Gaia Wisdom Black Friday Deals

Sale Starts FRIDAY

Check back daily for new Black Friday deals. Each day we will feature new Meditations, Immersions, and Soul Courses for sale.

Additionally, we are offering a $100 discount on all Wisdom Keeper enrollments (paid in full session only).

Friday: East Direction/Visionary  |  Saturday: South Direction/Sacred Heart Warrior  |  Sunday: West Direction/Alchemist  |  Monday: North Direction/Soul Shaman

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Learn more about these programs following the links in the navigation bar.

About the Meditation Club

The outline for the meditations is curated by themes. When you enroll in the Meditation Club, you will receive access immediately to the first meditation of the first theme and will progress through the themes as long as you are enrolled in the Meditation Club.

The guided journeys range from utilizing breathwork, visualization, shamanic journeying, guided meditation, music, connecting to nature, and more. With the variety of topics and types of meditations, all the Soul Archetypes will be satisfied.  Most themes have four guided meditations, some will have five. All meditations are curated by Dakota personally.

Soul Warrior Training – Mentorship

Journey around the Medicine Wheel and learn how to balance your life and integrate your spiritual path to your every day, bringing you into your power, and your truth. This deep dive into the Medicine Wheel is one that will change you forever. It is our signature course and is in its 20th season, having witnessed hundreds of people make the trek around the wheel.

Each direction of the Medicine Wheel offers us an opportunity to work with very specific energies. In January we will begin our journey in the North Direction, a place of introspection and our spiritual body. We work deeply and closely with our spiritual team and learn what our soul theme/purpose is here in this incarnation. You’ll deepen your relationship with your spirit guides, explore the presence of the moment as you make your pilgrimage to find your inner soul shaman. This is typically the favorite direction of many for its richness in developing our spiritual practices. The Wisdom Keeper path will enroll you in all 4 directions for the next year.


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