Understanding Your Stats

In your Affiliate Dashboard, you will find the tab labeled Stats. On this tab, you can view and track your referrals, your payments and also your campaigns.

Breakdown Map of a Referral

Each time a referral is generated, it is assigned a status. There are four possible values that can be assigned:

  • pending – This is a referral that has been generated but is not yet confirmed
  • unpaid – This is a confirmed referral that is waiting to be paid out to you
  • rejected – This is a referral that was rejected (order was either deleted or refunded)
  • paid – This is a referral that has been paid to you

All your referrals begin with a status of pending and are then updated to one of the other three statuses when particular events occur. A pending referral means that it is waiting to be confirmed as valid. Referrals are confirmed when orders in our store are completed.

A referral is marked as rejected when the corresponding order in our store is refunded or deleted.

Referrals are marked as unpaid when the corresponding order or signup is completed in our store. Once marked as unpaid, the referral is considered “earned” and will be paid out to you.

Referrals receive a status of paid as soon as you have been paid. Once marked as paid, a referral is considered closed and no further status changes are applied to it.


You can track the success of your campaigns through your stats to see how many referrals visited using your link and how they converted (into sales).
See more about creating campaigns here.



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