Soul Warrior Training - Soul Shaman/North

The shaman lives within each of us, and through our spiritual path, we can uncover our spirit guides, past lives, soul themes, and lost soul fragments.

In a Soul Shaman session, we spend time inward and work with the spiritual realms, our spirit guides, and our higher self. The goal is to find our beingness in a place where we are not influenced by external factors. When we sit in silence, in stillness, and in the heart space where we are connected to the Source, we ask deep questions that can only be contemplated in this place. As a result, our inner wisdom emerges, and we step confidently into our power. We determine what is in our highest good, what seeds we want to plant in the direction of the East, and what we wish for our lives to be a reflection of. We utilize the power of ritual, soul retrieval, finding our inner shaman, and how to journey to the other side of the veil. This is where our spirit meets us in the nine weeks we are together. Dakota’s Medicine Wheel direction is powerful and deeply rooted, and one of his fan favorites. This is where we lay the groundwork for all other directions to follow.

The energy of the North
Spirit Guides and Power Animals
Finding Your Inner Shaman
Soul Recovery
Path of Presence
The Hero's Journey

Module 1 1
Session 1 Welcome to the Soul Shaman
Session 2 North Direction Energies
Module 2 1
Session 1 Story of Our Spirit Guides
Session 2 Finding Our Inner Shaman
Session 3 Recovering Our Connection
Session 4 Pilgrimage of the Shaman
Session 5 Path to Presence
Session 6 The Journey
Session 7 Ritual
Session 8 Hero's Journey
Session 9 Emergence

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