Take a deep dive into the Visionary Soul Archetype in this meditative journey through the East Direction. We will follow the sequence of Truth, finding the truth which resides deep within your soul and exploring the path towards your sacred purpose. We'll next enter the realm of Vibration and find ways to reconnect to our purpose. And finally, Perspective, which gives the space needed for integration, and clarity to begin nurturing the dream.

Contains 13 Meditations

Module 1 Truth
Session 1 Welcome Visionary
Session 2 Preparing Our Soul Garden
Session 3 Taking Inventory
Session 4 Envisioning Our Lives
Session 5 Ego to Soul
Session 6 Sacred Purpose
Module 2 Vibration
Session 1 Transcending the Ego
Session 2 The Sound of Music
Session 3 Living Soul Words
Session 4 The Seed
Module 3 Perspective
Session 1 Opening the Sacred Heart
Session 2 The Integration
Session 3 Vision Quest for the Sacred Soul
Session 4 Seeking Clarity


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