About Morrigan RavenHeart

Morrigan RavenHeart has long felt the call of a deep spirituality and communion with nature.  She was raised in the Bible Belt of the southern United States and was taught as a child that all spirituality must come from one religion.  She tried, for many, many years, she tried.  She was given the titles of Deaconess, Worship Team Member and even Elder, but the labels never quite fit right.  Life events gave Morrigan the opportunity to shed those labels and discover who she really is.  She discovered that first, shedding those labels isn’t as easy as one might think, and second, she had no idea how to find her true self.

In her deepest soul, she always felt the call to Witchcraft, the ancient earth-based spirituality, but years of brain-washing made her  hesitant and extremely fearful to even dip her toes in the water, so to speak.  Over 3 years ago, one dark, but not stormy, night, Morrigan literally electronically stumbled across Dakota Earth Cloud Walker’s web site.  Even though, and probably because, Dakota didn’t mention witchcraft, but earth-based spirituality was obvious, Morrigan’s intuition jumped up and yelled, “YES!”

Morrigan is now a graduate of Dakota’s Certification in Shamanic Coaching Course and the Resident Witch of the Gaia Wisdom School Tribe.   She is passionate about helping adults of all ages discover who they are beyond the labels and helping them to reclaim and step into their power.

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Shamanic Coaching

Available in 30 or 60-minute sessions.  We’ll use Zoom video conferencing to meet.  I’ll provide you with the Zoom info when you book your session.

Using the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Ancient Wisdom, Shamanism, and Witchcraft, I will help you to discover a different perspective on your life and any situations therein that you have a concern about.  I’ll also help you gain clarity and recognize any blocks you may have.   Before our session ends, we’ll discuss your next best steps, and I’ll suggest tools for your soul growth.

House Cleansing/Blessings

I will perform these blessings and cleansings at your location.  I work within an 80-mile radius of Asheville, North Carolina.  We will have a pre-consultation once you’ve booked your time so I can learn more about your situation and know what best to bring.

  • Blessing – Ideal for newly built homes. I will cleanse the energy left behind by others and bless your new home so that, in every way, it is uniquely yours.
  • Medium Cleanse – Ideal for homes that feel heavy or un-inviting, but you can’t put your finger on exactly why they feel that way. I will rid your home of any negative energy and then perform the home blessing.
  • Heavy Duty Cleanse – Ideal for homes in which deep sadness or trauma has occurred. In some instances, there may be disembodied souls who are stuck and causing disturbing or frightening events in your home. I will identify the energy and work with it to move it on.  I will cleanse your home of any unwanted negative energy, transmute neutral energy, and perform the home blessing.

Custom Sigils & Spells

Sigils:  I will work with you to determine exactly what it is you wish to manifest.  I will then create and consecrate the sigil for you.  I will send the sigil to you with instructions on how to use it and what to do after your manifestation is complete.

Spells: Using ancient wisdom and my soul-knowledge of witchcraft, I will write a spell tailored specifically for you and your desired outcome.  I will send it to you with full instructions on how to perform the spell and what to do after you have manifested your desired outcome.


Celebrant Services

When you’re ready to commit to that special someone, you want your ceremony to be unique; tailored specifically to who you are as a couple.  I will work with both of you to design a ceremony that reflects your unique and beautiful love for each other.  Whether cross-cultural, Celtic, Christian, or Pagan, I will make sure your ceremony is an authentic reflection of both of you as individuals and as a couple.


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