Soul Recharge
21 Day Challenge

Do you often feel sluggish? Exhausted? Lack of joy in your life? Take this 21 day journey to revitalize and recharge your soul. You will have 21 challenges that will give you tools for bringing more energy and clarity into your life. Each challenge comes with a teaching, and space to record your experiences. You will be challenged to give up a few of your habits or actions in your life which drain you, while also being given solid tools for creating a new backdrop in your life which ultimately will lead you to a more fulfilling life.You can join this challenge or another live, or follow this journal on your own, or use this journal as an added tool during our live event.

Cultivating a Grateful Heart
21 Day Challenge

In just 21 days, you can begin to form new, healthy habits for living a more authentic and joyful life. This 21 day challenge brings you into a full body experience of living and being in gratitude. This is not like your ordinary gratitude journal. Each day has a Cultivation Exercise, an act of creating more space in your heart for gratitude and joy followed by a Contemplation question where you can explore and reflect on your day and life to see how your experiences have shaped you. Dakota Earth Cloud Walker has created a multitude of 21 Day Challenges to help people live more fully, and with greater awareness. This Challenge is the most popular with people experiencing significant changes in their life as a result of participating in these exercises.


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