Gaia Wisdom Affiliate Program

Gaia Wisdom School’s primary focus is reaching souls far and wide and assisting them in their soul discovery, empowerment, and deep healing. Our philosophy has always been that to be of service, and to change the world, we must do the inner work, so we are a reflection of the world we wish to live.

As a spiritual and soul-filled organization, we offer hundreds of guided shamanic meditations, online courses, mentorship courses and more for you to promote and share with your friends, and community. Every time you share our content, you will receive a revenue commission for all sales generated from your tracking link.

We want to expand our reach and at the same time, assist you in building and growing your business by sharing the life-changing, soul supporting content generated in our Soul Shop.

Want to join the Gaia Tribe? Become a partner!


Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Partnership


You’ll receive a commission for every sale made in our Soul Shop that has been linked to your referral link.  With our variety of content and quantity of content, you will have opportunities to earn money each month.

Trusted Tracking

We provide third-party tracking, reporting, and monthly payments through WPAffiliate. Your affiliate links will track your referral for 2 days and any purchases they make in the Soul Shop will be reflected in your reports.

Creative Assets

We make it easy for you to share our content. Drop a link into your dashboard to create your personalized referral link or use one of our assets to embed on your own site. There are multiple ways to share the word.

How Affiliate Partnerships Work

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You are motivated and inspired by the work Dakota and Gaia Wisdom are doing and want to share it with your peeps! You decide to become an affiliate and share the products on Gaia's site with your friends, clients, social media and more. (Hint: Hover over the hearts for more information!)
Once you're an affiliate, you get a special dashboard where you can create your own affiliate links to any product you wish to promote (or the entire site). You then share your affiliate link with others through social media, or put our ad on your website, or send out to your email list, or tell your clients and friends about us.
When someone uses your link to visit our website, your link has your cookie embedded in it. And because you are a good, wise soul, you share your cookies with everyone! Your cookie is very unique, so we know it is YOUR cookie.
Your peeps fall in love with all the offerings and fill their shopping cart with meditations, courses, and they enroll in the Mentorship and the Meditation Club.
When your peep has successfully purchased all the items in their cart, your cookie is attached to their purchase so we know you are the one we get to thank!
All of your cookies are tracked and you can sign in at any time to see how your cookies are converting and how much affiliate commission you are making. We have all kinds of nerdy stats for you if you are into that kind of thing.
Your peep is now meditating, and digging into their soul and making great changes in their life, all because of you and your cookie! (Cookies make people happy too!)
At the end of the month, we tally up all your affiliate commissions and send your earnings (or you can use it as store credit!)to you via PayPal.

The Gaia Commission Rates

Commissions are calculated per month and reset at the start of each month. You can earn a commission anytime someone uses your personal link to buy meditations, online courses, enrollment to the Mentorship or any downloadable product in our Soul Shop.

For guided meditations, your commission can be anywhere between $1.23 to $1.98 per meditation. Soul courses can range between $3.29 all the way to $16 per course. Enrollment to the mentorship could earn you a commission of $50 or $160.

An example of earnings, this recent order paid our Affiliate $76.90.

Ready to Join Us?

We’d love to have you join our team of affiliates. Click on the button below to submit an application. Upon review, our team will determine if you are a good match with Gaia Wisdom School and get you started. Please read our terms and conditions.



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