5 Ways to Cleanse and Purify Your Space

5 Tools to Cleanse Your Space for Maximum Protection

How do you know if your place needs cleansed? There are some tell-tale signs the energy in your home or space needs an overhaul. Here are 5 signs:

  • You and others are complaining more than usual.
  • You don’t enjoy being in your space, you look for reasons to leave or do things to “keep busy.”
  • Everything feels cluttered and/or messy.
  • Your relationships feel strained
  • Your space feels “heavy.”

As energetic beings, we pick up on the “vibes” of a space very easily and often in an uncsoncsous way. If the energy in your space is heavy, stagnant, or negative then it will, over time, take it’s toll on you mentally, emotionally and physically. Cleansing your space, and maintaining it, helps to eliminate the unwanted energies AND give you a safe place to refuel and relax. It’s a good practice to do a thorough cleanse seasonally, and added cleanses when you’ve experienced a major change or trauma, have had difficult guests, or feel lethargic most of the time. I also add in weekly cleanses to my own space for maintenance.


It can not be overstated how clearing it is to simply clean a space physically. Energy clings to clutter, dusty altars collect stagnant energy, and negative energy can remain lodged within used items such as furniture, clothing, books, etc. until it is consciously cleared. Dirty windows, too, can obscure your vision.

Clean your space with great intention and put some magick in the mundane tasks such as a drop of peppermint oil in your mop water for added protection or imagining the negative energy being sucked up by the vacuum. Think about the feelings you wish to invoke in each room and the space you create for that energy when you clean and make room.

Other Magickal Cleaning Tricks:

  • When washing dishes, imagine scrubbing away the negative energy to reveal a new purity
  • Put your intentions into the food you create, change it’s energy to give you more than just physical sustenance
  • When you sweep the floor, use a broom and imagine you are sweeping the floor of a temple
  • Wipe down your counters at night, think of it as clearing away any stress from the day so you can sleep soundly

Using Herbs & Plant Allies

Herbs and plants are wonderful allies in co-creating a safe and sacred space. Sage is the most common herb used for smudging and clearing a space and is proven to have antimicrobial properties so not only does it energetically cleanse, it also keeps infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay. I like to employ several plant allies to cleanse a space,some of which include:

  • Palo Santo
  • Cedar
  • Lavendar
  • Frankincense

When using herbs to cleanse your space, start at your front door and work your way around your home in a clockwise direction, and within each room walk clockwise to move the smoke of the herbs into the air. You can open some windows to allow the negative energy to escape. Pay special attention to corners, air vents, and places where energy flow is blocked or limited. Set your intention that the smoke from the herb releases and banishes the negative energy and invite positive energy in it’s place.

** Be careful of smoke alarms, your smoke may set them off.


Sound Cleansing

I like to incorporate sounds and vibrations into my cleansings. Drums are often used to break up negative energy and disperse it and will often be the first round I make in a space followed by the sage. Rattles help to summon the good spirits to come in and protect, while bells offer a blessing and a pure resonance for the space. Other things I love to do to incorporate the power of sound is to play high vibrational music while I physically clean a space, and after I’ve cleaned my space I like to have classical music playing in the background to keep the space high. Other sounds that raise the vibration of a space include laughter, nature sounds, singing bowls, chanting or intoning in your space.

High Vibe Music:

  • Classical music
  • Deval Premal & Other Chanting Music
  • Chakra Attuned Music
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Music made in 432hz
  • Gregorian Chants


Once I’ve cleansed my space, I then add my blessings and intentions  – what do I want to fill the space with now? My final round of any cleanse is lavender which is used for blessings, and like the sage, I will go through each room in a clockwise direction with the lavender and while focusing on the intention I have for that room. For example, the intention for my living room may be for deeper connections in my relationships, kitchen may hold the intention of healthy eating and nurturing. So while blessing the room, I hold it’s specific intention in mind.

You can also write the intention on a slip of paper and tuck it under the carpet, or in a cabinet.

Common Room Intentions:

  • Kitchen: health and nurturing
  • Living Room: community, friendships, family
  • Office/Den: knowledge, wisdom, sacred purpose
  • Bedroom: intimacy, partnership, self-love
  • Bathroom: vulnerability, self-care, cleansing, privacy
  • Dining Room: family, connection, bonding, conversation
  • Garage: protection

Anchoring the Space

With everything cleansed, and blessed, the final step is to anchor the space so that it holds the cleanse and the intentions. You can do this by burying 4 quartz crystals in the 4 corners of your property or you can put a crystal in the four corners on the inside of your home.

Other variations of anchoring can include:

  • Blowing intentions into a stone and keeping the stone in the room it is anchoring
  • Imagining an energetic grid line surrounding your home
  • Building an altar and having your intentions for your space held there
  • Making an offering of tobacco or corn meal for each room.


After you’ve cleansed your space, make consistent efforts to keep your space maintained. I like to incorporate it into my weekly cleaning by revisiting the intentions for each room, burning incense, playing high vibe music throughout the week, and bringing nature indoors as often as possible – live plants, stones, sticks all adorn my decor.

Here are some of the things I do weekly for maintenance:

  • Clear out my refrigerator anything that has gone bad or spoiled, conscious that only healthy, vibrant food is there
  • Every night before I go to bed, I clean my kitchen to release the day’s stress
  • Every day I burn a stick of incense and ask that it clear away any negative energy
  • When I vacum, I imagine gathering up all the loose energy that is lurking in the house and sealing up any “holes” in my home’s aura



Meditations for Cleansing, Clearing and Protection

Below are some guided meditations specific to clearing, protecting and cleansing your space and yourself.


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