You've Met a Member of Your Soul Family!

Looks like you’ve met your someone from your Soul Family! This is the kind of relationship that feels like your most comfortable pair of worn jeans that you never want to part with because they feel so comfy, and so YOU.  These peeps are for keeps! You’ve likely traveled many lifetimes together and in many lifetimes, you come together to help support one another along your path. Your Soul Family accepts you as you are, flaws and all. They love you despite your shortcomings, and you do the same for them.

Below are a few things to consider once you have met your Soul Family …

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    Avoid the Romance

    When we encounter people with whom we have a strong spiritual connection, it’s often a knee jerk reaction to want to make these relationships sexual or romantic. It’s the ego’s way of “understanding” the strong connection. In general, you don’t want to enter into a romantic relationship with someone from your Soul Family. These relationships are intense, and the bond isn’t about a sexual connection, and yet a sexual relationship will jeopardize the soul family aspect.

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    Sacred Familiarity

    When you meet someone from your Soul Family, it’s a bit like ‘coming home’ and feeling as if you’ve known each other all your life. You have. When I was traveling the USA for a year, I met a woman in Prunedale, California who I had this connection with. I knew she was a part of my soul family, she felt the same.  While most friendships develop over years, these relationships often happen spontaneously and the level of depth happens equally as fast.

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    Unconditional Love

    Your Soul Family are people of all walks of life, all genders, ages, backgrounds, races, etc. Souls see other souls, not the body bag we’ve chosen in this lifetime. One of the markers of a soul family member is that despite the differences, you love each other unconditionally. And sometimes, your soul family comes to you to help provide you the needed healing and evolution you need in this lifetime. My Dad was a part of my Soul Family, and he was my greatest antagonist in this lifetime and, within the same breath, one of my greatest teachers. Honor the contracts, and when needed, change the contract.

Music for You and Your Soul Family

Music is a powerful conduit for emotions, feelings, and connecting. These are some songs and artists who really speak to the connection between Soul Family Members.

Emma Stevens – Dreaming Trees

SYML – Hurt for Me & Where’s My Love

SYML – Rising Upside Down & Fear of Water

Tom Odell – Another Love

Kodaline – Love Like This

Keaton Henson – You

Rhodes – Your Soul

Ben Howard – Promise

Aquillo – So Close to Magic

Willamette Stone – Heart Like Yours

Cloves – Don’t Forget About Me

Banners – Ghosts

Sia – Breathe Me

Oh Wonder – All We Do


Meditations for Working with Your Soul Family

More on Soul Family

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