In a world that often feels unsafe to open our hearts and feel freely, we often feel numb and isolated as a result. Some might say they don't have the time or the energy to invest in their emotional life. Others go through the experience of life without fully allowing themselves to feel. Grief, sorrow, hurts and pain are skimmed from the surface leaving us with the inability to also feel joy, love, happiness and passion. This course explores the world of living a heart centered life. You will learn tools to creating a sacred relationship, ways of embodying your inner beloved, and tools and spiritual practices to move you into a living a heart centered life. When we live from the heart, we allow our soul to come forth and reclaim it's power and sacred purpose. This course will allow you to look into your heart, peel back the layers, and find freedom to express this awakening in your everyday life.

Module 1 Living a Heart Centered Life
Session 1 Living a Heart Centered Life
Module 2 The Inner Beloved
Session 1 Finding Our Abandoned Soul
Module 3 Sacred Relationship
Session 1 Sacred Relationships
Module 4 Awakening the Heart
Session 1 This Sacred Life - Integration
Session 2 Course Evaluation


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