Bending Time

By Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Time.  There is a lot of lively discussions, theories, and views about time and whether it is an illusion, a construction, or if it is even real. Two of the most influential scientists and innovative souls who ever lived can be found on the opposite end of the time spectrum. Isaac Newton believed time existed, and Einstein believed that time was (is) an illusion. Whether you are an avid believer of Einstein’s theories of relativity, or Isaac Newton’s Scholium on Time, Space, Place and Motion, you are no doubt among a large group of “what if…” theorists.

Time is a riddle that seems to have eluded many, but what if we could bend time? What if time could be folded, and we were able to travel throughout wormholes? What if time not only traveled left to right but up and down and had a hidden dimension? This is what string theory and quantum physics attempt to answer. In the past, we have viewed time as one dimensional, linear. But many scientists and philosophers now agree on the possibility that time is multidimensional. It may be next to impossible to prove, so it takes faith in the unknown to believe this context of what we have always seen as linear.

A wormhole, or an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, is essentially a tunnel through space/time. In essence, you enter one end of the wormhole in space/time of your home in 2014 and go through the tunnel and exit in another place and another time. Although there has never been an actual observation of a wormhole, the equations of the theory of relativity suggest the validity of wormholes. There are two types of wormholes, but only one is transversal, meaning they can be crossed in both directions.

Einstein’s general theory of relativity allows for the existence of wormholes since it states that any mass curves space-time.  To illustrate this, imagine two people holding a bedsheet very tightly. If you were to put a bowling ball on the sheet then, the sheet would no longer be tight – it would curve. If you then put a marble on the sheet, it would naturally roll towards the point of curvature. In this context, space is two-dimensional rather than four-dimensional.

Now imagine the sheet is folded, and there is a space between the top and bottom. If you place the bowling ball on the top, you still create a curvature. Now place another bowling ball on the bottom half of the sheet, and you create a curvature equal to the top, and this is how a wormhole is made. In space, masses of equal pressure on various parts of the universe would eventually create a tunnel which, in theory, join two separate times and allow passage between them.

According to Stephen Hawking, wormholes may exist in what he describes as quantum foam, the smallest environment in the universe. (Quantum foam is a concept by John Wheeler, which is conceptualized as the foundation of the fabric of the universe.) In this space, wormholes blink in and out of existence, momentarily linking separate places and time.

In my meditation, Bending Time,  we find quantum foam and enter into a wormhole to travel the distance between now and another time. We’ll meet ourselves in other lifetimes both past and future, and in some cases, we may simply be an observer of that time – witnessing the unfolding of events as they happened.

Time is forever a fascinating topic of discussion, one of which I hope you will engage in the comments below. Many of us have different theories and beliefs, as well as experiences. What are yours?

Working With Time

Photo Re-Entry

Choose a photo from your childhood, a moment in time you’d like to return to for clarity, solace, understanding, or even completion. Using your imagination, “walk” into the scene in the photo and explore with all your senses. Witness the scene from purely an observational standpoint. What is being said? What do you feel? What’s happening in the undercurrent? Using photo re-entry points can serve as portals to other realms of time. Once you’ve mastered this technique, try it with photos not associated with you and see what wisdom you can gleam.

Dream Re-Entry

Using the same concept as the photo re-entry, use a previous dream you have had to act as a starting point or a portal. Walk back into your dreamscape and in your conscious state, decipher the metaphors and messages. Go deeper into the dream to see what more can be unraveled.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold every single moment your soul has ever and will ever live. You can visit your Akashic Records to view previous and past lives, heal wounds, reconnect to previous lives, and more. You can also invite others who have passed to have them help you to understand different things, such as calling in Einstein’s spirit to gain a deeper understanding of his concepts of time. If you’d like to take a guided meditation to your Akashic Records, try one this meditation or this one.

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

I want to suck the marrow out of life. I have always been curious, so much so that at times in my life it may have actually landed me in trouble! I write, speak, and teach from my heart. I love the work I do, and the blessing of each soul I encounter. Finding ways to educate, inspire, and help others on their spiritual journey is my life purpose.

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Bending Time

Guided Shamanic Meditation

Length: 53:47

Time is an illusion, a construct that we have created in the 3rd dimension. In today’s journey, we bend time so that we can be a witness to the past, and future, all in the present moment. From this place, we are able to understand the role we have played throughout time.



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