You've Met Your Soul Mate!

Looks like you’ve met your Soul Mate! This is a beautiful relationship to walk through life with, someone who gets you, who honors and respects you, and who loves you unconditionally. Soul Mates are the chocolate to life, they give us reason to live and be the best version of ourselves.

Below are a few things to consider about your Soul Mate relationships …

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    More than One

    Unlike Twin Flames where you will only have one twin flame, you can have many soul mates. Your mom, grandfather, best friend, even your beloved pet can each be a soul mate of yours. Soul Mates are not bound to romantic relationships.

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    Elements to Soul Mates

    The relationship to your Soul Mate is pretty dang special. For starters, you see this person as your very best friend and there is a level of respect and love that you have for one another that doesn’t come so easily with others. You often have similar dreams and visions and support each other unconditionally in realizing them. While you will often challenge each other, you fight tooth and nail for one another and for the relationship. Your soul mate brings out the best in you, allowing for vulnerability and authenticity to be the cornerstone of your relationship.

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    Your intuition with your Soul Mate is usually off the charts. You can “hear” each other’s thoughts, you feel each other even a hundred or thousand miles away. If you have experienced jealousy in previous relationships, you won’t with your soul mate. There isn’t a threat in taking solo time apart, or even in pursuing different dreams. With the intuitive connection, there is always a thread back to your soul mate.

Music for You and Your Soul Mate

Music is a powerful conduit for emotions, feelings, and connecting. These are some songs and artists who really speak to the connection between Soul Mates.

Melissa Ethridge – I’ve Loved You Before/ A Sacred Heart/ The Wanting of You

Thea Gilmore – Coming Back to You

Enigma – Mea Culpa/ Gravity of Love / Principles of Lust

SYML – Hurt for Me/Better/ Rising Upside Down

Banners – Ghost

Oh Wonder – All We Do

Bon Iver – Holocene

Florence & the Machine – Seven Devils

Aqualung, Kina Grannis – To the Wonder

Meditations for Sacred Love

More on Soul Mates

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