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Want to help change someone else’s life? So many people would benefit greatly from this Mentorship program and yet are not in a place where they can afford it. Because of folks like you, we have set up a scholarship fund to help people enroll in the Mentorship and, often times as a result of, completely change their life. This step up encourages, and empowers someone to find that power within themselves and revolutionize their life.

I appreciate your generosity and love that you extend towards your fellow humans by your donation. At the start of each session, Gaia Wisdom School will apply all scholarship funds to enroll as many as we are able. I select recipients of the scholarship based on the following criteria:

  • Is there a verifiable need?
  • Do they have possess a true desire for change in their life?
  • Are they willing to put in the effort and energy into the Mentorship?
  • Do they exhibit or are willing to “pay it forward” by giving back of their time, energy, love to others?
  • Have they been “nominated” by someone as a recipient?

If you know someone who would benefit from a scholarship, you can nominate them by clicking here. Each nomination is carefully reviewed by a team of thoughtful, open-hearted people who’s desire is to select someone who not only needs it but will seize the opportunity to create the best life possible for them.

Help us reach our goal of $7777
for our current Scholarship Funds.

Scholarship Funds Raised

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