The Soul Shaman Immersion: This immersion takes you deep within the core of your being and allows you to find your way back to the spiritual realms to work with your spirit guides, ancestors and to experience shape-shifting and astral travel. We'll use breathwork, and trance as our primary mode of transportation. In this Immersion, you will experience the three sequences of Connecting, Within, and Time.

Module 1 Connecting
Session 1 Welcome Soul Shaman!
Session 2 Going Within
Session 3 The Inipi
Session 4 Finding Your Power Animal
Session 5 Channeling the Divine
Session 6 Soul Recovery
Module 2 Within
Session 1 Soul Shaman
Session 2 Journey to Our Higher Self
Session 3 By My Dying Side
Session 4 Your Soul Book
Module 3 Time
Session 1 The Shape Shifter
Session 2 Bending Time
Session 3 The Dance of Time
Session 4 Who am I?
Session 5 Bringing it Together


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