Develop the tools of your Inner Shaman in this exploration of shamanic journeying, astral travel, shape-shifting and the non-ordinary realities. For thousands of years Shamans have travelled to other realities for healing, insights and wisdom, to gain a different perspective on this reality and to help their community. The Inner Shaman resides within all of us and we begin to explore this soulful experience, we unlock the potential for deep awakenings. This course will teach you tools that you can use to tap into that inner knowing.

Module 1 Dream World of the Shaman
Session 1 01-101 Dream World of the Shamans
Module 2 Awake in the Dream
Session 1 Awake in the Dream
Module 3 Traveling on the Exhale
Session 1 Traveling on the Exhale
Session 2 Types of Breathwork
Session 3 Breathwork Exercises
Module 4 Non-Ordinary Reality
Session 1 Non-Ordinary Reality
Module 5 Integration
Session 1 Integration
Session 2 Integration Part 2


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