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In Celtic Spirituality, the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel is associated with the element of air and represents new beginnings, clarity, vision, and inspiration. It is the place of the rising sun and symbolizes the birth of new possibilities. The East is also the direction of communication, both with others and with the divine. It is a place where we can speak our truth and be heard, and where we can listen to the messages of the universe.


Through meditation and reflection, we can connect with the energy of the East and gain clarity on our path in life. We can realize our dreams and bring them into manifestation through the power of intention and focused attention. The East is also a place of inspiration and inspired action, where we can tap into our imagination and bring new ideas and projects to life.


As we connect with the energy of the East, we can cultivate the qualities of clarity, focus, and determination that will help us to manifest our deepest desires. By aligning with this direction of the Medicine Wheel, we can tap into the power of the air element and bring new life and energy to our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Meditation teacher, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker, guides people to connect with the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel to help them find clarity, inspiration, and manifest their dreams.

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