Shaman Shorts

These are short videos I created while traveling across the USA, illustrating in real life the ways we can integrate, appreciate, observe, and utilize the energies around us every day.

Soul Teachings

Over the years, I’ve offered several mini-workshops and these are the results of those. Immerse yourself into the Medicine Wheel directions, Shamanic Journeying, and more.

Coffee with Dakota

The CWD series capture my responses to your questions. Questions submitted over the years are thoughtfully answered from a shamanic point of view and offers you a different viewpoint.


Soul Archetype

We carry within us an energetic make-up that can be distinguished by the energy present in the Directions of the Medicine Wheel. Take this quiz to learn your Soul Archetype.

Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Soul Family?

We meet people in life who “get us”  but how do we know if they are our TF, soul mate, or soul family? Take this quiz to discover the type of relationship you have.

Energy Assessment

Our personal Medicine Wheel is comprised of deficient, excess, and balanced energy in all directions. Take this quiz and discover how your energy is placed within your wheel.

Meditations & More


Stream several meditations and get a feel for how I present guided meditations. My meditations aren’t like others and if you aren’t familiar with my work, this is a good taste test.

Enchanted Gaia

We all need more magic in life, to feel hope again and joy. I began writing this story (still in progress) to instill a sense of magic while also instilling deep teachings for walking this path.

Shamans Journal

Read articles and short teachings I’ve shared over the years. Included in these are also the Porch Stories I started when I was interviewing people along my journey.

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