Exploring the Full Spectrum of Our Soul

By Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Before birth, we not only choose our parents but also choose our life situations and challenges to facilitate spiritual growth and atone for previous karma for our continued evolution on a soul level. Karma means action, work, or deed and refers to the principle of causality through which the intent and actions of individual influences their future. Through discovering who we have been we can come into greater connection with who we are right now and how our present life is serving our soul progress.

In previous lifetimes, we have experienced many different names, forms, and have lived in many previous lives. Ultimately, we are all infinite consciousness evolving together. Connecting with our past lives allows us to fully process emotional information and to integrate experiences that we went through in previous incarnations that may be echoing forward and impacting our current reality physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Exploring our past lives gives us a key to interpreting the map of who were are as an eternal being.

By looking at the patterns and situations that manifest themselves in our current reality and examining our fears and our affinities, we can discover the experiences, emotions, and infrastructure that we may be carrying forward with us from previous lifetimes and we can begin to understand more deeply why we entered our current reality as who we are now. As we begin to heal and remember aspects of our past selves, we are able to access the skills, gifts, and experience from those past lives. We understand more deeply who we are and how to embody our intentions and accomplish our goals, what our intention is for being in this life, in this body with the situations we are manifesting around us.

By engaging with our past lives in a way that assists us in transmuting karma rather than allowing our past to determine the perspective and reality in which we find ourselves, we can magnify the potential for soul growth within our current lifetime by shifting into a higher frequency of vibration and increasing our ability to manifest healed and desired outcomes in the present.

Exploring the full spectrum of who we allow us to navigate our current reality with intention. It is imperative to know what our life mission is in order to find fulfillment and to contribute to the collective evolution of all that is, in the way that feels most satisfying to us. Our past lives offer us a personal education on how we may better fully stand in our power as multidimensional beings while existing in this physical plane.

How Is A Past Life Influencing You Now?

Four Ways to Explore Past Lives

Skills & Abilities

Everyone has something that they do especially well, something that comes easily and naturally to them. Gifts you have developed in past lives carry over into your present life just like karma does! Take a look at what your gifts are. What are you “a natural” at doing? It’s likely that this is a skill brought with you from previous lifetimes. Many doctors and nurses had previous lifetimes as healers. Many artists have honed their abilities throughout time. Look at your natural gifts and you will find clues as to who you have been before!

Deja Vu

Déjà vu is the feeling that we have been somewhere or done something before. There are well documented cases of children who have returned to the homes and families of their most recent past life. These children always know extremely intimate details about their former homes and family members. These were often details that the children would have had no way of knowing – unless they had been there in a past life as they claim. The classic work on the déjà vu phenomenon is “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” by Dr. Ian Stevenson.


Sometimes our fears just don’t seem to come “from” anywhere. We can’t trace them back to a specific event in our lives… so where do they originate? Trauma is trauma and our souls desire to heal. What was too painful to cope with in one life can be worked on as a life-lesson in another. These fears can travel with us throughout time in the hopes of eventually being dealt with and resolved. Phobias can be the result of trauma in a past life that is asking for healing resolution in the present.

Love at First Sight

The theory and beliefs of reincarnation teach that people tend to be reborn with the same souls, again and again. It has become almost a cliche – the notion of “Haven’t we met before – perhaps in another life?” But it isn’t just a line. Often, we are attracted to souls that we recognize, even though we rarely remember from where. “Love at first sight” has been described as reincarnated mates finding each other once more.

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

I want to suck the marrow out of life. I have always been curious, so much so that at times in my life it may have actually landed me in trouble! I write, speak, and teach from my heart. I love the work I do, and the blessing of each soul I encounter. Finding ways to educate, inspire, and help others on their spiritual journey is my life purpose.

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Exploring Past Lives

Guided Shamanic Meditation

Length: 33:43

Our past lives can shed a lot of light on our current life. We can better understand what karma, lessons, and life themes we bring from other lifetimes. We find a way to mend the hurts and karma we’ve accumulated in previous lives so that we clean the slate for this lifetime.


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