Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

Dakota is an international teacher, author, speaker, and the founder of Gaia Wisdom School. She has trained with notable shamans in both the United States and in Ireland. She is certified in Shamanic Breathwork through Venus Rising School with Linda Star Wolf and is a Certified Trance Dance facilitator through Ernesto Ortiz. Dakota has worked in the Shamanic Arts for over 25 years and is a renowned teacher for the Medicine Wheel Teachings based on Celtic, Druidic, and Native American Spirituality. Dakota has also been certified as a Celebrant through The Order of Ovates, Bards, and Druids based out of Wales, England.

Dakota’s teachings and meditations have helped to change the lives of many people and is a celebrated and beloved Meditation Coach known globally.

Meditation Teacher  |  Shamanic Teacher/Coach  |  Master Ritualist  |  Trance Dance Facilitator  |  Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator  |  Celebrant  |  Shamanic Minister 

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Guided Meditations

Dakota has over 135 Guided Meditations for purchase in the Soul Shop. In addition to these, you can also find her meditations showcased on the top Meditation Apps – MindBliss, and Insight Timer.

Gaia Meditation Club

Join monthly or for three or twelve months of weekly curated guided meditations following various themes, a community forum for connecting to other meditations and discounts in the Soul Shop.

The Shamans Mentorship

The Mentorship is a deep, soul dive into transforming our lives to be more authentic, present, and powerful. Explore this journey by following the directions of the Medicine Wheel.

21-Day Challenges

These Soul Challenges bring you to an entirely new level of living in just a short 21 days. Join a Challenge in an area of soul growth you wish to develop more and see for yourself what can happen.

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Coffee With Dakota

Video sessions where I answer your burning questions about the shamanic path, meditation, authentically living, and a many more subjects.

Shaman Shorts

Short videos with fun, enlightening and shamanic wisdom gathered from various parts of my travels across the USA.

Wanderlust Journal

Get a glimpse of the nomadic, and shamanic life as I travel around the country to experience new places, people, and adventures.

The Shaman Journal

Interesting articles about shamanism, witchy things, celtic spirituality, and more. These are inspired from the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

Shamanic Guided Meditations

Dakota has recorded over 145 Guided Shamanic Meditations spanning a wide range of genres and themes. Dakota is one of the top 50 Meditation Teachers for Insight Timer (out of over 5,000 Teachers) and has garnered over 2 million views on her meditations on YouTube.

Below are some of the top selling Guided Meditations by Dakota.



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