Embark on an immersive journey around the Medicine Wheel to re-discover your power, magic, and full spectrum living.

A spiritual tool of the modern age, Soul Warrior Training can assist you in living a more integrated life.
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There are several enrollment options that you can choose from. The full journey can be taken over the course of a year. Or you can enroll in a single session, or take the self-paced program.
... It's time to hit the "life reset" button ...

Have you found yourself daydreaming about any of the following?

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    I want to experience more magic and hope in my life.
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    I know this is the time for me to focus on what I need and want.
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    My inner peace longs to be felt, and my life to slow down to be enjoyed.
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    In my life, I want to create a sense of purpose, passion, and presence.
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    In my quest for a community of like-minded people I crave open communication.
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    There is more to life than what I currently experience.
... imagine this ...
What if I told you there was a powerful way to embody life?
The Soul Warrior Training is your jump-start to re-imagining and re-awakening your potential and purpose. The journey around

In the most authentic and powerful way, the Sacred Wheel or Medicine Wheel holds our soul. In ancient times, the Medicine Wheel was used for healing, ritual, and ceremony. Cultures used these directions as guides to provide meaning, structure, and healing. We can apply this framework today to live lives more aligned with the calling of our souls. As a result, we awaken our inner wisdom, find balance, heal core wounds, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose in life.

The Medicine Wheel is a simple yet complex framework for organizing our lives so that we can live more authentically and with deep connection to our sacred purpose.
... come join us, your tribe is waiting ...
Soul Warrior Training
An immersive journey traveling the Celtic Medicine Wheel
The Medicine Wheel will activate your sense of wisdom, give you solid spiritual tools with deep integration into your everyday life, and inspire you to live more fully.

My name is Dakota, and I have been teaching spiritual courses for over 30 years. About 20 years ago, I started using the teachings of the Medicine Wheel in my own life. As a result, I discovered just how easy it was to live a more balanced life in every aspect of my life. My years of teaching and exploring have allowed me to develop the Soul Warrior Training to help others step more clearly into their innate wisdom and power.

I can help you start your path on the Medicine Wheel too.

Here's What's Included
Based on the Medicine Wheel's 4 cardinal directions, this represents a full year program.

Core Curriculum

In each direction, you will receive 9 weeks of core curriculum covering the energies of the direction along with deepening exercises. Workbooks, audio files, and guided meditations are included in the weekly units.

Live Weekly Workshops

You will have three call times to choose from, as well as the option to watch the replay if you miss a call. A different energy of the direction is focused on each week in a deep dive workshop.

Global Community

We are a global community representing nearly twenty countries. Various special interest groups, soul-stirring conversations, and collaboration among like-minded people are held in our community space.

Weekly Guided Meditations

You’ll receive a guided meditation every week that aligns with the weekly chapter of the curriculum. Meditations come with an audio download, a journal prompt, and an exercise for deepening the experience.

21-Day Challenges

Between the directional sessions, you participate in a 21-day challenge which may be completed at any time, but it is often enjoyed by the community as a group. Challenges help to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Luminary Circles

Several specialized groups are available on the community site for you to join, so you can meet people with similar interests. As well, you can participate in smaller focus groups and events organized by our moderators.

You don't have to take my word for it. Hear it from those who have taken the of the Medicine Wheel.
SWT Student

“…I felt safe to bare my soul,

shed layers of myself,

and integrate what I learned…”

testimonial (1)

“Dakota has a magical way of imparting ancient wisdom in a manner that is easily digestible and naturally assimilated. Her online platform is truly remarkable and the community she has built within that framework is diverse, welcoming, and heartwarming. I am beyond grateful to be a part of such extraordinary soul work.”

Shannon Jacobs, Owner of Thresholds

“… you are seen, heard, and empowered by a caring and loving tribe. From the support staff to Dakota. The mentorship well exceeded all my expectations. I was happy to be in community and ministry with other men doing soul work alongside powerful women. A beautiful balance of the sacred feminine and masculine”

Richard Cardona, California

“Beyond Dakota’s coursework which will absolutely blow your MIND, the Soul Warrior Tribe will fill your HEART. During these times of disconnected unknowns and global isolation, it has been such a blessing to meet weekly with this community – always a place of support, curiosity, and care. Recovering and strengthening my soul is a deeply personal journey, but the impact of that work has been strengthened by being surrounded by the collective vibrations of these remarkable sisters and brothers whom Dakota called together. For that kinship, I am eternally grateful on every dimension.”

Travis Day
testimonial (2)

“Joining Dakota’s SWT has been the single most impactful investment I’ve made in my soul’s growth + evolution. The community she’s fostered, the teaching she has amassed + the tools she arms her students with have all positively affected my life’s trajectory. I am clear now, on my values + my vision: and I take steps each day towards that, thanks to her influence on my life.”

Hillary Self, Oklahoma
Michelle She Oak Wind

“…Empowered, I have the tools

and confidence,

to step out of the “stuckness”…”

About Dakota Earth Cloud

This work has been my passion for a long time.

I know it.
I live it.
This is what I breathe.

Seeing and stepping into one’s innate power is something I am passionate about. We need to reclaim its wisdom, dust it off, and start using it again.

My job is to help you remember who you are.

It is impossible for me not to allow my passion to permeate everything I do and create. Some days I walk this path with pride and strength, while other days I trip and fall. Each step is part of the journey, and each step is part of me. There are times when I can be both messy and brilliant, and there are times when I can be both.

My path has sparked my curiosity. I’ve devoured as much as I can about it. It has been my privilege to study with notable shamans in Ireland and the United States. The lineage of my Celtic ancestors includes some of whom are known as Druids, Bran the Blessed, and Arch Druid Taliesen DeBourogne Merlin. In addition, there is George Pooley, Hopi Medicine Man, and Kachina Artist. The world I see and experience has been shaped by my work.

My Soul Warrior Training was born out of a need I saw in spiritual communities. It was not easy to find a course that took the ancient teachings and gave a blueprint for living in the world we inhabit today. There were many courses out there that taught basic skills, and some dug deeper. However, I never found a course that provided a blueprint for living in the world we inhabit today. In order to create something that helps people integrate the extraordinary and the ordinary, I wanted to help people recognize and connect to their spirit guides, even during rush hour traffic. The goal is to restore ritual to everyday life, in order to help people awaken to the infinite power they hold within them. In my experience, it is important to lead people back to their divine nature without abandoning their everyday routines.

I’m a great teacher because I love this work. All I can ever do is offer you the real me, unabridged and present.


14-Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident you will love the Soul Warrior Training. But if you aren’t completely satisfied with the Soul Warrior Training, we offer full refunds within 14 days of launch.

Common Questions & Policies (FAQs)

Listed below are some of the most common questions I’ve answered over the years. We will make sure you have all the information you need if you can’t find the answer to a question you have.  Click here to submit your question.

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    Do you offer payment plans?

    If you choose to enroll using a payment plan, you must pay for your first session in full before enrolling. After completing your first session, you can upgrade to complete the remaining 3 sessions for a discounted student price, and become eligible for a payment plan.

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    Cancellation Policy

    Refund Policy for Soul Warrior Training

    If you are completely dissatisfied with the Soul Warrior Training, we offer full refunds within 14 days of launch. Refund requests must be sent in writing within 14 days of purchase, and the reasons for your request must be stated.

    We do not grant refunds after 14 days from the date of enrollment. In the event you leave the program within the first two months, we will apply 50% of your tuition toward a future program. No refunds will be given after two months of enrollment. Students are provided with course material, meditations, and tools at the beginning of their enrollment. It is pertinent to note that many of these are delivered electronically and cannot be retracted.
    Your membership to the student site will be canceled if your refund request is initiated after 14 days. So long as your payments for those sessions have been made in full, you will be able to access those courses on our primary site.

    Unenrolling while on a payment plan will not result in a refund or any funds being applied to future programs. Alternatively, you can defer your payments and membership until the next direction begins.

    Refunds for the Luminary Wisdom/Circle Keeper Programs

    A refund is not possible for the Luminary Wisdom Keeper and Luminary Circle Keeper programs. This is because they have limited spaces and only allow enrollments at certain times of the year.
    Students are provided with course material, meditations, and tools at the beginning of their enrollment. It is pertinent to note that many of these are delivered electronically and cannot be retracted. Therefore, these programs are not refundable. You may send a written letter to Team Gaia stating your reasons for canceling your membership if it is beyond your control. At that time, it will be decided whether your paid funds can be applied to another program. Gaia Wisdom School and Dakota Walker reserve the right to refuse a refund for programs with limited enrollment.
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    What if I can't make the live calls?

    In order to accommodate as many time zones as possible, we offer 3 times for the live calls. For those who are unable to attend the live calls, we have replays available. There are some people who join the community in the forums but never participate in a live call, while there are others who join all live calls! Our flexible system gives you options so you don’t miss a beat!

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    Is it necessary for me to live in your area to participate?

    No, not at all! All classes are held virtually via a dedicated student website, and we use Zoom for our live calls. Nearly 20 countries are represented among our students.

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    What is the duration of my access to coursework after I have completed a course?

    The core curriculum will remain available to you forever, but the meditations and 21-day challenges will not. Through your account, you will be able to access your course through our main website instead of the student site.

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    Is it possible for me to share the program with a friend?

    Unfortunately, no. This course would be wonderful if you took it with a friend or loved one, or even as a group, but each participant must enroll individually. This allows them to participate fully by joining in on conversations and receiving answers from me to their questions.

    This is also a matter of integrity … I poured a lot of heart and soul into the creation of this program. For a program that offers as much individual attention as this one, I think its price is very reasonable, making it accessible to all people. This content is very important to me, along with the services I provide, so I feel very strongly about what I offer. To honor me, I just ask that you keep this content private and not share it with anyone else.

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    I really like your exercises and meditations. Can I share a few with someone? Would it be possible for my group of friends to listen to your meditation?

    Unfortunately, no. See my answer above. For information regarding group meditations using one of my Guided Meditations, please contact me directly.

    I reserve all rights to my content, which is copyrighted. The material may not be copied or used in any other way than the way it pertains to this course unless we have spoken and I have given you written permission.

    If I have used exercises from other sources, I have obtained their permission. The individuals who created those exercises must also grant you written permission if you would like to use them.

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    My courses include spiritual teaching as well, can I use these materials?

    Sadly, no.

    Although I appreciate the flattery, the program has been a labor of love and all work is copyrighted. The material I provide may not be used in any teaching or class you conduct. Let your personal journey through the Medicine Wheel influence what and how you teach. Students will be more at ease with your interpretations since they will be unique to mine. The source of wisdom is the same, but each of us interprets and teaches it differently.

    There have been times when people have joined Soul Warrior Training with the intention of stealing content to reformat and sell. It is our policy to take legal action to cease and desist from using or stealing anyone’s material and to investigate tips of material being used from others and plagiarism.

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    What is the time requirement for this course?

    Generally, I provide a lot of material, but not all of it will be relevant to you, but you will benefit from what is relevant at the time. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the time you will spend on the curriculum. How much time you give to coursework depends on how much you want to put into it. Generally, the live calls last for two hours. It is not uncommon for our students to work full-time, have families, and still be able to attend the Soul Warrior Training as well.

The mentorship is a beautiful sanctuary of souls where I felt safe to bare my soul, shed layers of myself, and integrate what I learned in the sacred space created by the tribe. It was, and is, a magical journey where there’s no judgment, where I felt comfortable talking about wands, sigils, power animals, and mystical creatures. A fertile ground for transformation and growth. Where the impossible is possible, where fear becomes your friend, and your shadow self is your teacher.

– Soul Warrior Participant

Authentic Community

Our global community of like-minded seekers spans more than 20 countries through the Soul Warrior Training. One of the most lauded aspects of the training is its community, which creates long-term friendships, a beautiful space for support, and a place to feel heard and appreciated.

You will feel supported, and your commitment to your soul growth will remain strong as you journey the Wheel of the Year with others who are like-minded. Additionally to our live tribe calls, we have an active discussion forum on our website. All participants are able to interact, share resources, ask questions, receive support, and form friendships in a private, online space. There are various groups that you can join and commune with, such as The Coven, Kitchen Witch, Animal Communication, and more.

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