Giving Grace

By Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

As humans, we often torment ourselves. We easily slip into the “victim” mode and trudge through our miseries alone or with little to no help. And yet, all around us are opportunities and people who are willing to share grace with us, to offer us kindness, service, support, and love.

We are flawed humans, but grace comes to us anyway. We are loved even when we have harmed or forgotten who we are. We are forgiven by many, even when we have wronged or hurt them.

And just as grace falls into our hands, we also give grace to others.  We forgive the unforgivable acts.  We offer help even when the receiver has hurt or harmed us. We offer because, deep down, we know we are each connected. We know deep down that we have walked the same path and needed the same forgiveness or help. We know deep down, we are not that different from one another.

Grace also comes without attachments. We help because it’s the right thing to do and because it contributes to the more abundant goodness of humanity. When we can offer some kindness to those around us and expect nothing in return, we move into the heart-centered space where our egos are in the silent backdrop and no longer the major influencer.

Five Ways to Share & Accept Grace

Surrender the Need for Control

So many of us want to “control” the outcome and plan of every little thing in our lives. Giving up the need for control allows us to lay down our defenses and to accept help as it is offered. See yourself as a team player within humanity, and each of you is needed for the outcome to be achieved.

Volunteer Your Time

Find someplace where you can give of yourself without the expectation of anything in return. If there is a change you would like to see in the world, then find a way to contribute to making that change. If you desire to end world hunger, then volunteer at a soup kitchen.  If you wish to see the end of animal cruelty, then perhaps volunteering at your local humane society or animal rescue organization would be the best way for you to serve. Whatever it is, when you give of your time and energy, you are bringing more grace into the world.

Forgive the Unforgivable

If there is someone in your life, you have had a hard time forgiving because whatever they did has been hard for you to overcome, revisit the idea of forgiveness. Sometimes by changing your perspective and seeing your connection to the person, to see their vulnerabilities and weakness’, can help you to surrender your need for holding onto the anger.

Be Aware of Victim Mode

Become more aware of the times you fall into the “victim” mode and give your power away. When we allow ourselves to be a victim, we not only shut down our ability to give grace, but we also throw up a wall which repels grace. Being a victim denies our ability to see our part in a situation and therefore denies us a chance to heal it.


This is an incredibly difficult one I’ve had to surrender to over the past year. Most of my life, I have tried to be self-sufficient, not asking for help when I have needed it. In the past two years, I have finally begun asking and accepting the help and grace that others have offered and given. When we ask for what we need, we give others a chance to practice giving grace. We open the door to building closer relationships, and we become the team players who make massive shifts within humanity.

Begin today by accepting grace and allowing it to flow freely from your spirit. Offer your heart to the world, and watch your world begin to flourish.

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

I want to suck the marrow out of life. I have always been curious, so much so that at times in my life it may have actually landed me in trouble! I write, speak, and teach from my heart. I love the work I do, and the blessing of each soul I encounter. Finding ways to educate, inspire, and help others on their spiritual journey is my life purpose.

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Giving What We Have

Guided Shamanic Meditation

Length: 43:55

Wayne Dyer said, “You cannot give to others that which you do not have inside, become an instrument of love”. Sometimes we forget how powerful, grounded, creative, loving, authentic, and connected we are. During this guided meditation Dakota leads you through each chakra one at a time, to unearth the good and wonderful pieces of ourselves and envision how we can bring that into the world around you.


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