Gaia Wisdom Shamanic Mentorship

Learn and Explore at Your Pace

The Gaia Wisdom Shamanic Mentorship is separated into 4 sessions, one for each direction/season. We open enrollment 4 times a year January, March, June, and September. The course is entirely online and as long as you have an internet connection, you can take the course.

Learn About Each Session Below

  • Each session runs for 9 weeks (see the sessions below for details on individual sessions)
  • Each session includes 9 guided, shamanic meditations that coincide with the specific session you are enrolled in.
  • You will also have 3 Bonus Meditations to begin immediately upon enrolling.
  • Each week you will have teaching and soul work units opened for you to explore. Some weeks you may have one of each while other weeks there are 2-3 units.
  • Each lesson has a written packet on a particular topic, and soul work to allow you to go deeper and to integrate into your life.
  • We have a weekly 1.5-hour work-shopping and integration call. We’ll discuss the week’s work, answer questions, and have exercises to strengthen what you are learning. (All calls are recorded if you miss it). Calls are on Thursday’s at 3 pm & 7 pm EST.
  • You will be enrolled in the Introduction to the Medicine Wheel course and will have immediate access to this course upon enrollment.
  • You receive a comprehensive Energy Assessment Tool which tracks your soul growth from one direction to the next.
  • You will also have access to the vault of resources, additional recommendations.
  • Wisdom Keeper (year long) enrollees will receive 4 additional courses; Dreaming Our Soul Home, Sacred Purpose: The Divine Plan; Awakening the Sacred Heart; and Nuts & Bolts to Shamanic Journeying.
  • Wisdom Keepers are also enrolled in our Gaia Meditation Club, receiving a weekly guided meditation.
  • Wisdom Keepers have a live workshop once monthly where participants learn how to bring all the energies of each direction together to live a more integrated life and to take the teachings to apply them to real-world scenarios.
  • As a Mentorship student, you will receive a significant discount on all meditation purchases.

The Sessions

Each season we journey around the Medicine Wheel to a new Direction. You can hop on at any Direction and join the Mentorship for a season, or go all in and join the year-long program to find deep balance and transformation in your life. It is such a blending of energies and each direction is tied into the others in an intricate and beautiful way. Click on any session below to learn more about that direction’s course work, meditations, and tools offered.

alchemist Shamanic Mentorship, Gaia Wisdom School

Next Session: September 26 – November 21, 2019

Soul Shaman Shamanic Mentorship

Next Session: January 09 – March 05, 2020

Visionary Shamanic Mentorship Gaia Wisdom School

Next Session: March 26 – May 21, 2020

Sacred Heart Warrior Shamanic Mentorship - Gaia Wisdom School

Next Session: June 25 – August 20, 2020

Walking the Shamanic Path

What is the Shaman’s Path?

Most often, we associate Shamans with elders within indigenous cultures who might wear masks and dance to the tribe’s drumbeat while they journey to other worlds to help heal those in the tribe who are sick. In historical context, this is true. Shamans were the healers and seers for the tribe.

In the modern day where we live today, we have become severely cut off from the old ways and more disconcerting, cut off from our own deep wisdom. Technology has replaced our connection to nature, ego and materialism punctuates a state of fear and want that is hard to dismantle, addictions keep us numbed out, and for most, there is not a tribal shaman with whom we can seek  healing.

For those of us who have kept the old ways alive in our soul, we have found our way back to the shamanic path. A path where we are deeply connected within our soul to the divine source. We walk deliberately, and with attention and intention. We strive to be authentic, truthful, curious, and our own healer. We step into our power and manifest our lives in a beautiful and abundant way that is reflective of our core.

Walking the Shamanic Path takes courage, patience, mindfulness, openness, and a willingness to no longer play small but to stand up and claim your spot as a warrior for the old ways, to be a change maker and an advocate for expansion and love. 

Medicine Wheel Training

“The Medicine Wheel is a powerful container for organizing our lives, for gaining greater perspective, and for working with the energy of the directions to find harmony and balance. It is by far, the most powerful tool in navigating the Shaman’s Path.” Dakota


Using the Medicine Wheel for Healing

Like Shamanism, the Medicine Wheel spans our historical records for thousands of years. Stone circles, similar to the Native American Medicine Wheel, were long used for healing, ritual, and ceremony.

The Medicine Wheel is the foundation of the Gaia Wisdom Shamanic Mentorship. It provides a powerful container to gain better perspective and understanding of various situations in our lives. When you begin walking the Wheel, you carry with you the energy and power from the Directions of the Medicine Wheel. Learning how to use these energies as allies, you gain more control over your own path.

The Medicine Wheel is divided into 7 directions. The 4 cardinal directions are North, South, East, and West. You also have the Center/Space Within an Father Sky and Mother Earth. Once we have learned how to use the Medicine Wheel as a tool, we are able to stand in the Center/ Space Within and pull the energy as needed from the various directions. We can intuitively know what we need to gain more of, or let go in order to find harmony and balance.

There are many avenues and tools out there, yet the program here is something that I connect with for so many reasons, and the mediation experiences are so profound! Just from my own experience I could not imagine that someone would not take anything from this course so 100% I would.

Christina, Mentorship Student
United States


Walking the Shamanic Path

Is this Shamanic Training for Me?

The short answer, yes.

How do I know if I need this program?

There are “markers” in our lives to show us when we are living our soul’s purpose, or not. If you can answer the following statements with a resounding Yes! then this program would help you stay on that course. If you cannot answer yes to most, then this program will help you find your shamanic voice and path.

  • I am deeply connected to my spiritual path and know definitively what I believe and why.
  • I have a strong relationship with my spirit guides, higher self, and source.
  • I love myself completely and fully and actively do things to take care of myself.
  • My relationships to others are sacred, conscious, and connected.
  • I am surrounded by love, joy, and I feel balanced in all areas of my life.
  • I have found my sacred purpose in work and love the job I have.
  • I speak with confidence, with compassion, and with thoughtfulness.
  • I have a healthy self-esteem but am aware of my ego.
  • I tell myself loving thoughts and kind words, I dwell in the present moment.
  • I communicate clearly, and consciously.
  • I am creative, vibrant, and intuitive.
  • I spend quality time in nature, connecting to the elements and to nature.
  • I feel nurtured by the space I live in, it reflects my personality and spirituality.
  • I allow my emotions to be felt fully, not repressing them or allowing them to overcome me.
  • I eat healthy, nutritious meals and take care of my physical well being.
  • I am the healthiest person I know.
  • I have forgiven those in my life who have wronged me, including myself.
  • I practice daily gratitude and acts of kindness.
  • I have a daily spiritual practice that sustains me.

That is a healthy list of items that we all aspire to master in our one life here. In the Gaia Wisdom Shamanic Mentorship, we methodically go through each direction and balance the energy and in doing so, we hit every single thing on the list above.

I wanted to say, you are a wonderful mentor and friend. The teachings you give us are priceless.  Last year I was skeptic in the beginning, of how peoples lives changed, but now I can only encourage that, because my life has changed too. All in a positive way, even with the losses and challenges in life, the way we feel and go through this. Thank you Dakota

Valérie, Mentorship Student

Who Will Benefit From this Shamanic Training:

Sometimes the word “shamanic” can conjure up images of someone putting on face paint, dancing around the fire and chanting. And while you are welcome to do all that, this program is really about improving your life and living more consciously.

This program is for you if you:

  • have a desire to live more fully
  • want to deepen your current path to add more tools
  • are open to change and growth
  • are willing to show up and take risks
  • have done previous personal development work and emotional maturity
  • are self-motivated in doing the course work


Who WON’T benefit from this program:

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • want someone to give you all the answers
  • want someone else to “fix” or heal you
  • have not done any prior work emotionally or spiritually
  • have a desire to “fix” or heal others
  • aren’t ready for significant change in your life


The transformation in one year is crazy. You learn so much and grow so much in a year. I have done other work before to develop myself but because this is in so many levels, it gives the best result.

Freja, Mentorship Student

Shamanic Mentorship Training

A Global Community

The Gaia Wisdom Shamanic Mentorship began 3 years ago and since then, we have had nearly 13 countries represented. The diversity of the community is rich and flavorful, creating beautiful connections, conversations, and opportunities for each person to learn something from someone in another part of the world.

We meet via video conferencing (Zoom) once a week during the sessions. These calls are recorded so you may watch at your own convenience if you are unable to attend one or any of the calls. (Although we hope you get to join us live!). The coursework can be done at your own pace or you can follow the guidelines set forth for each week.

We also have a robust community forum (Slack Platform) that enables us to have live chat, private messaging, and a place to share resources, questions, and more.

In addition to all this, you have a portal within the website which contains all your coursework, resources, meditations, and more. 

“For anyone considering joining the Mentorship whatever your expectations are, they probably won’t be met, they’ll be exceeded beyond whatever you thought possible. You just can’t anticipate what you are going to learn and what will unfold for you with this kind of work. It is the most supportive environment I have ever witnessed.”

Kirsten, Charleston – Wisdom Keeper Mentorship Student

Common Questions
(and Answers)

Absolutely! We record all the calls so you can watch the replay and even if you do join live, you can still watch the replay! They usually appear in the hub the day after the call. We have the live calls on Thursday’s at 11 am and 7 pm EST. After the calls, there is community time for those who wish to stay on and chat and get to know your fellow travelers.



In some cases, refunds are granted to those who have taken the course, who sincerely put effort into the program but were not satisfied. Completion of the course material and a live call with a Gaia Team member will assess whether you are eligible for a refund. Refunds are not offered to those who simply did not have time, or did not put effort into taking the course.

Registration is limited to a small group of people to ensure the intimacy of the group setting and learning environment. Often people are turned down because the course is full and we do not accept late registrations. Because of this, we do not offer refunds to those who signed up then simply decided not to continue without effort.

If you truly do not have time to invest in the program, half of the tuition you have paid may be applied towards the next direction when it begins.

We offer a 2 part payment plan for the single session units. To apply for a payment plan for the year long program, you must pay $497 up front and the remaining difference can then be split into 6 payments of $195.

Coupon codes and discounts do not apply to payment plans.

We recommend putting the payment on a credit card so you can easily make payments that are convenient for you as well as not have the added surcharge that comes with each payment plan.

We are not offering scholarships at this time for anyone who has not been in the program.

We do, occasionally, offer scholarships to people who have enrolled and shown their commitment to doing the work and would like to continue but financially are not able to. We feel that there needs to be an invested energy in doing the work, to showing up, and being a part of the community. Most often, scholarships are given to those who are least expecting but who we have observed could use a hand up.

If you would like to contribute to a scholarship for someone who fits this criteria, we would love it! Any amount helps … You can make a donation in the soul shop under scholarships.

I have found that the less you know, the more you’ll get. The beginners mind is the best place to gain the most growth. You aren’t looking at things through a preconceived notion of how you think it should be, or dismissing anything because you’ve “already done it”. I believe fully that as long as you have a curiosity, a desire for something more in your life, and an openness to do some soul work then this course will be perfect for you.

And … if you have been on this path for as long as you can remember and wondering if this course is the same as the others, I would challenge you to step back into the beginners mind and find your sense of curiosity again. You will also gain much from this course.

If you were a kid that wanted to live every moment outdoors, or if you believed whole heartedly in fairies and nature spirits, then most likely this program will resonate with your soul. I take a blend of Shamanic work and Druidry (one of the oldest religions in the world), we get real with ourselves and learn ways to be connected to all that is.

You don’t have to be a Druid, or a Christian, or Jewish … the Medicine Wheel is a container that fits YOU and all your parts. It’s a framework for which you bring the contents of your soul and learn how to navigate your way back to the most authentic you. It allows you to deepen your relationship to God/Source in whatever way feels right to you personally.

When you break down the cost of the Mentorship, it comes out to about $41 per week. Even less if you sign up as a Wisdom Keeper ($30 per week). I don’t know about you but 2 lunches out and a cup of coffee and I’ve already spent that amount. The program is priced in a way that it is competitive compared to programs that are similar (far less than most actually) and yet, enough that you have skin in the game and I’m compensated for the time and energy from me and my staff.  We put a lot of work into creating a sacred space for you to work, we are constantly improving the program and making sure you have what you need. For this reason alone, it will never be offered for free.

I have many, many, many offerings out there that I have given for free (and continue to produce for free) – meditations, courses, shaman shorts, coffee with Dakota sessions, quarterly workshops. The internet is not void of freebies from me!

If you are unable to enroll at this time, I encourage you to find all my free stuff and eat it up. And find ways in your budget where you can begin saving so you can spend the money on your own soul growth. It’s hard to splurge on ourselves, I get that totally. But once you do, you commit and once you commit, your life changes. And that’s what you are paying for – a life change.

So if this is your sticking point right now then do this … for the next 12 weeks, tuck $41 a week away somewhere, and by the next enrollment, you’ll be ready!


People don’t need to be saved, or rescued. They just need access to soul tools, (perhaps long forgotten), that allow them to rediscover exactly how powerful, brilliant, and authentic they are. To learn how to heal past wounds or blocks that keep them tethered to an unhappy life. To be challenged in a way that is both honoring, enlightening and transformative. This is my Sacred Purpose, this is my soul calling – to assist others to step up and find their soul’s purpose so they can help influence the world in their own beautiful way.”

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

About Dakota Earth Cloud

In the nearly 30 years that I have taught personal development and spiritual courses, the Medicine Wheel is by far the most powerful tool I have ever worked with.

When I began building Gaia Wisdom School, I had a very strong intention of helping people to find their power, to rise into their full potential and to offer folks tools they can use every single day and in every single moment – to inspire folks to become and embody their sacred purpose, not just give it lip service or to constantly be struggling to obtain it.

In my working life I hold many titles and certificates – Shamanic Minister, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Master Ritualist, Trance Dance Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher and Mom to a trio of beautiful 4 legged teachers. I wear many hats ranging from nomadic Shaman, Horse whisperer, business owner and entrepreneur, avid kayaker and adventure seeker, and tech queen.

I’ve trained with remarkable teachers including one of the last living Hopi Medicine Men, Shamans in Ireland, and Arizona. I’ve studied exclusively with Dr. Ted Baroody, the founder of Holographic Health. I’ve studied with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids based out of Wales. But the greatest teacher I’ve ever found are the students who come with a deep desire to face the wounds, blast through the fear, walk through the fires, stand firmly as they embark on living the best life possible and to live deeply and suck the marrow out of life. I am constantly inspired, and humbled.

I feel fortunate to be here today, to be living this life, to be with these brave students of life, and to be witness to so many incredible hero’s journeys.

I could tell you more, talking about myself is NOT one of my strong suits. So if you want more, click here.




Fun, Interesting Facts About Dakota

  • Traveled 33,243 miles last year on an epic road adventure
  • Serious rock hound
  • 65th Great Grandfather founded Scotland
  • Worked as a professional river guide in Utah
  • Been known as a horse whisperer
  • Have a 30 year ongoing love affair with coffee
  • Have owned and operated my own business for 30 years (hence the coffee affair)
  • Used to be a web designer “for fun”, and still am …
  • Had a pet deer, Buddha, that I raised from day one
  • Was a Massage Therapist to many stars and professional athletes
  • You’ll never catch me wearing pink
  • Have no tolerance for bullying
  • I’ve had nearly 2 million people listen to my meditations
  • Co-own/operate the business Grow Your Greatness with Sherrie and Lee-Ann


The Gaia Team
Team Gaia - Sherrie

Sherrie Wirth

Business Manager & Admin

Sherrie and Dakota met in 2016 at a business conference in Los Angeles. The connection was instant and the creative energy was immediately overflowing. Sherrie joined Team Gaia shortly after and assists with all business aspects of growing Gaia Wisdom School. Her passion is getting Dakota’s message out to as many soul travelers as possible. She helped implement the Coffee With Dakota series and the Shaman Short series – who knows what will pop up next? One thing is certain…nothing is ever stagnant so stay tuned! Sherrie also joined the Mentorship Program and has been traveling the Wheel for 2 years now. Feel free to private message her if you have any questions about the program or just want to talk.

Team Gaia - Lee Ann

Lee-Ann Connors

Support & Tech

Lee-Ann joined the Mentorship 2 years ago as a student and last year joined the “behind the scenes” team to assist with tech issues, quality control, and too many other things to list here. She has been nicknamed “Eagle Eye” for her ability to catch anything that needs fixing! Lee-Ann wasn’t always in the tech/QA field. She has also sold popcorn at the movies, been a chambermaid, call center rep which ultimately led to her path into the tech field. She also started a Holiday Gift Giving project for a local homeless shelter, she has always had a big heart for small kids.

Navi Dog

Security, Humor, Therapist

Navi joined Team Gaia in August, 2018 after being found and rescued from a small shelter in Vernal, Utah. She has since then, become the team mascot and has her own website coming soon. Navi, an American Coon Hound, loves squirrels and any critter smaller than her. She is well trained in hide and seek, sit, and stay. She loves belly rubs, other dogs, yogurt, and me. She recently is joined with her brother, Raven and sister, Issie. They are currently working on their 3 stooges act.

Fun, Interesting Facts about Sherrie

  • Lover of nature
  • Serial entrepreneur (since a kid)
  • Software developer
  • Passion is helping others see their potential
  • Super power of pulling someone’s story out of them
  • Can seriously geek out on biz ideas
  • Mom to a beautiful 15 year old son
  • Graphic Designer, creating presentations used in courts
  • Adjunct professor at University of Texas Law School


Fun, Interesting Facts About Lee Ann

  • Avid collector of crystals
  • Celebrates birthday’s with Mickey
  • Makes bath salts and bug sprays for fun
  • Can spot a typo 5 miles away
  • Taller than most people think
  • Hates avocados
  • Been in tech industry 25+ years
  • Has a thick Boston accent
  • Only child who read a book a day
  • Named after Lee Petty and Leeroy Yarbrough
  • Wanted to teach Kindergarten
  • Loves water

Fun, Interesting Facts about Navi

  • Can spin spectacular circles before dinner
  • Loves kids
  • Has bones buried in various parts of the USA
  • Ears so long they get wet every time she drinks
  • Loves coffee
  • Sleeps with arms straight up in air
  • Fastest dog in every dog park visited
  • Can squeak a toy for 10 minutes non stop
  • Can speak her own language
  • Will soon have her own website (
  • Loves to hold hands (paws)
  • Is an Instagram star with Puck, her best friend



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