21 Day Soul Recharge Challenge

Transform your life in just 21 days! Join a like-minded, inspired, motivated tribe for 21 days of recharging your soul and lightening your load.

This challenge will be run in a private Facebook group that you can join after you make your purchase here. Instructions for joining the private Facebook group can be found on your order once purchased.

The Soul Recharge Workbook

(The workbook is not included in this purchase. You may purchase it for an additional charge (optional) by going to our Amazon store to purchase.)

There is a corresponding 21 Day Soul Recharge Journal for this challenge available on Amazon. The journal is not required for participation, but it will have teachings that are not provided within the Facebook group. The journal has plenty of space for documenting your thoughts, results and overall experiences during this challenge.

You can find the journal here 21 Day Soul Recharge Journal


Module 1 Getting Started
Session 1 Companion Workbook
Session 2 Let It Go
Module 2 The Challenges
Session 1 01 Find the Joy
Session 2 02 Tree Speak
Session 3 03 Say What?
Session 4 04 Treasure Hunt
Session 5 05 Take Five
Session 6 06 Plain and Simple
Session 7 07 Repeat Ritual
Session 8 08 Soul Date
Session 9 09 Meat Free Day
Session 10 10 Signs
Session 11 11 Media Free Day
Session 12 12 Replacing Media
Session 13 13 Gratitude Attitude
Session 14 14 Yes? No?
Session 15 15 Be in Love
Session 16 16 Sacred Space
Session 17 17 Music to My Ears
Session 18 18 Kindness Matters
Session 19 19 Sealed with a Kiss
Session 20 20 Move It!
Session 21 21 Your Move
Session 22 22 Finally ....


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