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You asked the questions, I shared some insights from the soul to hopefully give some answers for you. These are real questions from people across the globe. I would imagine us having coffee and long lingering conversations about these things. For now, a video will have to suffice.

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[060]Coffee with Dakota: Overwhelmed by Energy – Help!

I find myself continually being overwhelmed by the energy of the world around me. Despite my best efforts of daily meditation, encircling myself with protection, practicing gratitude, shamanic breathing and calling on my spirit animal, I still have trouble shaking the heaviness for any length of time.

[059] Coffee with Dakota: The Importance of Nature

Today I had the help of Luna Rae to help me answer this question and let me tell you, there is some great wisdom that comes from the mouth of babes!
Why do you feel Dakota that it is so important to be out in nature?

[058] Coffee with Dakota: Thin Veils & Messages in the Moment

I was so happy to hear how you listen for messages from your guides while not actually journeying as we know it, but by paying attention and being aware of your surroundings. I must say that my guides speak louder to me when I am not actually journeying, but when I am just staying aware during awake time. It seems I either read or heard a recording of Sandra Ingerman once saying that the veil is getting so thin that some of us can commune with our guides without the need for ceremony. Have you heard anything like that, or do you know others like that?

[057] Coffee with Dakota: Embracing What I Do

Filmed live in Cincinnati, Ohio where I joined Patti who wanted to talk about her sacred purpose and finding meaning in the work she does.

[056]Coffee with Dakota: Why is Little Insignificant Me so Important?

I need to know how I fit in to the fabric of the Universe and why little insignificant me (on the larger scale of things) is so important? How do I make any difference?

[055]Coffee with Dakota: I Feel Like I am Cursed! Help!

I feel like a “Jinx” is battering me. Do you believe in such a thing? Or could it be a “generational curse”? Do you believe in either of these things? What can I do to “stop” it? I get the feeling that something’s ‘trying to trip me up.’

[054]Coffee with Dakota: Am I on the Right Path?

Am I on the right path and in what direction should I go?

[053]Coffee with Dakota: Am I a Healer?

Does it mean anything that I feel drawn to energy healing, have possibly empathic ability ?

[052]Coffee with Dakota: I’m Angry My Brother Died, How to Move Forward From Here.

I just lost my brother…well not so much lost as died. He had a heart attack and was gone in an instant. I thought that I would be seeking spirit but when I try and meditate what comes up is anger.

[050]Coffee with Dakota: How to Cope with Grief and Loss in a Shamanic Way

I am no longer taking RX drugs to deal with my anxiety but rather I choose to use marijuana as a coping mechanism and although it is natural and it does help, I would really prefer to deal with the remaining grief and anxiety naturally through mindfulness , meditation etc. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice you may have, thank you so very much. 

[049] Coffee with Dakota: What do the Colors of the Medicine Represent?

Hello Dakota, I have created sacred space in my backyard and I have made a small medicine wheel out of different colored stones. I found different and contradictory instructions for creating a wheel on the internet, especially where the colors of the directions were concerned.

[048]Coffee with Dakota: How Can I Clear My Soul of Grief?

I long to move forward in learning this work, and yet I am wiped out. Do you have any wise suggestions to help me clear my soul.

[047]Coffee with Dakota: I Want the Movie Reel When I Meditate!

What can I do to calm my mind enough to have the full potential of meditation?

[046]Coffee with Dakota: Tarot and Shamanism – Do They Fit?

My question is, does tarot reading fit in to shamanism?

[045]Coffee with Dakota: Will I Lose Everything? Imprinting Your Quantum Field So You Don’t.

Will I get lucky and soon win money to help my situation or lose everything?

[044]Coffee with Dakota: I’ve Been Tortured since 1996!

How can I quickly overcome an issue which has been torturing me since 1996?

[043]Coffee with Dakota: Living into My Calling

I want to know how to deal with life when you don’t feel connected to your immediate family

[042]Coffee with Dakota: Did My Pain Kill my Son and Husband?

Am I responsible for the pain I passed down somewhat unconsciously that ended up killing my son and husband after sending them terrible negative perceptions of themselves for 30 years each?

[041]Coffee with Dakota: Connecting to our Ancestral Lineage

I have a question for you and would love to hear your thoughts: In the spiritual communities we speak about connecting with our past lives. Whilst I love to do that, we don’t seem to mention our ancestry. The reason I mention this is because recently I connected with my ancestors from many generations ago to discover more about their lives.

[040] Coffee with Dakota: Building a Medicine Wheel

Today's Coffee Question I would like to put a medicine wheel, fire pit, and alter on my property. However, the area I am thinking about is covered with poison ivy and other plants growing like crazy, two of which I have learned are invasive so I have no problem ripping them out. So, I guess I am wondering what my

[039] Coffee with Dakota: Why Can’t I Meditate??

Today's Coffee Question I want to meditate but I can't seem to quiet my mind and just be still. Thoughts are always racing through my head. I would love to know how to properly meditate and truly get something out of my meditation. Lindsay

[038]Coffee with Dakota: What is Happiness?

Today's Coffee Question Not world or people make you feel happy or unhappy, but your own thinking. So if we are truly looking for happiness we have to stop wasting our energy to change our bodies, place where we live, work, community, life style, personality. When we change that all things we still might feel unhappy. False believe is that

[037] Coffee with Dakota: Connecting with the Lineage of Your Past Lives

Today's Coffee Question Hello over there. I’m an old girl now 62 but I, had always felt a deep connection to your people. When I was child from 6 years I often cried in the morning when I realized it was in my bed in Denmark, because I had dreamt I was with my tribe. Can you see if it

[036]Coffee with Dakota: I Am Wholeheartedly, Passionately Burning to Break Through

Today's Coffee Question I have been on a path to spiritual ascension all my life. I have been surrounded by takers and I always just want to give. I have taken two reiki classes and one shaman. I realize you can't just take a class and be ready to give these gifts. I own a business and work full time,

[035] Coffee with Dakota: Walking the Path of Your Journey

Today's Coffee Question I don't have a question right now, but thank you for what you do & sharing. I'm looking forward to learning more as I start on my journey. Well, I think I've been on one all along, but am just now starting to realize it. Adina

[034] Coffee with Dakota: Letting Go of the “Stuff”

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota! Love to see your life's work evolving. My question is, " How do we let go of the things that no longer serve us?" All the best, Courtney {{ vc_btn: title=Rise+of+the+Phoenix+Meditation&style=custom&custom_background=%23deaf53&custom_text=%23ffffff&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-headphones&css_animation=none&button_block=true&add_icon=true& }}

[033] Coffee with Dakota: Releasing Energy through Meditation

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota I am grateful for this because I miss our work and visits in Charleston. How could I use meditation as a means to release old energies? Eve {{ vc_btn: title=Rise+of+the+Phoenix+Meditation&style=custom&custom_background=%23deaf53&custom_text=%23ffffff&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-headphones&css_animation=none&add_icon=true& }}{{ vc_btn: title=Dreaming+Our+Soul+Home+Course&style=custom&custom_background=%235f8896&custom_text=%23f6f6e8&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-fire&css_animation=none&add_icon=true& }}

[032] Coffee with Dakota: Respecting the Traditions of Natives

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota, I am Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), German, Norwegian, & Dane and mostly identify as Anishinaabe. SOME "traditionals" that live on the reservation look down at other people practicing/mixing with other religious/spiritual beliefs. Unfortunately, the old traditional ceremonies aren't being practiced. My dilemma is I want to practice traditional ways but all the respected spiritual leaders/healers have passed

[031] Coffee with Dakota: Deep Grief from Losing Your Twin Flame

Today's Coffee Question My twin flame took his own life almost a year ago and I have tried to let him go after much grief and become peaceful regarding the situation. I'm just not sure how to love again after such devastation. Erica

[030] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Shaman?

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota, my name is Gwynn. My friend recently started tapping into some Shamanic practices, and then I came across your guided shamanic meditations on YouTube. I'm so intrigued now and wondered if you would please tell me through your own words what shamanism is and how you help others through this form of practice? Thank you

[029]Coffee with Dakota: Help! I’m a jealous, compulsive boyfriend!

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota, I am a jealous compulsive and having lots of problems with my girlfriend. How can I control and cure that behavior? Thank You for all the help! Blessings! Gabriel

[028] Coffee with Dakota: Surrounded by Guides

Today's Coffee Question This is a comment regarding your response to Fantasia's question regarding experiencing our guides. During the video, your guides were swirling around you in the sunbeams shining through the trees...I could feel the upload of information coming in through your crown and up from the great Mother flowing out from your heart! Thank you for sharing your

[027]Coffee with Dakota: Creating the Perfect Meditation

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota, I have just discovered your site. I have a fantastic shaman coach and I am starting the journey of learning more about how I can be of service to people as I have energy that I believe is there to be used that way. I'd like to congratulate you on an amazing website. (I'm a Sales

[026] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Responsible for Someone Else’s Happiness?

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota, Is it possible to be compassionate with other people and still not feel overly responsible for their happiness? Thanks, Fran

[025] Coffee with Dakota: Re-Igniting Your Soul Fire

Today's Coffee Question Ok. I'm being sneaky and asking 2 questions! But they are kind of linked to each other so hoping that's ok, 🙂 Firstly what do you recommend to do for staying connected or spiritually focused when life is hectic and busy? I find myself slowly get disconnected from source and spirit as i get busier and busier until

[024] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Playing Too Small?

Today's Coffee Question Hi, my name is Victoria, and I live in Ashland, Oregon. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions through your Coffee with Dakota series. Your advice has been heartfelt and invaluable. My question for you: I am fifty years old. For the past twenty years, I have been exploring deeply in my Soul for how

[023] Coffee with Dakota: Handling the Twin Flame Energy

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota I would love to hear your perspective of Twin Flames right now...with the energies hitting the planet, etc. I am doing the work and feel I am in Union...although not in the most optimum arrangement. It is absolutely unconditional in both directions though 🙂 Rosanne

[022] Coffee with Dakota: How can I participate in Gaia Wisdom?

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota I would love to attend one of your weekend retreats , but unfortunately I live in Quebec Canada, Which is quite a distance for me to travel , but I am hoping you make it happen this year. My question is do you offer any workshops in Canada? I listen to your meditations on YouTube, and

[021] Coffee with Dakota: Deepening My Meditation Practice

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota "How can I deepen my level of meditation. Will I be able to go into a hypnotic trance or deep enough go Astral projection, or is that something entire different? Thanks, Robert

[020] Coffee with Dakota: Do I have any Spirit Guides?

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota Is it possible that I don't have any spirit guides? I have tried meditation to connect with them and feel like there is nothing there. I reach out and ask for their help but after several years of stressful/painful events I am left wondering if they exist in my life. Fantasia

[019] Coffee with Dakota: Ego vs. Spirit

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota I first want to thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I really enjoy them they are so helpful and informative. My question is how do you know the messages are true messages from your spirit guides or they are from your own thoughts feelings or needs. Not sure how else

[018] Coffee with Dakota: Following Your Passions

Today's Coffee Question Hey Dakota, Dakota, I would love to know more about how to move into empowerment and self-confidence to take the next step in life. My heart and soul cry, "Do it!" yet something holds me back each time. I am exploring what it might be like to nurture personal skills, the creative side and things of passion.

[017] Coffee with Dakota: Healing Relationships on the Etheric Level

Today's Coffee Question Dear Dakota, Thank you for your e-mail and kind interest. So about the subjects that I want to talk about...  I am interested in working/healing relationships. What can someone do to heal/nurture a relationship in an ethereal level ? (especially when there seems to be a lack of communication on the physical level). How can we realize

[016] Coffee with Dakota: Healing Emotional Pain

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota, Thank you very much for this opportunity! I have used (a.o.) your meditation of the medicine wheel to find the real source of emotional pains resurfacing in my life. I really managed to locate the sources in my very young childhood and was amazed by the result! Knowing where the emotions come from is a big

[015] Coffee with Dakota: Telepathy with Animals and People

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota, Thank you for asking this question. The first thing that come to my mind is to learn more about telepathic with animals or .... This can also be spirits or people who passed away. To learn how I can be more in tune. How can I open this channel. I have been meditating the last 20 year's

[014] Coffee with Dakota: Advice when it’s difficult to Meditate

Today's Coffee Question Hi Dakota, I'm a huge fan of your meditations and have been enjoying a different journey most evenings for over a year now. Recently I had to put my 15 year old dog to sleep and I've since been in transition between relocating overseas (and all that goes with an impending big lifestyle change). The past few

[013] Coffee with Dakota: Knowing When to Go …

Today's Coffee Question When do you know if you should get a divorce or try and work it out, when the both of you have been through so much in the past 9 years? Kristian Want to have coffee? What would we talk about? Sign up for our email list and get special discounts, promotions, and first views of the

[012] Coffee with Dakota: How do I finally find my path?

Today's Coffee Question If someone has asked, prayed, tried to listen and hear, for years and years, yet at the age of 60 still does not really know the path that is supposed to be hers/his -- what then . . . how does one finally ever "get" it?? Thank you, Lisle Enroll in this Soul Course to help Find

[011] Coffee with Dakota: How do we know we’ve met our Twin Flame?

In today’s Coffee with Dakota, we talk about twin flames and how to know if you have met yours.

[010] Coffee with Dakota: Why do we have a strong instinct to survive?

Today's Coffee Question "Hi Dakota! We have some pretty interesting conversations around our house, and I would ask your thoughts on this ........ Assuming we are multidimensional infinite beings (and I believe that to be true) Why are we born with such a strong instinct to survive, even when for so many of us there are times in this life

[009]Coffee with Dakota: Facing my fears and finding messages in this turmoil.

Today's Coffee Question Namaste Dakota, My question would be how to become aware of the unseen assistance and guidance we receive during this tumultuous time of ascension - with the extreme high energies and confusion surrounding us, we often become oblivious to the assistance that we are receiving.and constantly live our lives in fear and seemingly facing our fears alone

[008]Coffee with Dakota: Are you in a box much too small for the size of your spirit?

In today’s coffee session, Dakota talks about building confidence and realizing there is not a box big enough for the size of your spirit.

[007]Coffee with Dakota: Finding Purpose and Love

In today’s coffee session, Dakota talks about the four houses of sacred purpose and how to manifest the sacred relationship with your twin flame.

[006]Coffee with Dakota: Why is Meditation so Popular?

In today’s coffee, Dakota answers a question about meditation and why it is so prevalent now in our time.

[005]Coffee with Dakota: Compassionate Communication

In today’s coffee conversation, Dakota speaks about having the compassionate conversations with people with whom we disagree and how to honor one another as well as our differences.

[004]Coffee with Dakota: Dealing with Anxiety for me and my Daughter

In today’s coffee conversation, Dakota speaks about her own journey and also answers the question about what to do with anxiety both in self in children.

[003]Coffee with Dakota: Shamanism, Spirit Guides and Nature

In today’s coffee conversation, Dakota talks about spirit guides, shamanism, and how to deepen our connection with spirit.

[002]Coffee with Dakota: Help! I’m a Control Freak!

In today’s coffee conversations, Dakota discusses how to not be a control freak in your life but give into the power of spontaneity.

[001]Coffee with Dakota: Finding my Life Purpose

In today’s coffee conversation, Dakota talks about the path towards sacred purpose, and how to remain loyal to this path of higher purpose.



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