About Dakota Earth Cloud

I could list here all the training’s I have taken over the past 30 years. I could tell you of all Shaman’s I’ve worked with, I could share with you the years I spend as a Massage Therapist and then a Holistic Health Practitioner. I could tell you about the vision quests, the adventures I’ve taken in search of my soul. I could even tell you about the years I spent teaching and writing curriculum, and that my super powers lie in being able to get people from point A to point B. i could type out my resume, and for some that would seem impressive, interesting, and it would add credibility to my skill set.

But I’m not going to do that. If you want to know about my professional life, you can read it here.

So Who is Dakota Earth Cloud Walker? If not all those titles, labels, and accolades, then … who are you?

Who am I?

Simply put, I am Dakota. I have dedicated my life to becoming the best version of myself, to live my soul’s purpose – to find the exquisiteness of every moment. And in so many ways I succeed, and then, like you, I also experience the pains and falls that we all so often go through.

I am a passionate person, I put my entire heart into my work, and into my life. Someone recently said that it seems I have lived 22,000 lives in just this one lifetime. I think she is correct, or it feels right to me. I have had some of the most delicious experiences in my life – adventures, love, broken heart, heart cracked open, deep sorrow, encompassing joy and so much more. I take all this, and I pour it into my work, into my life and every day I look for the beauty, the lessons and the profound messages.

I am a teacher and a facilitator of soul change and growth. I have been most all of my life. I was born for this work. I am also a student, and everyday I take something new to marinate upon and soak up it’s juicy lesson so that I can continue to grow myself.

I am grateful. I am grateful to be here, now, doing this and for being an active agent in this thing called life.

What I do ....

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to truly live out my Sacred Purpose. I knew from a very young age the life I wanted to live and how I wanted to impact the world. In my lifetime I have studied and trained in many areas, but below are the things most relevant to me today.

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    My Shamanic Calling

    We all have those moments. Those moments which define us, carve out the soul we are to become or chip away at the armor to allow you to stand in your vulnerability. I suppose mine are really no different than anyone else’s, and I appreciate that all of us have found our way to our own unique path through these very moments. When I became ordained as a Shamanic Minister, I had to write a short thesis on why I wanted to walk this road. Click below to see what spilled out of my heart.


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    The running joke/rumor that my Professional Development students passed along to the newbies were “bring the Kleenex”. Most found it odd that others would suggest bringing Kleenex to a business class. Storytelling is the gift of the Bard in Druidry and thankfully, a gift passed onto me. Weaving stories and emotions while connecting the dots is the best way to describe my speaking style. I feel strongly that when emotions are evoked, the soul will respond. How could it not? It is a resonance that we understand far beneath the hum of the brain.

    I love to speak to groups, no matter how large or small. I have made grown men cry, and women stand up and proclaim their inner goddess. It is all in how you tell the story that elicits the response.

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    Meditation Teacher

    It is very likely that you landed here because you found me on YouTube or Insight Timer after listening to one of my meditations. I have somehow amassed close to 1 million views on YouTube and approaching 100,000 listens on Insight Timer. Who would have thought? I am amazed and touched that so many have enjoyed my meditations. It is something that has come naturally to me, and I enjoy creating them. A little known fact about my meditations: I never script them, I come up with a loose theme, and then I just channel. No edits (unless dog is snoring in background), all meditations are a one time record and in the can. Makes my life much simpler! Want to join our Meditation Club? Click below for details.

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    Teaching is in my blood. I’ve been teaching/facilitating people and groups through soul growth for nearly 30 years now. It is what I am most passionate about and consider my strongest asset. In addition to soul teaching, I was also one of the lead instructors for the nations largest Massage Therapy schools and wrote much of their curriculum for various courses. Today, I teach solely my own work which I have also been developing over the course of the past 20 years.

    I have most recently, developed the curriculum and training centered around the Medicine Wheel and training folks to use this powerful tool for deep soul growth and transformation.

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    My Professional Life

    Professionally, yeah I’ve got certificates, and training’s, and ordinations, and experience. I’ve worked in many different settings, I’ve achieved things that most people might frame and put on their wall. The truth is, all my certificates and degrees are all huddled up together in a manila folder, crammed into my overstuffed filing cabinet alongside my taxes from years ago. It isn’t that I don’t think they are important, they are. But I think most of the incredibly valuable wisdom I’ve gained have been through life, people, and life getting messy. But .. some of you are going to want to see the resume, and that’s okay. So click below to read more about “The Professional Life of Dakota Earth Cloud Walker.”

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    Shamanic Celebrant

    As a Celebrant, I get to witness and experience significant and profound moments in people’s lives. I feel so honored to have such privilege. I was trained and certified as a Celebrant through the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids based in England. I am also ordained as a Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Institute with Linda Star Wolf. I’ve married people, officiated name changing ceremonies, and funerals. I’ve even officiated a funeral for a pig, who interestingly enough, was the elected mayor of Todd, NC.

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    Gaia Wisdom Mentorship

    The Gaia Wisdom Mentorship is our flagship program which encompasses the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. It will rock your socks, literally! Created as a way to work more closely and for longer periods of time with folks who have a desire to radically change their world and live more authentically. Based on my years of working with the Medicine Wheel as well as all the other modalities I’ve acquired over time, this is one of the most well rounded programs I’ve created.

    We open enrollment only 4 times a year. If you want to learn more, click the button below.

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    Holistic Health Practitioner

    I progressed from a Massage Therapist to a Holistic Practitioner and it was in working in this field where I began seeing the strong correlations between the Medicine Wheel, specifically the emotional and spiritual bodies, that were affecting the physical body. For many years, I worked on both humans and animals (most specifically horses) and I witnessed first hand the sheer potential we have for healing our bodies. I have since taken all that I learned here to dial it into helping others discover this hidden potential within them.

    While I no longer work with individuals , I work with groups of people through the Mentorship to help them discover their internal power to inform their outer and physical worlds. (I do still work with animals … I cannot deny them!)

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    Master Ritualist

    I’m not sure how I fell into this part of my work, but I did and ritual has become a significant piece of my everyday life. I help others find ritual and ceremony in their lives as well, and help them to create meaning to moments and therefore meaning to life. Ritual is a powerful force of nature, both within and outside of us.

A Few of My Mentors

They always say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. That is truly my experience. I wish I could list every single person who has had a profound influence on my life but I’d run out of room here if I did. And even still, there are some very prominent teachers who are not even listed here but deserve a shout out – Dr. Ted Baroody who founded Holographic Health and is a soul brother; Melanie, the first Navajo Shaman I worked with while in Arizona; Paul O’Halloran a gifted Shaman in Ireland; Lloyd Ryckman, my Grandfather who shaped my first 12 years on this earth. My Guides, my power animal, my ancestors … the list continues …

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    George Pooley

    George and I met at the Massage Therapy college I taught at. He was one of my massage students, but really – he became my greatest teacher. George was one of the last living true Hopi Medicine Man. He mentored me in many ways and we both contributed the relationship and helped one another. George passed away a few years ago, but I often hear him in the wind. He has the gentle guidance now as he did back then.

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    Linda Star Wolf

    I spent an entire month at Venus Rising Institute to become a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and to become ordained as Shamanic Minister. Linda Star Wolf founded Shamanic Breathwork which is a similar branch of Holotropic Breathwork.

    Shamanic Breathwork is an integral part of the work I do now, it has the capacity to transform people at the soul level and catapult them forward on their journey.

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    Isabelle Ryckman

    This woman. In so many ways, I can fundamentally say that my Grandma was instrumental in helping shape who I am today. She was so full of love, so full of character and realness, and authenticity. She was loved by everyone, and carried with her the unconditional love that she gladly poured out to everyone.

    She used to ask me one simple question, are you happy? That question, her gentleness, her love and compassion are what forged the trajectory of my life at a very young age. I cannot fit into this small little box the number of things I’ve learned from her. She was my rock.

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    Mom & Dad

    These two people.

    Not only am I grateful for that one fateful night where they decided to conceive me. But I was born into a family who loved me, who taught me what it means to be who I am, and while challenging at times – they both, in very different ways, were and are two of my greatest teachers.

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    My Ancestors

    A few years ago I was in a small pub in Ireland, laughing and carrying on with the locals. A table of older men were telling me true Irish jokes. At the end of the night, they patted me on the back and told me I was more Irish than I was American.

    Turns out they are right, my entire lineage was birthed out of the Celtic lands of Scotland and Ireland. One vein of ancestors were the Kings and Queens of Ireland. My 56th Great Grandfather was Bran the Blessed, a well known Druid. I am proud of the blood that runs through my veins. Ireland and Scotland are the home to my heart. These same ancestors are ones who I frequently work with when I am teaching. Their ancient wisdom is a gift to be able to tap into.

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    There are many people, shamans, healers, doctors who I could list in this section. The truth is, I’ve always had amazing teachers show up just when I need them or am ready for them. But some of my greatest teachers have been my students, my clients, and simply – those who are on this path of growing their soul. I am inspired by the strength, the vulnerability, the willingness, the persistence.

Proud Moments ...

I know I have many other proud moments, but these sum it up. I have found some of my most rewarding moments have happened while volunteering.

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    I sat on our back deck one early morning talking with Lisa. She had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer and was in her last stages. She had come here for a private retreat to heal her soul before she passed. “This is my last trip” she said. We sat in silence a moment longer, I watched her trace her finger around the cup of tea. No tears fell this time. She was ready, she was at peace. After a few moments, I asked her “Do you feel your life has meant something meaningful?” This was the question she came to find the answer. “Yes, I do. I finally see how I contributed. Thank you.”Words cannot express how honoring and profound it is to work with someone who is bravely facing the end of their incarnated life. My work with Hospice and with clients in the dying phase has been one of the most rewarding, and proud moments of my career. Lisa died just 2 months after her retreat here at Gaia Wisdom School.

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    Who I've Become

    If anyone would have asked me when I was in high school, if I could envision this life, I’d think they were crazy. I am proud of who I have become, and the work I do, and the way I live my life. I’ve worked hard to get here, both in my personal life and in my professional life. I am proud that I am able to live my truth, that I am helping others find their truth, and I’m proud of the things I’ve created  – the Mentorship, the meditations, the soul sessions, all of it.

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    I’ve volunteered my time and love in lot’s of ways. One day I decided I wanted to do something bigger. So, I found a family in need – a single mom of 5 kids and I organized a total home and life make-over for them. Turns out the project I envisioned was pretty big, and I had raised close to $30,000 in donations, and business’s were clamoring to donate furniture, goods, and more. It was a great project that landed me in the national magazine Women’s World – it’s at the end of every checkout in every grocery store. My Mom and Dad were pretty proud to see my face and story on the front cover.  The family was also very happy, and I still stay in contact with them. I learned that no dream is too big.

Random Quirks/Facts

It can’t always be about work and what I do for a living … there is this other side of me, the mischievous side, the creative side, the vulnerable side … so here are a few things for you to see and know the person behind all this.

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    Anyone who spends more than five minutes with me will learn that I love to laugh. I love to have fun. I love to sing badly. I love to find the joy in life. And everyday, I find something to laugh about – most often it is laughing at myself.

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    It was a tough decision – do I put this under facts or do I put it under mentors/teachers? Through a very serendipitous event, I landed myself a part time gig many years ago, as a white water kayak guide. When I moved to Charleston, SC I became an ocean kayak guide.  The river, and the ocean, have both been great teachers for me. I’ve learned to be in the moment, to carry a deep respect for water and Mother Nature, and to trust my instincts. I’ve been in some pretty hairy situations where I had to rely on my intuition, and my skill. And I have had the profound moment of witnessing the incredible beauty of our Mother Earth.

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    Through My Eyes

    I love taking photos. It is one of my greatest passions. I don’t have anywhere to really display them, except the websites. But I love to capture the moment. I love seeing something that maybe no one else see’s. I love to look for the hidden meaning in a photo. I love to get in different positions just to see something from a different perspective.

    Photography has slowed me down in the moment and helped me to see what is really there while most simply walk pass it, missing out on the beauty of something very simple. Want to see what I was photographing in this photo?

    See Picture

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    Things I Love

    I love coffee.

    I love to wander, everywhere.

    I love roller coasters and driving with the sunroof open.

    I love discovering new things, and learning.

    I love the smell after a spring rain.

    I love music.

    I love that deer in the photo.

    I love my family, those who are close to me.

    I love Mother Earth, Father Sky.

    I love the work I do, the lives I encounter.

    I love my life.

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    My Connections

    All of my life I’ve been deeply connected to animals. I grew up among a family who took in animals to rehab or rescue. One of my favorite stories about my Dad was the time he gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to a snake, and it lived. He taught me many things about being in relationship to animals and how to connect, how to care.

    Today we have our own mini zoo here at Gaia, and being in the wilderness brings it’s fair share of animals who need rescuing. I often wonder though, did we rescue them or did they rescue us? Animals are some of my greatest messengers and teachers.

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    Adventure Seeker

    For as long as I can remember, I have had the thirst for adventure and exploration of the great outdoors. Along with kayaking, I became addicted to hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoneering, backpacking and camping. I have been to some amazing places, have had some of the greatest experiences of my life while clinging to the face of a rock wall or zipping down a rappel line.

    There are just not enough days in a lifetime to see all the places I would like to see.


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