The Alchemist Immersion - This immersion takes you through a series of guided meditations, soul-inspired exercises, and insights to assist you in deep transformations, gratitude, forgiveness, and more. You will learn to work with your ancestors, retrieve parts of your lost soul and dive into a world of alchemy, manifestation, and abundance. This Immersion follows the three sequences of Excavation, Recovery, and the Rise.

Module 1 Excavation
Session 1 Alchemist Welcome
Session 2 Season of Change
Session 3 Reaping Our Harvest
Session 4 Sacred Space
Module 2 Recovery
Session 1 Forgiveness from the Heart
Session 2 Finding Our Abandoned Soul
Session 3 Soul Recovery
Session 4 Passing through the Veil
Session 5 Healing Our Ancestral Lineage
Module 3 The Rise
Session 1 Rise of the Phoenix
Session 2 The Warrior and the Shadow
Session 3 Shadow Spirits
Session 4 Transforming Fear to Faith
Session 5 I am Grateful


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