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The Ripple Project

Each week, I am blessed to spend time with a global crowd through Insight Timer where I offer about 1.5 hours of free teaching. In exchange, this tribe donates money where I then select an organization doing good work in the world where we can donate the money towards. This is the highlight of my week to be able to continue the ripple this energy carries.

If you would like to donate to our mission, please click the button below. All money goes directly to the organization we have chosen for the current week.

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This Week’s Ripple Project

United Help Ukraine

Gaia Tribe Donation: March 03, 2022 – accepting donations now

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Animal Welfare

Gaia Tribe Donation: May 04, 2021 – $120


Through engagement with policymakers, scientists, industry, and the public, AWI seeks to:

  • Abolish factory farms, support high-welfare family farms, and achieve humane slaughter for animals raised for food;
  • Improve the housing and handling of animals in research, and encourage the development and implementation of alternatives to experimentation on live animals;
  • End the use of steel-jaw leghold traps and reform other brutal methods of capturing and killing wildlife;
  • Preserve species threatened with extinction, and protect wildlife from harmful exploitation and destruction of critical habitat;
  • Protect companion animals from cruelty and violence, including appalling conditions in commercial trade; and
  • Prevent injury and death of animals caused by harsh transport conditions.

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National Forest Foundation

Gaia Tribe Donation: Apr 28, 2021 – $275

The National Forest Foundation is the leading organization inspiring personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests, the centerpiece of America’s public lands. Working on behalf of the American public, the NFF leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation. We believe these lands, and all they provide, are an American treasure and are vital to the health of our communities. The challenges facing our National Forests and Grasslands are immense and complicated. But we believe that the power of communities and collaboration can, and will, prove capable of meeting these challenges. Our work these past decades has proven this true time and again. We hope you’ll join us in fulfilling our mission to care for these treasured landscapes.

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Clan Mothers

Gaia Tribe Donation: Apr 15, 2021 – $100

Clan Mothers is committed to the creation of a contemporary, sustainable Healing Village governed by a distinctive Indigenous council. Our Healing Village will provide mid-term to long-term support to women who have been victims of multi-generational systemic trauma, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking to help them begin their healing journey.

The heart and spirit of the Village is the resurgence of Indigenous methodologies and world views to heal the most important beings in communities across Canada, the mothers, and daughters of the next generation.

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Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Gaia Tribe Donation: Apr 12, 2021 – $77.55

Through our Drop-in Center, the Ohio GSA Network, education and training courses, and housing and wellness programs, KYC supports THOUSANDS each year in Ohio. We work in partnership with our youth, and together are building safer and more affirming environments for everyone in our schools and community. Your support ensures this empowering work continues! Belonging means having a community you can count on. Especially when you need it most. That might mean a supportive ear to listen to, a warm meal, the space to breathe, or access to other resources like computers, art supplies, etc. Or maybe, all of the above. It’s all here for wherever you stand.

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Spirit Awakening

Gaia Tribe Donation: Apr 01, 2021 – $112

Spirit Awakening is an arts-based nonprofit dedicated to helping underserved youth and children in the juvenile justice system realize their value and self-worth. Since 1995 we have been teaching the unheard the power of positive and productive expression through creative writing, visual arts, improvisation, and meditation.

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Emerge Global

Gaia Tribe Donation: Mar 25, 2021 – $50

At Emerge, we invest in strong girls, girls who we know will rock the boat and fight for a better future. Emerge works with girls who have survived abuse, often in their own families, and have had the courage to speak out, to work to protect their younger sisters, and to create a safe reality for their own children.

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Gaia Tribe Donation: Mar 25, 2021 – $60

p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.

We admire every homeless youth’s intelligence and capacity for humor and love in the face of great adversity.

On any given day in Portland, there are hundreds of homeless youth on the street. For the individuals affected, homelessness is personally devastating. For our community, the financial and opportunity costs are infinite. Together, we can create solutions. We can effect lasting, systemic change.

At p:ear, our work starts with the realities of today. It ends when young people find and embrace tomorrow. Our beauty—our core essence—is in everything in between. It’s in the kids, their daily experience, their struggles, and triumphs. It’s in their journey.

We believe that together, we can change lives.

We know it’s possible. How? Our p:ear youth show us every day. At p:ear, we meet today’s needs. We offer love, build trust, and create hope. And then, through mentorship and experience, we support youth on their journey to tomorrow.

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Waoresist Amazon Frontlines

Gaia Tribe Donation: Mar 11, 2021 – $150 

The Waorani have protected their way of life and forest from oil drilling and demonstrated in court that the Ecuadorian government violated indigenous rights across the Amazon. There are 7 million acres of indigenous territory still on the auction block, and it’s going to take a global movement to force the Ecuadorian government to abandon their plans to sell the Amazon to oil companies.

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Glen Helen Raptor Center

Gaia Tribe Donation: Mar 09, 2021 – $100 (adopted Lil, a snowy owl)

Funding for the Glen Helen Raptor Center is provided through visitor donations, raptor sponsorships, and program fees.  We are not financially supported by State or Federal funds therefore we depend on your support to continue our important work. When you sponsor one of our resident raptors, you not only help us provide ongoing care for our educational ambassadors, but you also help provide the specialized care needed by sick, injured, or orphaned birds undergoing care in our rehabilitation facility.

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Gaia Tribe Donation: Mar 03, 2021 – $50 (adopted Sedona, the Raven)

VINS’ mission is to motivate individuals and communities to care for the environment through education, research, and avian wildlife rehabilitation.

Our programs and services engage and instill in people of all backgrounds a desire to care for the wildlife and diverse natural habitats they encounter in their daily lives.

We offer relevant environmental education programs for adults, families, and school children; partner with leading conservation organizations to promote environmental science field research, and operate New England’s premier avian wildlife rehabilitation clinic at the Nature Center.

VINS has been a leader in environmental education and wildlife conservation and care since 1972. We are known nationally for innovative natural science curricula and education programs for learners of all ages.

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Raptor, Inc.

Gaia Tribe Donation: Feb. 17, 2021 – $75

RAPTOR Inc.’s mission includes cultivating respect for nature in our community and educating the public about the importance of raptors in the environment. Our trained educators and avian ambassadors deliver over 350 public educational presentations each year. We offer a variety of programs and all of our programs can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

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First Nations Development Institute

Gaia Tribe Donation: Feb. 03, 2021 – $100

Our mission is to strengthen American Indian economies to support healthy Native communities. We invest in and create innovative institutions and models that strengthen asset control and support economic development for American Indian people and their communities.

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