Soul Shaman Luminary Immersion

Soul Shaman Meditation Immersion

Embark on a unique journey within and beyond yourself with this immersive meditation experience.

Step into the spiritual realms to connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, & more. We’ll utilize powerful practices like breathwork and trance to get you there – allowing for shape-shifting & astral travel along the way. Awaken deeply rooted wisdom found in each of us through an unforgettable adventure filled with insight & discovery!

Visionary Meditation & Ritual Immersion

Take a deep dive into the Visionary Soul Archetype in this meditative journey through the East Direction. We will follow the sequence of Truth, finding the truth which resides deep within your soul and exploring the path towards your sacred purpose. We'll next enter the realm of Vibration and find ways to reconnect to our purpose. And finally, Perspective, which gives the space needed for integration, and clarity to begin nurturing the dream.

Contains 13 Meditations

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