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    Photo Challenge

    For the Photo Challenge, take a photo or two of something which may symbolize your experience and/or answer. You may use symbolism or even take an actual photo of yourself doing the exercise. You may have just a series of self portraits. Be creative! You may or may not want to also write a little something about your photo.

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    Journal Challenge

    For the Journal Challenge, simply write your answer in the forum. Give yourself time and room to explore the topic and your feelings. Express yourself through the beautiful gift of language. Challenge yourself to find words that accurately describe your experience.

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    Video Challenge

    For the Video Challenge, film a 3-5 minute clip of you sharing your answer and/or experience with the challenge. Upload your video to YouTube and make your video PRIVATE under the settings on YouTube. Then, grab the link and share it in the forum.

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    Art Challenge

    For the Art Challenge,use any medium of art you prefer and allow yourself to give voice to your experience through color, shape, form, texture, etc. When you finish, take a photo of your art work and upload it to the forum. You may want to write a little something about your experience and/or your art piece.

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    Audio Challenge

    For the Audio Challenge, record yourself talking or speaking into your answer. You can use a simple recorder on your phone and upload the mp3 or you can get as elaborate as using a program such as Audacity and record yourself with music.

Adding Your Challenge to the Forum

There are five ways in which you can present your answer: video, photo, art, audio or journal. Create your challenge – if you have chosen to present a photo or art, you may want to add some text to explain your piece to us. If you have chosen video, please keep your videos under 5 minutes so we can all watch everyone’s. Upload your video to YouTube and make sure it is unlisted. You can then share the link in the forum, and it will populate automatically.

To share your challenge, click on the challenge below to add your soul work. For example, if you are on challenge 01, then choose the topic that has the corresponding number, for example find the one that says 01 and put your presentation in that space.


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