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You’ll receive an email with the results of your Energy Assessment Test. You will always have 3 results for each direction – Balanced, Deficient, and Excess. Energy is constantly flowing from one direction to another and various situations will cause a deficiency while others may cause an excess. It is a dance we do within the Wheel. In the Mentorship, we strive to create more balance in each of the directions but we focus more on the awareness of how the energy is moving. We work on being more aware of what causes what and in that awareness, we gain more control and understanding in our life. The video below will explain a little more about your findings.

If you would like to receive the PDF file explaining the areas that need your attention and have a better understanding of your results along with the next best steps, you can order your Energy Assessment Full Report by clicking here (please include in the notes of the order, your name and email address used when filling out this form.)

The video below is one we offer the Mentorship students to add clarity to the EA test. I’ve added it here but keep in mind, I am referencing the Energy Assessment Report which all Mentorship students receive. You can order your own EA Report by clicking here.


Do you know your Soul Archetype™?

If you haven’t taken the Soul Archetype™ quiz yet, you may want to so that your results of the Energy Assessment test make a bit more sense to you. We navigate our lives primarily through our dominant Soul Archetype™, when we understand this aspect of ourselves, we can see how better to express and learn, grow and love, be and work in this world. Take the test by clicking the button below.

Take the Soul Archetype Test

What Next?

Here are some programs you may find of value in balancing the energy of the Medicine Wheel and learning more about your Soul Archetype™.

Learn More about the Shamanic Mentorship

Energy Assessment Reading

Receive a comprehensive packet explaining the results of your Energy Assessment test. You can see your results on a chart which shows you the percentages per direction. We will also categorize your answers into the columns they fall within so you can look for patterns and ways in which they interrelate with one another. (here is an example to show


Light Seeker Mentorship

Our Light Seeker Mentorship is the core curriculum of the Gaia Shamanic Mentorship but without the weekly live workshops or community access. The Light Seeker track is is a way for people to do the work of the Medicine Wheel still, but in your own time, at your pace.


Soul Warrior Training

The Wisdom Keeper track for the Gaia Shamanic Mentorship is a year-long journey going through all four cardinal directions of the Medicine Wheel. It’s a powerful, and profound, life-changing program that gives you the healing, and tools needed for living a heart-centered, authentic, and passionate life.


Soul Warrior Training – 6 Month Track

Join the Soul Warrior Training for 6-Months (two directions).



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