Module 1 Purpose
Session 1 [GMC] Transforming Fear to Faith
Session 2 [GMC] Planting the Seeds of Life
Session 3 [GMC] Sacred Purpose
Session 4 [GMC] The Soul Walk
Session 5 [GMC] Envisioning Our Lives
Module 2 Stillness
Session 1 [GMC] Being With What Is
Session 2 [GMC] Revitalize and Cleanse
Session 3 [GMC] Deep Anchored Peace
Session 4 [GMC] Leaning on the Tree of Life
Module 3 Becoming
Session 1 [GMC] Taking Inventory
Session 2 [GMC] Seeking Clarity
Session 3 [GMC] Vision Quest for the Sacred Soul
Session 4 [GMC] Giving What We Have
Session 5 [GMC] Who Am I?
Module 4 Balance
Session 1 [GMC] Seven Sacred Pools
Session 2 [GMC] Power of Your Truth
Session 3 [GMC] Movement of the Chakras
Session 4 [GMC] Chakra Integration
Module 5 Love
Session 1 [GMC] Manifesting Love
Session 2 [GMC] Inner Beloved
Session 3 [GMC] Loving Unconditionally
Session 4 [GMC] Sacred Love
Module 6 Emotion
Session 1 [GMC] Alchemy of Anger
Session 2 [GMC] Weathering Life's Storms
Session 3 [GMC] Mending Emotions
Session 4 [GMC] Ignite Your Inner Fire
Session 5 [GMC] Rise of the Phoenix
Module 7 Earth
Session 1 [GMC] Earth Medicine
Session 2 [GMC] Earth Ancestors
Session 3 [GMC] Love of Gaia
Session 4 [GMC] Healing Gaia
Module 8 Emergence
Session 1 [GMC] The Dark Forest
Session 2 [GMC] Warrior and the Shadow
Session 3 [GMC] Shadow Spirits
Session 4 [GMC] Becoming the Alchemist
Module 9 Time
Session 1 [GMC] Exploring Past Lives
Session 2 [GMC] Bending Time
Session 3 [GMC] Dance of Time
Session 4 [GMC] The Other Path
Session 5 [GMC] By My Dying Side
Module 10 Ritual
Session 1 [GMC] Power Ritual
Session 2 [GMC] The Inipi
Session 3 [GMC] Sacred Space
Session 4 [GMC] Living Soul Words
Module 11 Connection
Session 1 [GMC] Deepening with Our Guides
Session 2 [GMC] Building the Community Altar
Session 3 [GMC] Sacred Contracts
Session 4 [GMC] Into the Faerie Garden
Module 12 Soul
Session 1 [GMC] Sound of Music
Session 2 [GMC] Opening the Sacred Heart
Session 3 [GMC] The Apple Tree - Opening the Heart Center
Session 4 [GMC] Creating Heaven on Earth


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