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I have been on a path to spiritual ascension all my life. For most of my life I’ve been surrounded by takers and I always just want to give. I have taken two Reiki classes and one Shaman. But I realize you can’t just take a class and be ready to give these gifts. Owning a business and working full time is not fulfilling my burning desire to help the much-needed ascension process for mankind. It feels like the earth is spinning so fast I might get slung off before I realize the potential good I came here to do.

In prayer and meditation, I have felt the love of Spirit and have come so close to having that full-blown experience when you see the fireworks dancing in your third eye. My belief is that I have rejection and self-esteem issues from years of un-reciprocated love from humanity. I’m diligently working on breaking through, but could use some help getting rid of these blockages, truly becoming fulfilled in the moment, and fully trusting that I am, and I can. I can see you have dedicated your life in service of humanity, and you are profoundly inspiring to me. I deeply desire to meet you someday and spend time in your workshops to help me heal and ascend.

I’ve not had a vacation since 1995 and am the breadwinner. Seems there is never enough time or money. I am so burned out with the rat race. Do you ever do FaceTime or Skype sessions? I feel a deep connection with you and know with your compassionate coaching I could reach infinite ascension and be a true gift to the world, as you are. Any meditations or literature or guidance or mentoring Spirit might recommend would be welcomed wholeheartedly. passionately burning to break through, Joni.

Brightest blessings!

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