The Person You've Tested isn't a Soul Mate, Twin Flame, or Soul Family

Looks like you’ve met your someone who doesn’t fall into any of the categories of Soul Mate, Soul Family, or a Twin Flame. Don’t fret though.  If you haven’t attracted those relationships into your life yet, it may just mean it’s time for you to focus more on the relationship to yourself. This is the most important relationship of any because it will dictate how others perceive and treat you. Healthy, strong self-love will become a magnet for the others to find you. So let’s spend some time nurturing the YOU that is YOU. Fall in love with yourself first … the rest will come.


Below are some things to consider when nurturing your inner being …

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    Is it Selfish?

    No! Quite the opposite. It’s more selfish to put yourself last because in doing so, you are not being authentic or living YOUR life. When we tend to the care of our soul, we feel better and by feeling better, we do better and we expect less from others. We remove ourselves from victimhood and instead create a space in which we and others can be celebrated.

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    Soul Dates

    I love Soul Dates, it’s quality time by yourself feeding your soul. It isn’t a time to run errands, or hang out with friends, or do things for other people. Soul Dates are chunks of time dedicated purely to feed your soul. No one else is to accompany you (otherwise your time is spent compromising your needs and desires), you aren’t to “do” for others because that would mean you were spending energy not gathering it. I love to go hiking, or kayaking on my soul dates, or go to a movie and dinner solo. Create this date on a routine basis.

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    Your Inner Beloved

    Your Inner Beloved is both your inner child and your higher self. This is the part of you that connects above and below. Forging this relationship, and offering unconditional love becomes a powerful conduit for becoming a channel of spirit but also in living a more heart-centered life.

Music for the Inner Beloved

Music is a powerful conduit for emotions, feelings, and connecting. These are some songs and artists who really speak to the connection for the Inner Beloved and Empowerment.

Katy Perry – Rise/ Firework / Roar

India Arie & Bonnie Raitt – I Choose

Bonnie Raitt – Sweet Forgiveness

The Piano Guys – Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman

Quiles & Cloud – Shake Me Now

Brook Medicine Eagle – Children of Earth & Sun

Passenger – Scare Away the Dark

Meditations for Working with Your Inner Beloved

More on the Inner Beloved

[007] Coffee with Dakota: Finding Purpose and Love

The 2 most important subjects I’d like to see you talking about and giving advice and hopefully, meditation are how we can achieve our dreams especially regarding career/business area, how to materialize them more easily and immediately, with less pain, suffering and without the long wait. The other very important subject it’s how to materialize/live the love relationship we desire with our true soulmate/ twin flame, how to meet the person, and have a commitment on both sides and engage in a wonderful, respectful loving happy relationship? In today’s coffee session, Dakota talks about the four houses of sacred purpose and how to manifest the sacred relationship with your twin flame.


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