Land of Enchanted Gaia – (01) The Map

The ordinary world had become dull, and the people had lost their magic. Join the twins, Alwyn and Rowan as they search for the Land of Enchanted Gaia to bring home the magic and sense of joy once more to their bleak world. Their adventures through the 13 kingdoms of the Land of Enchanted Gaia will keep you enthralled.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (02) Grandpa’s Compass

Alwyn and Rowan heed the calling of their late Grandfather’s compass that seems to have magical powers of it’s own as it leads them to a magnificent portal to the Land of Enchanted Gaia.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (03) Silver Sage Meadow

Alwyn and Rowan follow the trail to Silver Sage Meadow where they discover the land of plant allies and teachers and are met by a luminous Deva who shows them more of why they are here and who they are.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (04) Apple Tree & The Seed

The twins discover the teachings of Silver Sage Meadow and travel across the meadow to a portal that leads them to the next kingdom along their quest for magic.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (05) Firefly Thicket

Small beacons of light lead the way for Alwyn and Rowan as they stumble into Firefly Thicket and find a fantastical elf lingering under a Yew tree and are inspired by the magic they find within.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (06) Willow Creek

The twins seek comfort and rest under a Willow tree and find the truest meanings of friendship and companionship as they commune with the helping spirits.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (07) Willow’s Boat

Alwyn and Rowan are aided by the community of helping spirits to help build a boat that will take them down the Luminary River where they will face their greatest challenges.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (08) Luminary River

As the twins travel the Luminary River in the Willow Boat, they encounter some of their greatest challenges and must overcome their fears to find their way to their next kingdom.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (09) Dragon Falls

The village of Dragon Falls invites the twins to experience the passions of the villagers’ endeavors. They take the lessons from Willow and help a man who has lost his way and the three of them discover the magic and healing qualities of Dragon Falls.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (10) Wild Oak Grove

If the twins were to find magic, surely it would be in the Wild Oak Grove among the Druids, Witches, and Warlocks. Alwyn and Rowan join the fire circle and discover the luminous magic inside them.

Land of Enchanted Gaia – (11) Heartache

Sometimes the loneliness takes over and one must take stock of what they have within themselves.

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