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About Meditation?

Meditation is essential to our well being, I believe anyway. It’s a moment(s) to take a time out, to reflect, process, gather, be and refuel. In our modern world, we are going non-stop. Most of us have an enormous amount of responsibility, busy schedules, long “to-do” lists, people who are pulling at our energy and demanding time and attention. Our jobs, relationships, environment, etc. begin to take a toll on us and we feel a bit haggard.

Meditation can help ease that strain by giving us a respite and time to sit with our own inner calling. We deepen the connection to our Spirit Guides, to the Great Mystery (God, Awen, Universe or whichever word fits for you) and to our Higher Self. This time spent in the solitude of our heart and space gives us the fuel needed to process our lives and the experiences we are having. We become more present with what is, and gain more clarity on the direction for our lives.

Discipline is one of the largest obstacles to creating a consistent and life altering practice of meditation. So often folks tell me that they begin to meditate but then give it up because they lack the focus, or they can’t empty their mind, or they don’t have time, and on and on. The excuses run long when trying to explain away why meditation isn’t working for them.

The truth is, most people meditate incorrectly for their Soul Archetype™ and that leads to frustration, self defeating talk, and ultimately abandonment of a practice that could richly change their lives if only they understood this one key factor.

For many years I have taught people how to meditate as well as teach folks the different styles of meditation based on their Soul Archetype™. Once one begins changing the style of their meditation to match the nature of their spirit, meditation then becomes easy, it becomes necessary to the soul – a tool that is not so easily abandoned now, and therefor a discipline begins to form. With this discipline and new relationship with meditating, your life begins to feel easier and more congruent.

It is my hope that the Gaia Wisdom Meditation Club can become a tool for you to practice this discipline of meditation. To give you  meditations that will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of self, to a deeper connection with Spirit, to a more focused and clear view of your life and aspirations, and connect you to the environment around you.

Are you ready?


Soul Archetypes™ and Meditation

The Medicine Wheel has five major Soul Archetypes™ and although we embody a bit of all of the Soul Archetypes™, we will have one Soul Archetype™ that is our primary or strongest influence. It determines how we show up, how we view the world, how we relate to others, how we receive and give love, and even how we may communicate. It also determines what type of meditation practice is suited best for us.

In the traditional sense, meditation has long been thought of as sitting in stillness, in quiet contemplation and emptying the mind. It is largely believed that we must enter a state of emptiness and mindfulness. When a Sacred Heart Warrior or a Soul Shaman try this type of meditation they are often left frustrated. They may get antsy, can’t sit still – the mind wanders and they find themselves feeling more agitated by the meditation and at the end, they feel they have failed because they were unable to empty the mind. A few meditations like this and it’s a no wonder that one abandons the idea of meditating!

Below are the 4 cardinal Soul Archetypes™ and the meditation practices that are most aligned with them. I have not included the Wisdom Keeper Soul Archetype™ because Wisdom Keepers are have their energy in all the directions of the Medicine Wheel so they really will do well with any type of practice. The obstacle for Wisdom Keepers is knowing what they need at the moment they are in – sometimes the choices can be overwhelming so it’s more about knowing “what do I need right now?”

Which meditation style works with your Soul Archetype™?


Shaman Mantras
I Am
Silent Retreat
Deep Breath/Pranayama

Sacred Heart Warrior

Shamanic Breathwork
Trance Dance
Loving Kindness
Singing Bowl/Gong Bath
Heart Opening
Guided Meditation


Soul Recovery
Ecstatic Posture
Tai Chi
Plant Medicine

Soul Shaman

Shamanic Journeying
Astral Travel
Deep Contemplation
Shamanic Breathwork
Guided Meditation
Deep Prayer
Soul Tracking
Plant Medicine

What is the Gaia Meditation Club?

About the Meditation Club

The Journeys

The outline for the meditations is curated by themes. When you enroll in the Meditation Club, you will receive access immediately to the first meditation of the first theme and will progress through the themes as long as you are enrolled in the Meditation Club.

The guided journeys range from utilizing breathwork, visualization, shamanic journeying, guided meditation, music, connecting to nature, and more. With the variety of topics and types of meditations, all the Soul Archetypes will be satisfied.  Most themes have four guided meditations, some will have five. All meditations are curated by Dakota personally.

The Community

Once you become a member you’ll be added to our Private Facebook Group where you can engage in healthy, soul-filled conversations about the journeys, and your soul experiences. Our community tends to be a fan favorite because there is so much aliveness and a sense of safety and nurturing giving you a safe place to land and grow.

The Discipline

With our busy lives and overcommitted schedules, it’s great to have a club where you can come as needed to do your meditation and engage in the community. You’ll be reminded of your next meditation as it is released, making it a simple reminder to take time out for you.

About Dakota Earth Cloud

Yep, that’s me up there in the middle of a labyrinth in the pouring rain in San Francisco, California. I’ve been guiding meditations for longer than I even truthfully remember. I used to love to take people on my “stories” and guide them through the landscape and heart space that I could so vividly see in my mind’s eye. Nearly all my recorded meditations are done in single takes, meaning there is no editing or fluff. I don’t do robo voices, or read from a script. I like organic things. I like for it to be real, and in the moment. In this way the meditations tend to be guided by something bigger than me. Very often I don’t know where a journey will lead until I am in it and nearly done. So perhaps I am merely the narrator for a much larger spirit than myself!

Aside from being a Meditation Coach, I also teach Shamanic Studies and am largely invested in our Mentorship program which is a personal/soul development course based on the Medicine Wheel. You’ll meet some of the Mentorship folks on the Meditation Club as that is one of the perks of being in the Mentorship is access to this club.

My inspiration comes from so many sources – life itself, human observations, connections to nature, moments of splendor as well as moments of exquisite pain. I am humbled to be here now, and to be able to offer you something that I feel will help you in some way. If nothing else, these meditations will help you sleep better! (I’m cheaper than Ambien!) 🙂


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