When someone visits our site using your link, your tracking code stays active for up to 3 days. If your peep uses your link on day one and returns on day 3 to buy more products – your tracking code will still be active and you will receive a commission on any sales made in that three day period.

Yes! Even if you sent a link to a specific product, whatever your peep purchases, you will receive a commission on all items converted to a sales.

From your dashboard, choose the tab labeled Assets. From here you can download any assets we have available for you.

Your emails, website, social media, etc. will obviously have your branding on it because that’s how your peeps know you. When you are promoting one of our products, it must be clear in your wording that you are promoting a product of Gaia Wisdom School and/or Dakota Walker. This is not only to protect our brand but also to be clear to your peeps so they don’t feel mislead.



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