The Love Warrior Immersion - This Immersion has 3 “overtures” as we begin our journey into the South Direction with unearthing our Emotions through an exploration of our emotional body. We then move into the Relationship phase where we dive into the inner beloved and what we hold sacred. We end our journey by looking from a new Waking Up about our lives and how we go forward into living a heart-centered life.

Module 1 The Emotional Body
Session 1 Welcome Love Warrior
Session 2 Seven Sacred Pools
Session 3 Empowering the Soul
Session 4 The Alchemy of Anger
Session 5 Mending Emotions
Module 2 Relationships & Love
Session 1 Sacred Love
Session 2 Inner Beloved
Session 3 Reunite with Your Twin Flame
Session 4 Marriage of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine
Module 3 Waking Up
Session 1 Fire in the Belly
Session 2 Earth Meets Water
Session 3 Ignite Your Inner Fire
Session 4 Loving Unconditionally
Session 5 The Love of Gaia
Session 6 Waking Up Your Inner Child
Session 7 Immersion Closing


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