You've Met Your Twin Flame!

Looks like you’ve met your Twin Flame! This can be both a beautiful blessing and a curse! Twin Flame relationships are extremely intense and deep. Often you’ll meet your TF when you least expect it but once you do, there is no turning back. You can’t “un-know” what you now know. Twin Flame relationships have a unique set of challenges that come with the territory. It’s not always easy, but if you can navigate this uncharted land with an open heart, a generous amount of patience, a healthy dose of looking beyond the box, and a whole lotta love then it will be well worth the journey.

Below are a few things to consider once you know who your Twin Flame is.

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    Common Spiritual Plane

    For twin flames to thrive (and they do!), you must both be at a similar spiritual place. If you aren’t, those spiritual differences will manifest in anguish and ego-laden attributes such as jealousy, sabotage, co-dependency, and more. If you feel you are not at the same place as one another, focus on YOUR inner work. Keep striving to live the best version of you, and when the time is right, it will be right for you both.

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    Another common challenge to twin flames is availability. So often I see TF’s meet one another only for one or both to be married or involved in another relationship. This can cause a lot of pain and hurt feelings for all those involved. It again comes back to taking care of yourself, and if needed and desired, clear your path in an honorable way and with integrity.

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    Together but Separate

    There are several TF’s who meet but geographically live in very different places. One of the most immediate qualities I noticed after meeting my TF was our ability to feel and know, even at a distance, what the other was experiencing. One day I was not feeling well, and I got a phone call from my TF asking if I was okay. Other times we’d wake up simultaneously at the same time in the middle of the night. You’ll find it helpful to have a “code” between the two of you. For us, when we had a “hit” where we could feel the other, we would text three dots to one another – a simple … and that would be our code for “I feel ya!” Find ways to bridge the gap while you are apart.

Music for Twin Flames

Music is a powerful conduit for emotions, feelings, and connecting. These are some songs and artists who really speak to the connection between Twin Flames.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Melissa Etheridge – I’ve Loved You Before

Susie Suh – Nearly every single song she has ever made, she clearly met her Twin Flame!

Amethystium – Shadowlands

Moya Brennan – I Will Find You

Alison Krauss – That Kind of Love

Catherine Papworth – Without You/I Will Wait

Zero 7 – Somersault

Tristan Prettyman – Say Anything & Simple As It Should Be

Bread – Everything I Own

Lucy Neville – Fall at Your Feet


Meditations for Twin Flames

More on Twin Flames

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