Do you want to know what’s beyond the veil?

Then join us for Cosmology of the Shamanic Realms, and discover how shamanic journeying can open up a portal to realms you never knew existed.

Shamans are considered to be experts in navigating non-ordinary reality, and their journey is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. The shamanic journey allows the practitioner to move outside of the normal three-dimensional world and enter an altered state which can facilitate a deep connection with spiritual realms, the ancestors, and even higher levels of consciousness. By journeying through these realms, the shaman can gain wisdom and insight that cannot be found in ordinary states of being. The shamanic journey can also provide clarity on physical or emotional imbalances, allowing the individual to understand how they can take steps toward healing.

Discover a fantastical world of healing and transformation through the Cosmology of the Shamanic Realms Master Class. From January 12th to February 23rd, this immersive program will introduce participants to powerful teachings on how to work with trance, access the Akashic Records, build relationships with power animals and spirit guides, and explore the three non-ordinary realms. Through engaging sessions and practice journeys, you’ll emerge with profound insights and an understanding of the shamanic realm.

During this transformative series, you will learn how to access and explore these sacred realms by learning how to become a successful shapeshifter. You’ll also gain insight into how to use trance techniques to work with your spirit guides, your power animal, and spirits from other worlds. Furthermore, you’ll gain an understanding of how each realm can be a powerful source of healing – both personally and collectively.

The true depth of insights you’ll gain from our course can only be seen when attending live classes; however, this series is designed for those who cannot make it in person by providing pre-recorded sessions as well as live practice sessions so that everyone can benefit from this amazing opportunity! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience; join us today!

Module 1 The Shaman's World
Session 1 Landscape of the Inner World
Session 2 Our Spirit Team
Session 3 The Shamanic Journey
Session 4 Lower World & Portals
Session 5 Working with Symbols
Session 6 Tools of Trance
Session 7 Upper World & Portals
Session 8 Exploring Your Akashic Records
Session 9 Middle World & Portals

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