Luminary Pathways

How to Build Your Own Mentorship Soul Path


There are a variety of ways in which you can participate in the Gaia Wisdom Mentorship, allowing you to create a unique path of soul healing tailored to your needs.

    1. Individual Courses** – Each course can be purchased as a stand-alone option. If you choose to enroll in a course that offers Live Sessions, you will be able to take part in the live sessions.


    1. Memberships – There are four levels of membership available to choose from, regardless of your budget. All memberships come with access to the Earth Clan Tribe.


    1. By Session or By Year – Purchasing a membership provides you with the option of signing up for a single session (3 months) or a full year (12 months). The courses and sessions will follow the directions of the Medicine Wheel, providing you with insight into the direction we are currently in.


**Earth Clan Tribe is not included when purchasing individual courses.

Luminary Core Courses

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with the Medicine Wheel Luminary Path.

Each direction provides powerful courses to empower you in your life, from exploring trance states in the North direction to focusing energy on relationships in the South or creating sacred space in the West.

You have ultimate freedom and flexibility – either purchase individual sessions for each direction at every turn or build a Luminary Path just for you through one of our memberships!

Let this be an opportunity for deep transformation that will take hold through the exploration of both internal and external realms.

Details of the Course

Dates: January 12 - March 09, 2023
Delivery: 09 Sessions Total Online
Enrollment Period: Must enroll by January 11
Access: 2 Years

Cosmology of the Shamanic Realms

Do you want to know what’s beyond the veil?

Then join us for Cosmology of the Shamanic Realms, and discover how shamanic journeying can open up a portal to realms you never knew existed.

Shamans are considered to be experts in navigating non-ordinary reality, and their journey is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. The shamanic journey allows the practitioner to move outside of the normal three-dimensional world and enter an altered state which can facilitate a deep connection with spiritual realms, the ancestors, and even higher levels of consciousness…

Details of the Course

Dates: January 13 - March 10, 2023
Delivery: 09 Sessions Total Online
Enrollment Period: Must enroll by January 12
Access: 2 Years


Discover your inner world with Dreamscapes—a revolutionary 11-session program that enables you to explore the realm of dreams like never before. Whether you’re curious about lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, or working with the Akasha, this course will answer your questions, awaken your curiosity, and provide you a greater understanding of yourself through your dreamworld – daydreams, sleep dreams, soul tracking, journeying, and meditation.

From tracking your dreams to shapeshifting, soul tracking, and journeying, Dreamscapes covers a lot of territories when it comes to unlocking deeper layers of your subconscious …

Details of the Course

Dates: January 11 - March 15, 2023
Delivery: 9 Sessions Total Online;
Enrollment Period: Must enroll by January 10
Access: 2 Years

Soul Warrior Training – Soul Shaman

The shaman lives within each of us, and through our spiritual path, we can uncover our spirit guides, past lives, soul themes, and lost soul fragments.

In a Soul Shaman session, we spend time inward and work with the spiritual realms, our spirit guides, and our higher self. The goal is to find our beingness in a place where we are not influenced by external factors. When we sit in silence, in stillness, and in the heart space where we are connected to the Source, we ask deep questions that can only be contemplated in this place …

Interactive & Engaging

Luminary Immersive Courses

These courses are interactive, and engaging, and can be taken individually or when taken with the core course, which will offer you a chance for integration.

If you are enrolled in one of our membership levels, you will choose one of these courses in addition to your Core Course.

Details of the Course

Dates: January 23 - March 20, 2023
Delivery: 3 Live Sessions (1/23, 3/6, & 3/20) + 3 Static Sessions in Dashboard
Enrollment Period: Must enroll by January 22th
Access: 1 Year

Additional Supplies will need to be purchased prior to the course start date. You'll be given a list upon enrollment.

Shaman’s Rattle Magic

A shamanic rattle is a powerful tool that can be used for symbolic purposes in spiritual work. It is often used to represent the beginning of a journey or to invite healing energy into a space. It can also be used to mark the passing of time, set an intention, or call upon ancestral spirits. The sound of the rattle can also help shake off negativity and clear energy blockages. Ultimately, its symbolism is tied to its spiritual purpose and how it’s used by each individual practitioner.

This interactive 6-week course gives you the opportunity to create something special and magical. With guidance from Dakota, you’ll make your own special shamanic rattle in a way that honors and celebrates each stage of the process. Every step of your creation is infused with intention, prayer, and connection for a truly transformational experience.

You will begin by shifting into the spirit of the animal whose hide you use for making your rattle. Through this practice, you’ll gain a deeper insight into the elements and symbolism behind creating your rattle. Assemble your unique combination of materials, nurture it with sacred waters and stitch your intentions in with reverence as every action comes from consciousness. By investing yourself into each component, you’re making an object full of powerful purposeful energy.

Then finally it’s time to awaken or ‘bless’ your new shamanic rattle – sensing its vital essence activated within all its parts – before taking pleasure in hearing its sound in its full power and grace! Three classes will be live while the other three are available as downloadable audio/video to complete at home or in nature if desired. All live classes are also recorded so they can be reviewed after class if desired.

Be inspired and empowered by this ritualistic process of pouring love into every detail – whether it’s a simple or challenging experience for you our goal is for it to be authentically transformative! So exchange the ordinary mundane routine for something extraordinary – a journey through Shamanic Rattle Magic today!

Buy as an individual course

Details of the Course

Dates: January 06 - March 17, 2023
Delivery: Self-Pace Course from Dashboard
Enrollment Period: Anytime (Course can be taken independent of live dates)
Access: 6 Months

Soul Shaman Meditation Immersion

Embark on a unique journey within and beyond yourself with this immersive meditation experience.

Step into the spiritual realms to connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, & more. We’ll utilize powerful practices like breathwork and trance to get you there – allowing for shape-shifting & astral travel along the way. Awaken deeply rooted wisdom found in each of us through an unforgettable adventure filled with insight & discovery!

Buy as an individual course

Details of the Course

Dates: February 22 & March 23, 2023 (Choose one date, if you want to sign up for both sessions, add 2 sessions to your cart)
Delivery: Virtual Live Session
Enrollment Period: Must enroll by March 10
Access: Live event is not recorded for privacy reasons

Shamanic Breathwork Session

Shamanic breathwork is a powerful practice used to access heightened states of consciousness, open up blocked energy, and connect to spiritual realms. Benefits of this type of breathwork include stress reduction, emotional clearance, increased mental clarity and focus, profound physical relaxation, and an improved connection with the self. Shamanic breathwork can also help awaken a deeper awareness of the power within as well as our connection to nature, spirit guides, ancestors, and ultimately all that exists in the cosmos. It is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and personal growth.

Escape into a safe and sacred space, just for you. Connect to and discover your Inner Landscapes through Shamanic Breathwork.

Dakota and her experienced and trained Gaia Team will facilitate and hold sacred space as well as lead you through the journey of the inner soul-scape. Let their healing music transport you on an inner journey through breath, giving permission to explore your subconscious in a secure and supportive setting. You’ll gain insight into who you are while connecting with like-minded people.

Shamanic Breathwork is an invitation to create your own reality from within – using your breath and energy as the tools to reunite yourself with your true essence and passion. No matter what areas of life that need stabilizing – Shamanic Breathwork is here to assist in releasing blocks held deep inside the body. Provide yourself an opportunity for growth as new ideas take shape, allowing for healing as love floods into all crevices that have been awaiting its arrival!

Join Dakota and her team today, as you witness firsthand what this form of self-discovery can do for one’s spirit – giving access to a powerful alignment that can speak louder than any words ever will.

Buy as an individual course

Details of the Course

Dates: March 11 - 17, 2023
Delivery: Self-Pace Course from Dashboard
Enrollment Period: Must enroll by March 10
Access: 3 Months


Dream My Soul Awake

Are your dreams gathering dust, tucked away in a box that somehow never gets opened? We all want something extraordinary for our lives, but it can be tough to find the motivation and support necessary to make your dreams actually come true. This seven-day live event provides clarity and helps you build the foundation necessary to create your dream reality. Along with learning intention building, imprinting your quantum field, and powerful ritual writing tools, you’ll get meaningful meditations designed to tune you into the vibrations of dreams that are ready to manifest – plus divination tools to track progress. You’ll even enjoy an immersive live meditation experience which will awaken what was once thought forgotten – an unfolding of dreams to come true. Don’t let those dreams remain dormant any longer – join us today on this incredible journey!

Buy as an individual course


Earth Clan Tribe

Now more than ever, finding inclusive and supportive communities around the globe is critical for our growth, health, and well-being.

Joining a spiritual online global community is unique in its ability to provide access to a network of ideas and inspiration from all parts of the world. Conversations within these circles are engaging and robust, featuring an incredibly diverse array of participants from nearly 20 countries.

What you will find as you become part of this spiritual family is that it becomes so much more than just a collection of individuals―it becomes your soul tribe. People have been known to stay connected with this community for years due to the truly inclusive atmosphere and strong relationships that are nurtured within it; it truly is unlike any other space out there.

Join theGaia Tribeand save!

When you join as a Member you save on courses, meditations, and even private sessions. And, you join a global tribe of supportive people like you, walking this path mindfully and soulfully.


Annual Enrollment


  • N(4) Directional Meditation Immersions

    At the start of each direction, you will be enrolled in that direction Meditation Immersion.

  • N(12 Months) Access to the Earth Clan Tribe

    Join the global tribe for a supportive community, added events, in-depth conversations, and more.

  • N15% Discount in the Soul Shop

    Save more on added courses, guided meditations, and even private 1:1 sessions with Dakota.

$690/ Annual (save $175)


Annual Enrollment

Completion & Mastery

  • N(4) Luminary Core Courses

    At the start of each direction, you will choose one of the Luminary Core Courses.

  • N(4) Luminary Adjunct Courses

    At the start of each direction, you will choose one of the Luminary Adjunct Courses

  • N(4) Meditation Immersions

    At the start of each direction, you will be enrolled in that direction Meditation Immersion.

  • N(12 Months) Access to the Earth Clan Tribe

    Join the global tribe for a supportive community, added events, in-depth conversations, and more.

  • N(Four) Focused Luminary Circles

    Dive deeper into course content with our exclusive focus groups, each moderated by an expert from the Gaia Team. Making this a perfect environment for feedback and discussion - all tailored directly to your learning needs! You can choose a new focus group at the start of each session.

  • N20% Discount in the Soul Shop

    Save more on added courses, guided meditations, and even private 1:1 sessions with Dakota.

$1875/ Annual (Save $1257)

everything you need to know

If you have a question that you don’t see listed here, please contact us!

If I purchase a Core Course, can I access the community?

If you decide to go the individual route when selecting courses, you won't have the opportunity to gain access to the Earth Clan Tribe's resources, community, and support network. However, if you choose to opt-in for a membership, you'll be able to unlock these unique benefits and have a more comprehensive learning experience. You will, however, be able to attend the live sessions for the course while you are enrolled actively.

What if I want to join the community but I want just one or two of the courses?

By signing up for the Explorer Level, you will enjoy a 13-Week Meditation Immersion and access to a supportive community with just a minimal monthly payment.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

Payment + Refund Policy

All transactions for the purchase of intangible products, pdf downloads, meditations, mentorship programs, and online content are made through Stripe, a payment gateway that uses SSL encryption. Stripe is safe and secure for using all types of credit cards and debit cards in different countries and your details are not stored during this process.

Since your purchase is a digital product, it is deemed “used” after download or opening, and all purchases made on are non-refundable or exchangeable. Since the products made available here are intangible, there is a strict no-refund policy.

Gaia Wisdom School reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase, and product or service offerings without prior notice.

Delivery of Goods and Services

If you do not receive the digital product link upon purchasing, you can immediately contact [email protected] with your transaction/payment details to ensure your product is delivered as soon as possible. If your download link is corrupted, we will provide you with an alternative way to receive your download.


These memberships are 100% refundable up to 14 days after the launch date of each class. For instance, if an online class launches on January 1, any and all fees are refundable up to January 14th.

  • Dreamers
  • Warriors
  • Druids

Please Note

  • Sale items are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned.
  • ONLINE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS-Soul Warrior Training, Luminary Wisdom Keepers, and Luminary Circle Keepers–full refunds will be offered within 14 days of any program launch. Any refunds offered outside of the 14-day policy are decided upon by Dakota Earth Cloud Walker and Gaia Wisdom School. Depending on the course, our online programs are held over a period of three to 12 months. Members who cancel their programs early will be removed from the membership site and lose all access to the online programs. Members have access to these programs for a minimum of one year and are able to review the materials at their will. Check with the course you are enrolling in to determine the length of access. Proof of purchase will be required for any partial or full refund.
  • MEDITATIONS, WORKBOOKS, and OTHER ELECTRONIC FILES-Refunds are not offered on electronic files. Before purchasing any of our files, please make sure your device has enough storage and that you understand how to download Music Files such as MP3S and other downloadable material. For technical concerns, please reach out to [email protected]


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, you may upgrade your membership at any time. Time left on your enrollment (if upgrading from another membership level) will be pro-rated and any credit will be applied to your new total.

Can I only enroll during active enrollments?

You can purchase the courses at any time. Enrollment for the Earth Clan Tribe is a specified active enrollment if you are joining as a top-tier member so that you may benefit from the Focused Luminary Circle and Live Sessions.

You can, however, join the Explorer Level at any time and join the community. Please note that if you enroll in this level mid-direction, you will have several meditations backlogged for you but your plan won't be pro-rated since those meditations will still be available to you.

Can I only join the courses at the start of each direction?

If you are enrolling in an individual course, you will want to enroll prior to the first session if you would like to participate with others. Not all of the courses begin at the same time. If you are not currently enrolled in a membership level, you may take any course at any time. The exception to this is if the course has not yet happened.

Can I join as a Member at any time?

Technically, yes. You can. However, if we have already begun some of the courses, you will need to catch up on your own time while also joining us where we are presently in the course. See the other membership FAQ from the other column.

Are these courses offered at the start of each direction?

The course menu changes with each direction. At the start of each direction (March 21, June 21, September 21, and December 21) the primary courses are changed out to match the new directional energies we'll be basking in. The courses from previous directions are available as self-paced options. If you are a member, you will receive a discount on those and other courses.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are not available at this time. I suggest putting the cost onto your credit card and using your credit card as a payment plan for yourself. You are also always welcome to start with a membership level that suits your budget and purchase add-ons as you can (such as the breathwork sessions, immersions, courses, etc.)

I've been a student, why are you making this change to the program?

I have a few reasons for the change. People right now are struggling both emotionally and financially. I wanted to make the work more readily available for people with different levels of participation and budgets.

By offering courses either through membership or as individual courses, folks can join at their comfort level and build a path that has more meaning for them.

And, as a teacher, it gives me an opportunity to expand my work and continue developing meaningful content.

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