What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Are you living the life you have always dreamed of? Do you feel your Sacred Purpose permeates every aspect and layer of your life?

In this course we will define the differences between Sacred Purpose, Life Purpose and Vision. We'll take honest assessments of our life right now, and learn how to align it with our Sacred Purpose which has been the thread woven from lifetime to lifetime over the course of our soul's incarnation.

You'll learn the Four Houses of Sacred Purpose, and how to bring your life into balance. You'll learn how to navigate the obstacles, pitfalls and shadow pieces that keep us from stepping fully into our Sacred Purpose. And you'll learn how to create a more heart centered life and build sacred relationships.

Module 1 Living Into Your Greatness
Session 1 Defining Our Sacred Purpose
Session 2 The Four Houses
Session 3 A Vision for Our Sacred Purpose
Module 2 Making Changes
Session 1 Shadow Side of Sacred Purpose
Module 3 Soul Archetypes and Integration
Session 1 Discovering Your Soul Archetype
Session 2 Finding Abundance in Your Sacred Purpose
Session 3 Your Manifesto


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