Module 1 Sleep and Dream Architecture: Building a Strong Foundation for Dreamwork
Session 1 Anatomy of Sleep
Session 2 Types of Dreams
Session 3 Shamanic Dreaming
Session 4 Spontaneous Visions
Module 2 Shaping the Dreamscape through Ritual
Session 1 Sleep Hygiene
Session 2 Sleep & Dream Rituals
Session 3 Dream Recall
Session 4 Dream Incubation
Module 3 Tracking Dreams: Following the Trail to Inner Wisdom
Session 1 Evolution of Dream Interpretation
Session 2 Dream Decoding
Session 3 Tools for Interpretation
Session 4 Dream Work
Module 4 Dreaming in the Liminal Space
Session 1 Dream Re-Entry
Session 2 Shape Shifting & Astral Traveling
Module 5 Dreaming with Intent: The Art of Lucid Dreaming
Session 1 The Lucid Dreamer
Session 2 Lucid Dream Techniques
Session 3 The Esoteric Body
Module 6 The Akashic Records: Exploring the Pages of Our Soul Book
Session 1 Introduction to the Akashic Records
Session 2 Accessing the Akashic Records
Session 3 Exploring the Pages of the Soul Book
Session 4 Navigating the Akashic Records
Session 5 Integrating Akashic Insights
Session 6 Working with the Akashic Records

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