About Gaia Wisdom Mentorship

Over the years I have had people ask me if I would mentor them one on one. As much as I would have loved that, it just didn’t seem possible with all the responsibilities I had in my life. In 2016 I decided to open up the Mentorship so I could create an intimate, personal setting for people to learn the structure, energy and blueprint of the Medicine Wheel and my work. It was my deep desire to empower to assist people on their soul journey.

Every season, every direction, we embark on a fresh slate of the Mentorship where we deep dive into the energy of the current direction of the Medicine Wheel. They are divided into 4 sessions, 9 weeks long for each session. You can take one direction, two, or even the entire journey around the Medicine Wheel over the course of a year. We have some who are beginning their 2nd round of that journey.

When you join the Mentorship, you are not only embarking on an incredible journey for yourself but you are also joining a Tribe of global soul seekers who, alongside you, are searching for, discovering and embodying a beautiful and transcendent path.

The work you do within the Mentorship will change your life. After just one session, you will view the world through a different lens. You will react differently, choose differently, and live in such a way that you will be more aware, more grounded, more connected. You will have the tools to masterfully navigate the circumstances of your life which challenge you.

The Mentorship empowers you to live a more soul-filled life, a more Shamanic life where you begin to value the “medicine” in all things brought to you – the pain and the joy.

The Mentorship consists of weekly courses and soul work which are delivered as a video teaching. You also have the option to listen to the audio, and to download the transcript. The Soul work are exercises you can do that will help you to integrate the lesson into your life, and/or to help you bring to the surface things which need to be healed and/or strengthened.

Weekly, we also have a live call which you are welcome to join – one week will be live Q&A, and the other weeks are live work-shopping where you will have an opportunity to go through some exercises with your fellow travelers. If you miss a live call, you can catch the recording.

You will also have a weekly Meditation Immersion where you will receive a weekly guided meditation that corresponds with the work we are doing in the Mentorship.

And lastly, the community platform. You will be invited to join a rich, diverse and engaged community. We use the Slack program to connect. These fellow travelers span the globe, and yet have such a bond that the distance seems no further than the tug of your heart.

Combined, we have created a very safe, sacred space that allows you to go as deep as you would like, and to truly find your power, your path, and your soul.

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    Live Authentically

    Our lives are made up of single moments of being alive. During the Mentorship you will discover how to squeeze the very most out of those moments, and show up in a way that is authentically you.

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    Grow Soulfully

    Recover parts of your soul and grow exponentially. You’ll learn spiritual tools that work, discover how to integrate them into your everyday life and deepen your relationships.

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    Unleash Your Inner Shaman

    Learn Shamanic and Spiritual Practices which sustain the spirit through ritual, ceremony, connecting to nature, and more. These tools are invaluable when navigating everyday life through a spiritual lens.

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    Connect with spiritually aligned souls who span the globe. Dakota has a unique knack for creating beautiful, robust, and soulful communities. These will become some of your life long connections you’ve been seeking.

We will begin our Soul Shaman (North Direction) Session on January 10, 2019. If you would like the early bird Pre-Enrollment opportunity, please put your name on the list below.

Pre-Enrollment folks not only receive a discount on enrollment and get updates on the Mentorship, they are also the first folks to have access to enrollment. The mentorship program fills quickly so it is worth it to hop on the list!

    • Soul Shaman - North Direction
    • Visionary - East Direction
    • Sacred Heart Warrior - South Direction
    • Alchemist - West Direction

The Sacred Heart Warrior

South Direction

The Sacred Heart Warrior resides in the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel. It is the house of our Emotional body and in this direction we work specifically with emotions, intuition, empathy, relationships and sensuality. We also work closely with the Twin Flame energy, and the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

Level One

In Level One of the South Direction you will begin your journey by uncovering the emotional blocks which have held you back from living into your fullest self. You will trace the emotion back to it’s origin and begin healing that lineage of emotion to present day. You will then learn tools for emotional well-being. Then you dive into relationships, and how we relate to yourself and to others. You will re-define these relationships, learn how to love yourself fully, and tools for building sacred relationships. You will then discover how the twin flame energy and soul mates influence your life and how to prepare yourself for this extraordinary connection to the beloved. By embracing our Divine Feminine through sensual and intimacy, you will tap into a well of creativity and and expanded sense of self. You will balance that with the strength and courage of your Sacred Masculine. At the end of the 9 weeks, we bring this all together into an integration with our intuitive body and creativity.

During Level One we also have a 26 Day Love Warrior Challenge. For 26 days out of the 9 week journey, you will be given a specific challenge to do that will also correspond with the course teachings. You then have five ways in which you can express that challenge so that you can be witnessed by the community. An example of a challenge would be to spend an hour creating something for yourself. This might be a work of art, a delicious meal, writing a love letter to yourself, etc.

Level One is a great overview of the South Direction with inspiring exercises and soul teachings that will move you forward into your emotional, creative and intuitive body!


Next Enrollment for the Sacred Heart Warrior:

2019/06/13 00:11:11

9 Week Session
June 20, 2019 – August 22, 2019



Next Enrollment for the Alchemist:

2019/09/15 00:59:00

9 Week Session
September 19, 2019 – November 14. 2019

The Alchemist or Earth Keeper

The West Direction

The Alchemist/Earth Keeper resides in the West Direction of the Medicine Wheel. It is the house of our Physical body and in this direction we work specifically with our life-line. We unearth all the events that have shaped and molded us throughout our lives, and view them with a different lens where we can find the gifts from them. Using Soul Recovery, we also recover those parts of ourselves that we have abandoned. We also work with creating healthy boundaries, the sacred body as a temple, the power of forgiveness and we work closely with our ancestors and ancestral healing.

Level One

In Level One of the West Direction you will discover the areas of your life where you need the greatest transformation. You will work on creating healthy boundaries, and how to energetically protect yourself from unwanted energies. You will journey to perform your own soul recovery and bring back the missing parts of your soul that have been lost throughout time. You will then learn how to create sacred space using presence, ritual and ceremony. You will also explore the power of forgiveness and how to use forgiveness as a powerful tool for self discovery and deep transformation.

During Level One we will also access our physical body and health and discover how to align our physical world with our spiritual world. You will have an opportunity to do a 21 day cleanse for your mind, body and spirit during these 9 weeks. We will purify all the vessels in which we carry forward.

The Soul Shaman

North Direction

The Soul Shaman Soul Archetype resides in the North direction of the Medicine Wheel. It is the house of our Spiritual Bod and in this direction we work specifically with our soul team: Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Ancestors and all those on the other side of the veil who are here to assist us in our highest good. During this deep time of introspection, we go inward to deepen our beliefs and spiritual path. We discover who we are at the very deepest part of our soul.

Level One

In Level One you’ll discover who is on your Soul Team. You’ll meet your Spirit Guides, Power Animal, and any helping spirits who are here to help you at this time. You’ll learn ways of strengthening that relationship. You will also take a pilgrimage to your inner soul landscape and explore who you are at the very deepest layer. You’ll examine your belief system, and begin strengthening your belief system based on who you are without the filters of others.

In this level, you’ll also learn about the three worlds of non-ordinary reality and how to access these worlds for journeying. During the session, you’ll have an opportunity to do a live Shamanic Breathwork session with the group. You’ll also learn how to recover parts of your soul that have been lost.


Enrollment Closes in:

2019/01/07 00:43:31

9 Week Session
January 10, 2019 – March 7, 2019


Next Enrollment for the Visionary:

2019/03/14 00:43:31

9 Week Session
March 21, 2019 – May 16, 2019

The Visionary

East Direction

The Visionary Soul Archetype resides in the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel. It is the house of our mental body and in this direction, we explore our Sacred Purpose and how we contribute to the world around us. This is also the direction where we build confidence, self-esteem and review our perspectives on our life. We plant seeds we wish to grow, and give birth to our dreams and ideas.

Level One

We dive into the dreams we have given up throughout our life and learn how to revitalize them and bring back the most pertinent parts of those dreams that will assist us in living our purpose.

You will also explore the world of sound healing, prayer, heart-centered communication and creating a healing space for yourself and others. You’ll also explore the quantum edge to your Shamanic Soul.

During the 9 week course, you will have the opportunity to participate in the 21 day Authenticity Challenge. You’ll be given a new challenge each day which helps you to show up more authentically in your truth and in your vulnerability. This is a widely popular challenge that many students look forward to doing and have said it has helped them exponentially in their soul growth.

About Dakota Earth Cloud

I could list here all the training’s I have taken over the past 30 years. I could tell you of all Shaman’s I’ve worked with, I could share with you the years I spend as a Massage Therapist and then a Holistic Health Practitioner. I could tell you about the vision quests, the adventures I’ve taken in search of my soul. I could even tell you about the years I spent teaching and writing curriculum, and that my super powers lie in being able to get people from point A to point B. i could type out my resume, and for some that would seem impressive, interesting, and it would add credibility to my skill set.

But I’m not going to do that. If you want to know about my professional life, you can read it here.

So Who is Dakota Earth Cloud Walker? If not all those titles, labels, and accolades, then … who are you?

Who am I?

Simply put, I am Dakota. I have dedicated my life to becoming the best version of myself, to live my soul’s purpose – to find the exquisiteness of every moment. And in so many ways I succeed, and then, like you, I also experience the pains and falls that we all so often go through.

I am a passionate person, I put my entire heart into my work, and into my life. Someone recently said that it seems I have lived 22,000 lives in just this one lifetime. I think she is correct, or it feels right to me. I have had some of the most delicious experiences in my life – adventures, love, broken heart, heart cracked open, deep sorrow, encompassing joy and so much more. I take all this, and I pour it into my work, into my life and every day I look for the beauty, the lessons and the profound messages.

I am a teacher and a facilitator of soul change and growth. I have been most all of my life. I was born for this work. I am also a student, and everyday I take something new to marinate upon and soak up it’s juicy lesson so that I can continue to grow myself.

I am grateful. I am grateful to be here, now, doing this and for being an active agent in this thing called life.


Video One
Testimonials : Why I Joined

Video Two
Testimonials : Transformation

Video Three
Testimonials : The Mentorship


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