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Rise of the Phoenix

Length: 29:37
Rise of the Phoenix is a shamanic guided meditation that allows you transformation and rebirth. We make a conscious, and deliberate decision as to who we birth ourselves into being.  What do we need to have more in our life? Who do we hope to become and be? What do we need to experience more? In this guided meditation you will step into the fire and transform yourself through the alchemy of fire, burning off all that no longer serves you and emerging as the mythical and powerful Phoenix.

The Inipi


The Inipi – This Shamanic Guided Meditation offers you a chance to rebirth yourself through the ancient purification ceremonies which are extremely transforming.  This virtual sweat lodge will purify, cleanse, and offer you a chance to rebirth yourself in a new way and more profound way. Dakota takes you through a virtual Inipi (Sweat Lodge) ceremony, using traditional Lakota Inipi songs and sound effects to enhance your experience.  Along with a powerful intention of assisting you in this time of purification, this journey will become a powerful tool for you to return to again and again.  With the layered sounds, the guidance of Dakota, and your intention, this Shamanic Guided Meditation is almost as real as the real thing.

Take the 10-Day Authenticity Challenge

Authenticity Challenge 21 Day

Our gift to you is 10 days of meaningful “challenges” that help you to live a more authentic life. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a daily challenge, soul inquiry, reflection questions, and wisdom. You can view an example of Day 01 below.

Soul Inquiry

Soul Inquiry

Use the following as a prompt for journaling, meditation, conversation, or contemplation.

What dream(s) have you abandoned? Why?

Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge

Incorporate this challenge into your day today. Be creative, present, and open to what comes to you!

Talk to at least one person you were close with when you were growing up about what they witnessed that you loved doing as a child and possibly even expressed as a dream.

Daily Reflection

Daily Reflection

Sometime before entering Dreamtime, take 5-10 minutes to consider this reflection:

Is there a way for you to breathe life back into this dream? How would that look? What would it feel like to be living in it? What tiny step can you make in the coming weeks to begin living this dream?

Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

Why this challenge leads to authenticity?

We often give up our dreams in pursuit of following the advice of others or to remain “safe” from failure, or we have lost faith in ourselves. By revisiting the dreams we once had, we begin to unearth the passions lurking from inside.

More Guided Shamanic Meditation by Dakota

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