Do you have areas in your life you would like more clarity or guidance? Perhaps healing, or relationships, or feeling connected? For thousands of years, Shamans have journeyed to the Worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality to receive such healing and guidance. Using a trance state, a well-crafted intention, and with the assistance of our spirit guides, and power animals we can travel to these worlds which exist outside our ordinary world and receive our own guidance.

In ten days, you’ll learn all the components needed to safely and effectively take a Shamanic journey and begin implementing this powerful tool into your spiritual practice. Shamanism isn’t a religion, it’s a path and tool for direct revelation and therefore, can be used by anyone of any spiritual tradition or faith. Learning to journey properly and safely, will provide you a powerful tool for deep spiritual growth.

Module 1 The Shamanic Journey
Session 1 The Shamanic Journey
Module 2 The 3 Worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality
Session 1 Three Worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality
Module 3 The Lower World
Session 1 The Lower World
Module 4 The Upper World
Session 1 The Upper World
Module 5 The Middle World
Session 1 The Middle World
Module 6 Trance Tools
Session 1 Trance Tools
Module 7 Test Drive the Trance Vehicle
Session 1 Test Drive the Trance Vehicle
Module 8 Spirit Guides, Helping Spirits & Power Animals
Session 1 Spirit Guides, Power Animals & Helping Spirits
Module 9 Crafting Your Intention & Interpreting Your Journey
Session 1 Crafting Intentions, Interpreting Your Journey
Module 10 The Ritual of Creating Your Sacred Space
Session 1 The Ritual of Sacred Space


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