Soul Shaman Meditation Immersion

Embark on a unique journey within and beyond yourself with this immersive meditation experience.

Step into the spiritual realms to connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, & more. We’ll utilize powerful practices like breathwork and trance to get you there – allowing for shape-shifting & astral travel along the way. Awaken deeply rooted wisdom found in each of us through an unforgettable adventure filled with insight & discovery!

Module 1 Connecting
Session 1 Getting Started
Session 2 Immersion: Going Within
Session 3 Immersion: The Inipi
Session 4 Immersion: Finding Your Power Animal
Session 5 Immersion: Channeling the Divine
Session 6 Immersion: Soul Recovery
Module 2 Within
Session 1 Immersion: Soul Shaman
Session 2 Immersion: Journey to Your Higher Self
Session 3 Immersion: By My Dying Side
Session 4 Immersion: Your Soul Book
Module 3 Time
Session 1 Immersion: The Shape Shifter
Session 2 Immersion: Bending Time
Session 3 Immersion: The Dance of Time
Session 4 Immersion: Who Am I?
Session 5 Immersion: Bringing it Together

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