you begin to balance these areas? Being aware of them is the first and most important step. Looking at the reasons for the behavior and what the payoff has been for you. What are you lacking? Or avoiding?

We’re in the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel right now so working with the energy of the direction can help you to find that balance. In the Mentorship, we answer all those questions and we learn the tools of the East Direction and how to apply them to our everyday life so that we find more balance. It all starts somewhere and if you have checked off one or more of the above items, I hope this article has helped you to see that first step. What’s your next best step?

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