Guided Meditation Immersions

“The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side.”

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Why Consistent Meditation Works

Meditation has many proven benefits, but perhaps the most important of all is it allows us to spend quiet time with the divine inside us. Strengthening this connection strengthens everything.

When you meditate consistently, you rewire the neural pathways of your brain among a myriad of other health benefits. With the Gaia Wisdom Meditation Immersions, you receive all the health benefits of a consistent practice as well as deepening and strengthening your connection to the spirit realms, your higher self, and to the inner beloved.

“Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are.”

Ani Pema Chodron

What is a Guided Meditation Immersion?

We have compiled a Meditation Immersion that includes between 12-14 guided journeys which follow the course of a common theme. You will receive a new guided meditation every three days for approximately 36 days. Included with the meditation are “Tools for Practice” which will give you an exercise to expand the theme of the guided meditation.

Each Immersion follows an arc – a beginning, middle, and completion. This sequence, coupled with the consistency and duration will instill a practice for you to begin embodying and witnessing profound shifts in your outer world.

“If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk. You breathe when you stand. You breathe when you lie down.”

Ajahn Amaro

About Dakota Walker

Certified Facilitator & Practitioner of Trance Dance  |  Shamanic Breathwork  | Holding Space  

As a child, meditation seemed secondary to breathing. Although at the age of ten there wasn’t a word in her vocabulary for the connection she would make to the natural world around her. Dakota has lived and walked a spiritual, shamanic path and has infused it with her soul calling and life work. As a teacher of Shamanic Studies, Dakota’s teachings are nearly always supported by the guided meditations she creates.

Currently, Dakota has over 20,000 followers and 1.5 million plays between the three platforms where people find her meditations. She has recorded over 130 guided journeys, each one diving into an area of the soul to gain growth and empowerment.

Her meditations have been described as “transcendent,” “a work of art and beauty,” “mystical, magical,” “powerful and life-altering” and “transforming, healing.”

As a Shamanic Teacher, a Meditation Coach, and as a fellow Soul Traveler, Dakota brings all of her life experience, acquired skills, training, and passion to the body of work she creates.

“Creating a Meditation is like cooking. You collect all the flavors, spices, and food and for the perfect recipe. Just the right amount of this, and that, and you carefully put all the ingredients together to create something healthy and sustaining. To me, the perfect ingredients include music, and silence, the right words to invoke emotions, the inspiration to open the well of ideas, love to crack the heart open, time for the listener to fall into the meditation, and time for them to assimilate their vision. Crafting a meditation is my art, and it comes from a place inside me that is always tapped in.”

“I feel like my guided meditations connect with people because in one sense, I’m a storyteller but I also leave the space open just enough so the listener can extract what they need most at that moment. The meditation is about the meditator, not about me.”

Dakota Walker

The Immersions

The Visionary Immersion: Take a deep dive into the Visionary Soul Archetype in this meditative journey through the East Direction. We will follow the sequence of Truth, finding the truth which resides deep within your soul and exploring the path towards your sacred purpose. We’ll next enter the realm of Vibration and find ways to reconnect to our purpose. And finally, Perspective, which gives the space needed for integration, and clarity to begin nurturing the dream.

Contains 13 Meditations

The Love Warrior Immersion – This Immersion has three “overtures” as we begin our journey into the South Direction with unearthing our Emotions through an exploration of our emotional body. We then move into the Relationship phase where we dive into the inner beloved and what we hold sacred. We end our journey by looking from a new Waking Up about our lives and how we go forward into living a heart-centered life.

Contains 14 Meditations


Preparing Our Soul Garden
Length: 26:21

In the North Direction, we work with our Spirit Guides to plan what seeds we want to plant while in the East Direction. How do we want our life to look? What do we want to attract? In this guided meditation, we explore with our Guides what is in our highest interest.

Taking Inventory
Length: 28:46

In this guided meditation, Dakota takes you through the Sacred Wheel to examine the various parts of your life where you can add to, release, or transform to live a more soul-filled life.

Envisioning Our Lives
Length: 23:51

This guided meditation is to help you access where you are in your life and to manifest life, we most wish for. You’ll go through the various areas of your life, see what changes need to be made, and what you would need to do to be living into your highest potential.

From Ego to Soul
Length: 26:40

Sometimes we get immersed in our ego and not enough in our soul. In today’s journey, we consciously move out of our ego and more into the innate wisdom, and unconditional love which is found in our heart space, the place where we connect to our soul.

Living Your Sacred Purpose
Length: 27:54

In this guided meditation, we visit our sacred purpose and how that might show up in our lives and how we can begin embodying our sacred purpose into every aspect of our life. We work in the East direction, a time of working with our dreams, ideas, clarity, and perspective. With this powerful energy of the East, we can put action into fulfilling this sacred purpose.


Transcending the Ego
Length: 24:00

In this journey, we go to the depths to transcend the ego that binds us to the 3D world. In doing so, we free ourselves of our limitations and blocks.

Sound of Music
Length: 56:03

In today’s journey, we explore the world of music and open the heart through the vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies, 432 Hz, and by using the Schumann Resonance.

Living Soul Words
Length: 37:55

Using a conscious connection to specific words is what I have termed the Living Soul Words. To take a word and create a tangible landscape for it to seed and fruit within your subtle body layers is a way of transforming any negative language into something more awakened and conscious. In this journey, we work with these living soul words and the Shaman Mantras to integrate them fully into our beingness.

The Seed
Length: 56:13

Using the Cosmic Octave (136.1 Hz), we go within to nurture and nourish the seed growing in our expanded heart space. With the help of this planetary cosmic rhythm, you will spend time cultivating, nourishing, and bringing this energy to life.


Opening the Sacred Heart
Length: 22:16

Take a journey into the sacred space of your heart and step into a more open, passionate, and vital heart space which allows you to open to life more easily and authentically.

Length: 31:26

In this journey, we travel to the middle world and meet with our Spirit Guide and learn the lessons of this past year as well as look towards the future and what is ahead for us.

Vision Quest for the Sacred Soul
Length: 25:06

A vision quest is a time to reflect, go within, and find the clarity that we cannot always find in our everyday life. It is time to seek the answers we need to find our path. In today’s guided meditation we go on a virtue, imagined vision quest out in the wilderness. We work with the elements, our guides, our emotions, and more.

Seeking Clarity
Length: 15:21

This guided meditation is one you can use daily or weekly when seeking clarity, answers, or understanding surrounding a specific intention or question you have. Dakota leads you to open the heart space, inviting your spirit guides in, setting your intention or question, and receiving the guidance your guides have for you.

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Seven Sacred Pools
Length: 30:58

In this journey, you will travel to the three worlds of non-ordinary reality and shapeshift into various forms of water to cleanse, balance, and open your chakras.

Empowering the Soul
Length: 30:41

Sometimes we lose our power, and it leaves us disconnected. In today’s journey, we reconnect to our divine essence and tap back into that universal flow of energy and empowerment. We empower ourselves to step back into our full divinity and become who we are meant to be.

The Alchemy of Anger
Length: 21.53

Anger, when expressed healthily, can be a tremendous ally and teacher for us. Anger that is internalized or turns to rage or expressed in an unhealthy way can be detrimental to us – and others. In today’s guided meditation, Dakota takes you through the energy of anger and helps you to transmute it into a resourceful, and powerful ally.

Mending the Emotions
Length: 40:30

Our emotions, when not felt fully and freely, can clog the energy within us. If we hold onto emotions that don’t serve us, we can end up in disease. In today’s guided meditation we explore some of the emotions that might be holding us back from fully living.


Sacred Love
Length: 23:41

We each seek love at its most pure and deep state. In this guided meditation, we will call upon Archangel Sophia, the angel of love, to help guide us to the Higher Soul of our soul mate. Be shown how to navigate through any blocks that might keep you from experiencing this love, and spend time connecting to this love of your soul.

Inner Beloved
Length: 32:01

This journey takes you into a world of self-discovery, finding those parts of ourselves that are beautiful, magnificent, and worthy of our love. Inner Beloved is about falling in love with the spirit of who you are.

Reuniting with Your Twin Flame
Length: 29:39

When our Soul is born, it splits into two, creating two souls who will traverse time and space, each one on their path. Often, they are complete opposites to make a complete whole. And when the time is right, these two halves come together. In today’s journey, we go to the spirit plane to meet our twin soul.

The Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
Length: 55:05

This journey takes you through a moving, invigorating, and beautiful dance between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine which we each embody. In this chakra aligned journey, we travel through the chakras, waking up both energies and marrying them within each chakra. Travel through tribal beats of the root chakra, the sensual sounds of the sacral, the powerful notes of the solar plexus, the heart-opening sounds, and rising into the remaining chakras giving voice to the masculine and feminine energies. Once the third eye is activated, we can then reconnect these energies to the spiritual realm through the crown chakra. This is a powerful journey.

waking up

Fire in the Belly
Length: 37:07

Igniting the fire in our belly helps us to tap back into our intuition, our creativity, and our vibrancy. We ignite the inner flame that propels us forward and also deeper, it awakens the senses and gives us a breath of fresh air into our sometimes-stagnant life.

Earth Meets Water
Length: 37.20

In this moving meditation, we focus on the opening, releasing, and balancing of the Root Chakra (Earth) and our Sacral Chakra (Water). The piece moves through music and gentle guidance as we discover and uncover the kaleidoscope of energy housed in these two chakras. For the best use of this journey allow yourself to be in a private, safe space where you can freely move and dance. Play the music as loud as you are able, use a blindfold to immerse yourself in the experience, and after the journey, create a piece of art depicting your experience.

Ignite Your Inner Fire
Length: 28:12

In today’s journey, we use Shamanic Breathwork to ignite our inner fire. We work on the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras today, waking up our power and our intuition.

Loving Unconditionally
Length: 34:05

When we love unconditionally, we give ourselves the gift of freedom. We view the world around us from the perspective of our higher self and can attract into our life all that is beautiful and deep, and connected. In this guided meditation, we open the heart to allow ourselves to step fully into unconditional love – both by giving and receiving.

The Love of Gaia
Length: 29:42

Take a journey into the center of our earth, using the Schumann Resonance and the sounds of Mother Earth as we reconnect with her deeply and profoundly. This guided meditation utilizes the power of vibration, frequencies, powerful breathwork, and more.

Waking Your Inner Kid
Length: 22:47

Return to the innocence of your childhood, seeing your world through the fearless eyes you once had. During this journey, you will commune with the helping spirits of your guides, animals of the forest, and spirit guides as you uncover those lost dreams you had while growing up and tap into that joy of playfulness.

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The Alchemist Immersion – This immersion takes you through a series of guided meditations, soul-inspired exercises, and insights to assist you in deep transformations, gratitude, forgiveness, and more. You will learn to work with your ancestors, retrieve parts of your lost soul and dive into a world of alchemy, manifestation, and abundance. This Immersion follows the three sequences of Excavation, Recovery, and the Rise.

Contains 13 Meditations

Soul shaman meditation immersion

The Soul Shaman Immersion: This immersion takes you deep within the core of your being and allows you to find your way back to the spiritual realms to work with your spirit guides, ancestors and to experience shape-shifting and astral travel. We’ll use breathwork, and trance as our primary mode of transportation. In this Immersion, you will experience the three sequences of Connecting, Within, and Time.

Contains 13 Meditations


Season of Change
Length: 00:21:45

Today we reflect on the changes we have experienced in the past season as well as the past seasons of our life. What have we learned, how have we grown and going forward, what changes do we wish to experience in our journey ahead?

Reaping Our Harvest
Length: 26:23

In the West Direction, we witness the harvest from all that we planted while in the East direction. We take stock and transform anything which no longer serves us. In this guided meditation, we witness all those things we harvest and sift through all that we want to keep, and that we want to let go.

Sacred Space
Length: 23:45

In this guided meditation we travel to the Upper World and receive wisdom and a gift from our Spirit Guide. We then will co-create an altar together in the ethereal world where we can revisit time and time to receive healing, work with our guides, or commune with our soul family.


Forgiveness from the Heart
Length: 23:00

Forgiveness is a transformer for your heart space and your life. It is a powerful soul tool that enables us to move forward on our soul path. In this guided meditation, we go through the act and the heart-opening of forgiving someone who has wronged us in the past.

Finding Our Abandoned Soul
Length: 24:24

Today we open our chakras and travel through the multiverse in search of that part of ourselves we abandoned long ago. We then integrate it back into our ethereal body with the help of our spirit guides.

Soul Recovery
Length: 39:02

When we have experienced trauma in our lives, we lost pieces of our soul. Over time, all these missing pieces begin to dull our life, and we lost touch with who we truly are. In this guided meditation we go to find parts of our soul that are ready to come home.

Passing through the Veil
Length: 36:18

During this journey, we travel to the Otherworld to commune with the spirits of our ancestors and those who have passed before us. This is a time to reconnect, to forgive, find closure, and heal old wounds. During Samhain, the veil between the worlds is very thin, allowing spirits to pass from one world to the other with ease.

Healing Our Ancestral Lineage
Length: 26:57

In this journey, we travel to the upper world to meet with our ancestors. With an open heart, full of love and compassion, we help them to release the traumas and stuck energies that help to free both them and us.

the rise

The Rise of the Phoenix
Length: 29:37

We make a conscious, and deliberate decision as to who we birth ourselves into being. What do we need to have more in our life? Who do we hope to become and be? What do we need to experience more? In this guided meditation you will step into the fire and transform yourself through the alchemy of fire, burning off all that no longer serves you and emerging as the mythical and powerful Phoenix.

The Warrior and the Shadow
Length: 28:38

In this guided meditation we confront our shadow sides and rise up the Warrior within us. You may also download the worksheet that will help you in this journey. It would be best if you fill out the worksheet before the journey.

Shadow Spirits
Length: 31:22

In this guided meditation we travel and explore a few layers of the Lower World, meeting with our Power Animal and then with a Shadow Spirit who will help us to recognize where we are hiding in the shadows. Our Power Animal will help us assimilate the information and help you in balancing this shadow aspect of yourself.

Transforming Fear to Faith
Length: 24:19

Fear can paralyze us and keep us from stepping into our power. In this guided meditation we take those fears and face them one by one and transform them into faith – faith in ourselves, in humanity, and our Sacred Purpose.

I Am Grateful
Length: 33:13

Living in gratitude naturally raises your frequency and vibration. How could it not? The feeling of expansiveness, aliveness, and tears welling up which come when you feel deep gratitude is indescribable except to say that it somehow erases all pain, or anxiety, or depression you may have been feeling. I think it’s safe to say that you cannot possibly feel gratitude and anger at the same time, or gratitude and bitterness or pain or suffering … it is impossible.

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Going Within
Length: 20:41

In the North Direction, we retreat inward, to reconnect to our spiritual team and our soul. In today’s journey, we go inward and tap back into the wisdom that sits at the seat of our soul.

The Inipi
Length: 48:24 

Purification ceremonies are often extremely transforming and offer us a chance to rebirth ourselves in a new way. In this guided meditation Dakota takes you through a virtual Inipi (Sweat Lodge) ceremony. Using traditional Lakota Inipi songs, sound effects to enhance your experience, and with a powerful intention of assisting you in this time of purification, this journey will become a powerful tool for you to use time and time again.

Finding Your Power Animal
Length: 39:55

In this guided meditation we go to the Lower World to find and connect with our Power Animal. This is a helping spirit and ally who conspires for our highest good and has great medicine to offer us to assist us on our life and soul path.

Deepen your experience by purchasing our other track “Dance Your Power Animal” to help you to embody and connect with this beautiful and helping spirit fully.

Channeling the Divine
Length: 29:56

In this guided meditation, Dakota takes you through a process of channeling the messages of your divinity, or Higher Self. You’ll be led through a series of questions which you will handwrite a response to, allowing you to access that inner wisdom that resides within you. This is an active meditation so you will need a pen, paper and to create sacred space before the meditation.

Soul Recovery
Length: 39:02

When we have experienced trauma in our lives, we lost pieces of our soul. Over time, all these missing pieces begin to dull our life, and we lost touch with who we truly are. In this guided meditation we go to find parts of our soul that are ready to come home.

Create a space on your altar for this part of yourself so that you are reminded of this integration.


Soul Shaman
Length: 31:22

Our outer world will always reflect our inner world and vice versa. In this guided meditation we open the shaman within us, and we work inwardly by looking at the shadow sides of ourselves, we embrace the light and the dark and make the changes needed to create the world we most want.

Journey to Your Higher Self
Length: 39:01

Our higher self is the part of us that is always connected, always tapped into the Source of all. This is the part of us that resides outside of ego and utilizes wisdom based out of love and compassion. By tapping back into this side, we open our hearts even wider. In this guided meditation we do just that, we take a journey to reconnect.

By My Dying Side
Length: 29:23 

In the moments just before death, are their regrets? Are their profound messages to urge you to live differently? Is there a moment of connection that is needed to pass peacefully? In this guided meditation we connect to our breath, that given gift we sometimes take for granted and while journeying through a beautiful forest at the guidance of a spirit bird, we enter a sacred space and ask those very questions to our future self, moments before our passing from this incarnation and back to our soul family. Hear what messages this part of you has for you now and use these moments for deep clarity in the way you presently live.

Your Soul Book
Length: 29:50  

In this guided meditation, we visit our Soul Book, akin to the Akashic records; this is the record of our soul since the beginning of our souls’ incarnation. Here we can view and learn from the history of our soul. We’ll set the intention of finding clarity on something we are working through at this time.


The Shape Shifter
Length: 46:03

Shapeshifting is a powerful tool for understanding the energy of another being, and for receiving the wisdom, they can impart. In this guided meditation we utilize the power of our breath to clear our chakras one by one before traveling to the lower world where we will shapeshift into an animal spirit being.


Bending Time
Length: 53:47

Time is an illusion, a construct that we have created in the 3rd dimension. In today’s journey, we bend time so that we can be a witness to the past, and future, all in the present moment. From this place, we can understand the role we have played throughout time.

Dance of Time
Length: 33:19

In this journey, we travel back into time through the powerful portal of the Standing Stones, to a time and place that our soul wants or needs to revisit. With my own magical experiences with Callanish Standing Stones and with my recent obsession with the TV show, Outlander, both serve as the muse for today’s journey.

Who Am I?
Length: 28:59

In this guided meditation, we take an assessment of our life – who we are, what we love, what changes we need to make, etc. Taking a walk-through nature to ponder these questions gives us the needed integration and resources to be able to find the answers we seek. This journey helps you to clear out the old and make room for the new.

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“Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.”

Alan Watts


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