Module 1 Ether
Session 1 [GMC] Coming Alive
Session 2 [GMC] Connecting to Oneness
Session 3 [GMC] Elemental Infusion
Session 4 [GMC] Elemental Overture
Session 5 [GMC] Empowering the Soul
Session 6 [GMC] I Am Grateful
Session 7 [GMC] Gatekeepers of the Medicine Wheel
Session 8 [GMC] Grace
Session 9 [GMC] Journey to 4D
Session 10 [GMC] Journey to our Higher Self
Session 11 [GMC] Sacred Grove
Session 12 [GMC] The Wisdom Keeper
Module 2 Earth
Session 1 [GMC] Dream World of the Shaman
Session 2 [GMC] Going Within
Session 3 [GMC] Healing Our Ancestors
Session 4 [GMC] Inner Sanctuary
Session 5 [GMC] Inner Visions and Sacred Cord
Session 6 [GMC] Mystery of the Soul
Session 7 [GMC] Preparing Our Soul Garden
Session 8 [GMC] Reconnect with Our Soul Family
Session 9 [GMC] Traveling on the Soul Tree
Session 10 [GMC] Your Soul Book
Module 3 Air
Session 1 [GMC] Changing Perspective
Session 2 [GMC] Chaos to Harmony
Session 3 [GMC] Cleanse and Purify
Session 4 [GMC] Dream Seeds
Session 5 [GMC] From Ego to Soul
Session 6 [GMC] On Eagle's Wings
Session 7 [GMC] Remembering Our Future Self
Session 8 [GMC] The Seed
Session 9 [GMC] Transcending the Ego
Session 10 [GMC] Well of Wisdom
Session 11 [GMC] Traveling on the Exhale
Module 4 Water
Session 1 [GMC] Divine and Sacred Feminine
Session 2 [GMC] Earth Meets Water
Session 3 [GMC] Fire in the Belly
Session 4 [GMC] Marriage of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine
Session 5 [GMC] Prosperous Heart
Session 6 [GMC] Sacred within the Ordinary
Session 7 [GMC] The Healer Within
Session 8 [GMC] Waking up Your Inner Child
Session 9 [GMC] Twin Flames: Journey of a Thousand Lifetimes
Session 10 [GMC] Unfolding the Senses
Module 5 Fire
Session 1 [GMC] Finding Our Abandoned Soul
Session 2 [GMC] Forgiveness from the Heart
Session 3 [GMC] Freedom from the Distractions
Session 4 [GMC] Into the Womb
Session 5 [GMC] Meditation of the Equinox
Session 6 [GMC] Passing Through the Veil
Session 7 [GMC] Seasons of Change
Session 8 [GMC] Spirit of Place
Session 9 [GMC] The Seven Gates
Session 10 [GMC] Your Sacred Garden


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